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2008 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: Microelectronic and Optoelectronic Devices and Integration
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Volume Number: 7158
Date Published: 13 January 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7158
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Distributed fiber sensors based on stimulated Brillouin scattering with centimeter spatial resolution
Author(s): Xiaoyi Bao; Wenhai Li; Yun Li; Liang Chen
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Study on gradient index micro-cylinder lens with gradual focus
Author(s): Jianming Hu; Shouyue Wu; Yu Zhang; Yiping Liang; Teli Dai
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A method to fabricate hemispherical micro-lens of optical fiber
Author(s): Xin Huo; Shi Pan
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The orthogonal gradient index micro-cylinder lens arrays used for LD beam shaping
Author(s): Shouyue Wu; Jianming Hu; Xiaoping Jiang; Desen Liu
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Room temperature continuous-wave electrically injected InGaAsP triangle and square microlasers
Author(s): Yong-Zhen Huang; Shi-Jiang Wang; Kai-Jun Che; Yue-De Yang; Jin-Long Xiao; Yong-Hong Hu; Yun Du
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1.3-um InAs quantum dot vertical cavity surface emitting lasers with planar electrode configuration
Author(s): Y. Ding; W. J. Fan; D. W. Xu; C. Z. Tong; W. K. Loke; S. F. Yoon; D. H. Zhang; Y. Liu; N. H. Zhu; L. J. Zhao; W. Wang
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Vacuum baking effects on the I-V characteristics of LWIR HgCdTe photodiodes with different passivation
Author(s): Yi Deng; Fei Ying; Xin-guo Cheng; Zheng-hua Ye; Xiao-ning Hu
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Investigation of GaAs photoconductive switches triggered by 900nm semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Deming Ma; Wei Shi; Xiangrong Ma; Xinmei Wang; Tao Pei
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Study of total internal reflection switch
Author(s): Hui Yu; Wei Qi; Yubo Li; Yinlei Hao; Xiaoqing Jiang; Minghua Wang; Jianyi Yang
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Modification of core cross-section for curved optical waveguides
Author(s): T. Zhang; X. Y. Zhang; J. G. Chen; C. L. Ji; Y. P. Cui
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Noise analysis for infrared focal plane arrays CMOS readout integrated circuit
Author(s): Jiamu Lin; Ruijun Ding; Honglei Chen; Xiao Shen; Fei Liu
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A new 90-degree hybrid for coherent receivers in free-space laser communications
Author(s): Lingyu Wan; Sushi Da; Liren Liu; Dean Liu
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A novel lensed fiber for side-coupling of a single-mode fiber
Author(s): Nai Zhang; Xin Huo
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Fabrication of the linearly chirped phase mask for working in 248 nm wavelength
Author(s): Quan Liu; Jianhong Wu; Weipeng Yang
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Recent progress on polymer photonic materials and optical waveguide devices
Author(s): Mingshan Zhao; Xiuyou Han; Jie Teng; Linghua Wang; Hongbo Zhang; Jinyan Wang; Xigao Jian; Geert Morthier
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Electro-optic silicon modulator with horizontal photonic crystal slot slab
Author(s): Biao Qi; Fan Wang; Simiao Xiao; Xiang Wang; Yinlei Hao; Xiaoqing Jiang; Minghua Wang; Jianyi Yang
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Time domain sensing in abrupt fiber taper based Mach-Zehnder interferometer
Author(s): Scott S.-H. Yam; Michael Nix
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Reverse peak of Brillouin spectrum in BOTDA sensor
Author(s): Feng Wang; Xiaoyi Bao; Yun Li; Liang Chen; Xuping Zhang
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Research of double matched fiber optic grating demodulation system
Author(s): Limin Zhao; Yuling Ma; Meng Wang
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Multichannel optical signal processing using sampled fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Guiju Zhang; Chinhua Wang; Xiaojun Zhu
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The intelligent real-time protection device for mesh optical network
Author(s): Yu Han; Xuping Zhang; Xuejun Lu
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Phase locking technique of fiber lasers by using a common ring cavity and its characteristics investigation
Author(s): Bing Lei; Ying Feng; Li-an Wei
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A user friendly software tool for the simulation and optimization of high power fiber lasers
Author(s): Liang Shang; Qinghe Mao D.D.S.
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Imaging simulation for 3-D laser radar based on target model
Author(s): Xiaowei Yan; Jiahao Deng
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A phase feature extraction technique for terahertz reflection spectroscopy
Author(s): Cunlin Zhang; Hua Zhong; Liangliang Zhang
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The quantitative assessment of small structure imaging ability by terahertz wave
Author(s): Kun Yang; Guozhong Zhao; Chengsen Liang; Cunlin Zhang
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Spectroscopy study of ephedrine hydrochloride and papaverine hydrochloride in terahertz range
Author(s): Fusheng Deng; Jingling Shen; Guangqin Wang; Meiyan Liang
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Terahertz wave two-dimensional transmission imaging with a backward wave oscillator
Author(s): Hongyang Yuan; Xinhao Ge; Cunlin Zhang
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Terahertz wave reference-free transmission spectroscopy of aminophenol
Author(s): Chao Deng; Hua Zhong; Liangliang Zhang; Cunlin Zhang
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Feature extraction and identification of explosive materials in reflective terahertz spectroscopic imaging system
Author(s): Yu Wang; Liangliang Zhang; Chao Deng; Weiwei Li; Hua Zhong; Cunlin Zhang
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Terahertz spectroscopic investigations of explosives and the related compounds
Author(s): Ruishu Feng; Weiwei Li; Qingli Zhou; Kaijun Mu; Liangliang Zhang; Cunlin Zhang
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Thermo-optical polymer ring resonator integrated with tunable directional coupler
Author(s): Xiaoyang Zhang; Tong Zhang; Jianguo Chen
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An experimental study of the fabrication of polycarbonate optical waveguides
Author(s): Jianguo Chen; Xiao-yang Zhang; Tong Zhang; Jing-song Zhu; Peng-qin Wu; Jing-lun Zhou; Jiang-feng Fan; Hao-feng Yan
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Analysis of the ray trajectory and the coupling efficiencies of gradient refractive index ball lenses
Author(s): Hao Lv; Bangren Shi; Aimei Liu; Jufang Tong; Xunong Yi; Qianguang Li
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Fabrication of long lasting phosphorescence glass spheres
Author(s): Hao Lv; Aimei Liu; Jufang Tong; Xunong Yi; Qianguang Li
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Terahertz electromagnetic response of split ring resonators
Author(s): Ziyu Yan; Xue Jiang; Qingli Zhou; Cunlin Zhang
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Study on terahertz emission properties of bow-tie photoconductive antenna
Author(s): Zhen Huang; Bin Yu; Guozhong Zhao; Cunlin Zhang; Lijie Cui; Yiyang Li
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Ray-tracing technique and imaging properties by a PC slab with neff=-1
Author(s): Y. Wang; Jiabi Chen; W. Qian
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Investigation of transmission enhancement of THz radiation through subwavelength fractal structures of copper foils by FDTD simulation
Author(s): Wei Meng; Guozhong Zhao; Tianhua Meng; Cunlin Zhang
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Terahertz spectroscopic investigations of vitamin molecules
Author(s): Bin Yu; Zhen Huang; Xiaoyan Wang; Guozhong Zhao; Cunlin Zhang
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256x1 readout integrated circuit with simultaneous integration mode for two-color infrared detectors
Author(s): Fei Liu; Ruijun Ding; Jiamu Lin; Xiao Shen
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Stable narrow linewidth ring fiber laser with a passive fiber Bragg grating Fabry-Perot etalon and a fiber saturable absorber
Author(s): Zhiyong Dai; Bo Wu; Zengshou Peng; Zhonghua Ou; Yongzhi Liu
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Wideband dectection of spontaneous Brillouin scattering spectrum in Brillouin optical time-domain reflectometry
Author(s): Yuangang Lu; Rongrong Dou; Xuping Zhang
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Study of chirped fiber Bragg gratings apodized with different apodization length ratios
Author(s): Dejun Feng; Mingshuang Lv; Xia Gao; Mingshun Jiang; Qingmei Sui
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Design of a multi-channel mechanically induced long period fiber gratings module
Author(s): Dejun Feng; Xia Gao; Mingshuang Lv; Mingshun Jiang; Qingmei Sui
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A study of Hg1-xCdxTe surfaces processed using inductively coupled plasma with CH4/H2/N2/Ar mixture
Author(s): Wenhong Zhou; Zhenhua Ye; Xiaoning Hu; Ruijun Ding; Li He
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Enhanced ionization of one-dimensional He-cluster model by intense light
Author(s): Chenyu Jiang; Feng Li; Guizhong Zhang; Wanghua Xiang
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Modeling of ion-exchanged glass waveguides
Author(s): Weiwei Chen; Weiwei Zheng; Shuhang Jiang; Wei Xiang; Wenjian Jia; Yanlei Hao; Xiaoqing Jiang; Jianyi Yang; Minghua Wang
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Fiber sensor design and application on blood lead measurement
Author(s): Juan Kang; Aiming Feng; Chenxia Li; Shiqing Xu
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Research of narrow line-width Er3+-doped fiber ring laser with FBG F-P etalon and FBG Sagnac loop
Author(s): Zhonghua Ou; Zhiyong Dai; Bo Wu; Lixun Zhang; Zengshou Peng; Yongzhi Liu
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Talbot effect in phase-only sampled and arbitrarily chirped fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Yuling Lu; Chinhua Wang; Xiaojun Zhu
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Analysis of guided polarization modes in multimode rib waveguide by finite difference method
Author(s): ChaoJun Yan; Xiang Liu; Binghua Jiang; Junli Wan
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Optimal design of cascaded Raman fiber lasers using an improved analytic method
Author(s): Chaohong Huang; Jiali Lin; Huiying Xu; Zhiping Cai
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Experimental study on the white light continuum induced by interaction of femtosecond pulse with PMMA
Author(s): Wei-Bo Wang; Yuan-Qin Xia; De-Ying Chen; Rong-Wei Fan
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Design and fabrication of ultrafast coplanar strip photoconductive switch based on low-temperature grown GaAs
Author(s): Tian Lan; Guoqiang Ni
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Monte Carlo simulation of response time of photoconductive semiconductor switches
Author(s): Guibin Jiang; Tian Lan; Guoqiang Ni
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Identification of chemical materials using reference-free terahertz transmission spectroscopy and artificial neural networks
Author(s): Weiwei Li; Hua Zhong; Liangliang Zhang; Chao Deng; Cunlin Zhang
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Tunable focal length of flat lens based on electro-optic effect
Author(s): Kun Ren; Xiao Ren; Mingyang Liu
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