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Frontiers in Pathogen Detection: From Nanosensors to Systems
Editor(s): Philippe M. Fauchet
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Volume Number: 7167
Date Published: 18 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7167
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Meeting current public health needs: optical biosensors for pathogen detection and analysis
Author(s): Minghui Yang; Kim E Sapsford; Nikolay Sergeev; Steven Sun; Avraham Rasooly
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Low-cost, multiplexed biosensor for disease diagnosis
Author(s): Christopher J. Myatt; Marie Delaney; Kathryn Todorof; James Heil; Monique Givens; Robert T. Schooley M.D.; Michael J. Lochhead
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BioHawk portable pathogen detector
Author(s): Elric W. Saaski
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Surface plasmon resonance biosensors for detection of foodborne pathogens and toxins
Author(s): Jiří Homola; Kateřina Hegnerová; Milan Vala
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A microfluidic-based hybrid SPR/molecular imaging biosensor for the multiplexed detection of foodborne pathogens
Author(s): Michael D. Zordan; Meggie M. G. Grafton; Ghanashyam Acharya; Lisa M. Reece; Arthur I. Aronson; Kinam Park; James F. Leary
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Toward photostable multiplex analyte detection on a single mode planar optical waveguide
Author(s): Harshini Mukundan; Hongzhi Xie; Aaron Anderson; W. Kevin Grace; Jennifer S. Martinez; Basil Swanson
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Porous silicon waveguide with integrated grating coupler for DNA sensing
Author(s): Xing Wei; Christopher Kang; Guoguang Rong; Scott T. Retterer; Sharon M. Weiss
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Multi-channel biodetection via resonant microcavities coupled to a photonic crystal waveguide
Author(s): Elisa Guillermain; Philippe M. Fauchet
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Design of a hybrid amine functionalized polyacrylamide hydrogel-porous silicon optical sensor
Author(s): Lisa M. Bonanno; Lisa A. DeLouise
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Arrayed imaging reflectometry for inexpensive and label-free protein arrays
Author(s): Christopher C. Striemer; Charles R. Mace; Jared A. Carter; Sourabh D. Mehta; Benjamin L. Miller
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Tracking serum antibody response to viral antigens with arrayed imaging reflectometry
Author(s): Charles R. Mace; Robert C. Rose; Benjamin L. Miller
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A universal label-free biosensing platform based on opto-fluidic ring resonators
Author(s): Hongying Zhu; Ian M. White; Jonathan D. Suter; John Gohring; Xudong Fan
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Detection of E. coli O157:H7 in complex matrices under varying flow parameters with a robotic fluorometric assay system
Author(s): Stephaney D. Leskinen; Sarah M. Schlemmer; Elizabeth A. Kearns; Daniel V. Lim
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Controlled microfluidic interfaces for microsensors
Author(s): H. Jiang
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Enhancing lab-on-a-chip performance via tunable parallel liquid mircolens arrays
Author(s): Ye Liu; Xuefeng Zeng; Liang Dong; Hongrui Jiang
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Microflow cytometer
Author(s): Frances S. Ligler; Jeffrey S. Erickson; Joel P. Golden; Jason S. Kim; Mansoor Nasir; Peter J. Howell Jr.; Abel L. Thangawng; Lisa Hilliard; George P. Anderson
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Sample preparation and assay refinements for pathogen detection platforms
Author(s): Daniel V. Lim; Elizabeth A. Kearns; Stephaney D. Leskinen; Sonia Magaña; Joyce M. Stroot; Dawn M. Hunter; Sarah M. Schlemmer
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Robust sensing films for pathogen detection and medical diagnostics
Author(s): Aaron S. Anderson; Andrew M. Dattelbaum; Harshini Mukundan; Dominique N. Price; W. Kevin Grace; Basil I. Swanson
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DNA oligonucleotide synthesis in mesoporous silicon for biosensing applications
Author(s): Jenifer L. Lawrie; Zhou Xu; Paul E. Laibinis; Michael Molinari; Sharon M. Weiss
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Detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) using the NanoLantern Biosensor
Author(s): Christopher M. Strohsahl; Benjamin L. Miller; Todd D. Krauss
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The role of alkanethiol spacers in a metal surface-based label-free DNA detection system
Author(s): Hsin-I Peng; Zachary M. Nuffer; Benjamin L. Miller
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Detection of mitochondrial DNA with the compact bead array sensor system (cBASS)
Author(s): Shawn P. Mulvaney; Carol N. Ibe; Jane M. Caldwell; Jay F. Levine; Lloyd J. Whitman; Cy R. Tamanaha
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Energy transfer-based biosensing of protease activity measured using an electroluminescent platform
Author(s): Kim E. Sapsford; Steven Sun; Jesse Francis; Yordan Kostov; Avraham Rasooly; Dorothy Farrell; Hedi Mattoussi; Igor L. Medintz
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Verifying of endocrine disruptor chemical affect to the mouse testes: can raman spectroscopy support histology study?
Author(s): Bibin Bintang Andriana; Yusuke Oshima; Sota Takanezawa; Tat Wei Tay; Catherine Linda Rosawati Soeratman; Mohammad Shah Alam; Hiroki Mitsuoka; Xiao Bo Zhu; Toshiaki Suzuki; Yuko S. Yamamoto; Naoki Tsunekawa; Yoshiakira Kanai; Masamichi Kurohmaru; Hidetoshi Sato
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Label-free optical detection of bacteria on a 1-D photonic crystal of porous silicon
Author(s): Chia-Chen Wu; Sara D. Alvarez; Camilla U. Rang; Lin Chao; Michael J. Sailor
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