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2008 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: MEMS/NEMS Technology and Applications
Editor(s): Zhaoying Zhou; Shanhong Xia; Chih-Ming Ho; Helmut Seidel
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Volume Number: 7159
Date Published: 13 January 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7159
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Design and studies of a quadrupolar dielectrophoresis chip integrated with detection electrode
Author(s): Yonghong Liu; Zhan Zhao; Jing Xu; Cheng Pang; Zhen Fang; Lidong Du
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Photo system based on scanning electron microscope for IC chip inspection
Author(s): Wei Liu; Jin Shen; Boxue Tan
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The study of image inpainting for infrared imaging system based on micro-cantilever FPA
Author(s): Cheng Gong; Mei Hui; Liquan Dong; Xiaohua Liu; Yuejin Zhao
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Optimization of a novel structure for micromachined resonant pressure sensor
Author(s): Xiaojing Shi; Deyong Chen; Junbo Wang; Zhengwei Wu
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A single cell penetration system by ultrasonic driving
Author(s): Zhaoying Zhou; Mingfei Xiao; Xing Yang; Ting Wu
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A micro hemoglobin-A1c immunosensor based on FET and electrochemical growth of gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Lan Qu; Chao Bian; Jizhou Sun; Jinghong Han; Shanhong Xia
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Micro amperometric immunosensor for the detection of salmonella typhimurium
Author(s): Jizhou Sun; Shanhong Xia; Chao Bian; Lan Qu
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A novel resonant pressure sensor with boron diffused silicon resonator
Author(s): Junbo Wang; Xiaojing Shi; Lei Liu; Zhengwei Wu; Deyong Chen; Jinmin Zhao; Shourong Li
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The design and analysis of a robust micro-machined vibrating ring gyroscope
Author(s): Li Chen; Deyong Chen; Junbo Wang
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Studies on dielectrophoretic separation using biochips with different electrode shapes
Author(s): Yonghong Liu; Zhan Zhao; Jing Xu; Cheng Pang; Zhen Fang; Lidong Du
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Fast matching location algorithm based on mixed moment for wire bonding
Author(s): Fan zhi Kong; Xing zhou Zhang; Yi zhong Wang; Da wei Zhang; Jun lan LI
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Design of a self-adaptive fuzzy PID controller for piezoelectric ceramics micro-displacement system
Author(s): Shuang Zhang; Yuning Zhong; Zhongbao Xu
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Dynamic analysis of piezoelectric-solid-liquid coupled system of micro nebulizer
Author(s): Ming-wei Yang; Zhao-ying Zhou
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Finite element analysis of the RF MEMS switch
Author(s): Fu Zhao; Ping Wang; Yanjue Gong; Liang Lv; Zhang Lei
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Characteristic analysis and study of an active matrix addressing for grating light modulator
Author(s): Zhu Jin; Shanglian Huang; Zhihai Zhang; Ning Wang; Wei Wei; Jie Zhang
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High aspect ratio grating fabrication in SU-8 resist by UV-curing nanoimprint
Author(s): Xudi Wang; Liangjin Ge; Jingjing Lu; Shaojun Fu
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The effective image denoising method for MEMS based IR image arrays
Author(s): Liquan Dong; Xiaohua Liu; Yuejin Zhao; Ming Liu; Mei Hui; Xiaoxiao Zhou
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Experimental study of roof filling rate during thermal bonding of polymer microchannel sealing
Author(s): Xudi Wang; Jingjing Lu; Yun Jiang; Liangjin Ge; Shaojun Fu
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Analysis of a Hadamard transform near-infrared spectrometer based on grating light modulator
Author(s): Wei Wei; Shanglian Huang; Yong Zhu; Ning Wang; Jie Zhang; Zhu Jin
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Design of the subwavelength dual-layer metallic nanowire-grid polarizer
Author(s): Yun Zhou; Yan Ye; Su Shen; Donglin Pu; Linsen Chen
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Study on clamped-clamped beam in-plane capacitive resonators
Author(s): Yingxia Jin; Yaquan Tang; Xiaomei Yu
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Fabrication of 1-dimension nano-material-based device and its electrical characteristics
Author(s): Xing Yang; Zhaoying Zhou; Fuzhong Zheng; Min Zhang
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Coupled analysis on the micro-airflow and its actuator for MEMS fluidic devices
Author(s): Liwei Li; Rong Zhu; Zhaoying Zhou; Jianxing Ren
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Experiment on microstructure fabrication with UV-LIGA technology
Author(s): Xiaohu Zheng
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