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Geoinformatics 2008 and Joint Conference on GIS and Built Environment: Classification of Remote Sensing Images
Editor(s): Lin Liu; Xia Li; Kai Liu; Xinchang Zhang
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Volume Number: 7147
Date Published: 7 November 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7147
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Study on classification method of TM image with artificial neural network
Author(s): Zhenhua Liu; Wen Ya; Jianbo Xu
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Thematic information extraction and background parameters analysis in remote sensing classification
Author(s): Xin Wei; Yuliang Qiao; Shangmin Zhao
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Feature matching algorithm based on spatial similarity
Author(s): Wenjing Tang; Yanling Hao; Yuxin Zhao; Ning Li
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Land cover classification based on typical indices combinations of MODIS NDVI time series
Author(s): Zitao Du; Yulin Zhan; Changyao Wang
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New methods of H-SVMs for the classification of multi-spectral remote sensing imagery
Author(s): Hou Bin
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Extraction of ore-searching information of uranium deposit based on high spatial resolution satellite data
Author(s): Xu Yang; De-Chang Liu; Jie-Lin Zhang
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A software tool for calculating the urban compactness from remote sensing classification image
Author(s): Jinqu Zhang; Xiaoshan Fu; Xingfang Wang; Shenghua Hu
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Classification of airborne laser scanning data based on statistics of height information
Author(s): Hangbin Wu; Chun Liu
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The application of mixed GA-BP algorithm on remote sensing image classification
Author(s): Wan-chun Zhou; Gang-sheng Xie; Bo Liu
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Potential application of remote sensing in monitoring informal settlements in South Africa where complimentary data does not exist
Author(s): Karishma Busgeeth; Frans van den Bergh; Jarrell Whisken; André Brits
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An integrated approach using ISODATA and SVR to land cover classification: an example of wheat
Author(s): J. Zhang; Y. Pan; C. Yi; Q. Ma; C. Xu
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An evaluation of classification methods for level II land-cover categories in Ohio
Author(s): Robert C. Frohn; Lin Liu; Richard A. Beck; Navendu Chaudhary; Olimpia Arellano-Neri
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Classification of land cover from remote sensing fused image based on ICA-SVM and D-S evidence theory
Author(s): Mi Chen; Yingchun Fu; Tao Sun; Deren Li; Qianqing Qin
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The application of high spatial resolution remote sensing image for vegetation type recognition in Dagou Valley
Author(s): Aqiang Yang; Chuang Liu; Jianrong Fan; Jinling Zhao; Jing Tan
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Endmembers extraction of wheat based on time series of MODIS-NDVI and TM samples data
Author(s): Xulong Liu; Kaiwen Zhong; Wanxia Liu; Yaozhong Pan
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Comparison of land cover classification methods based on single-temporal MODIS data
Author(s): Tao Han; Xiaotao Xu; Yaohui Li; Yaowen Xie
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Beijing-1 small satellite multi-spectrum image classification based on neighborhood EM algorithm and its uncertainty assessment
Author(s): Binbin He
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Semi-automatic extraction of ribbon roads from high resolution remotely sensed imagery by T-shaped template matching
Author(s): Xiangguo Lin; Jixian Zhang; Zhengjun Liu; Jing Shen
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Detection of clusters and outlying nodes in spatial networks
Author(s): Jiaogen Zhou; Chunjiang Zhao; Jihua Wang; La Qi; Wenjiang Huang
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A comparison of several raw data compression algorithms for acquisition of remotely sensed data
Author(s): Mei Zhou; Yunkai Deng; Zhimin Zhang; Lingli Tang; Chuanrong Li
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Building detection and extraction from monocular imagery by pose clustering and matrix search algorithm
Author(s): Shiyong Cui; Qin Yan; Zhengjun Liu; Min Li
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A sub-pixel based method to extract and interpret information from image and its preliminary application
Author(s): Hui Li; Yunpeng Wang; Yang Cao; Xingfang Wang
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Road extraction from high resolution remote sensing image based on mathematics morphology
Author(s): Hongbin Ma; Yahong Zhao; Yongsheng Chen
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Extraction of information of targets based on frame buffer
Author(s): Litao Han; Qiaoli Kong; Xiangwei Zhao
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Extracting shelter forest in semi-arid sandy area based on Landsat ETM+ imagery
Author(s): Xin Qi; Fang Huang; Yina Qi
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Feature extraction and scale analysis based on Quickbird image using object-oriented approach
Author(s): Yina Qi; Fang Huang; Xin Qi
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Acquiring height distribution information about high-rises in Beijing using shadow in SPOT-5
Author(s): Zhiwei Ye; Chengbin Deng; Huili Gong
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A raster: relation-vector: entity integrated approach for spatial geographic feature retrieval
Author(s): Lina Huang; Lifan Fei; Bin Zheng
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High-accuracy ellipse feature extraction algorithm based on line diffusion function model
Author(s): Shunyi Zheng; Cailin Li
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High Quality Prime Farmland extraction pattern based on object-oriented image analysis
Author(s): Yong-xue Liu; Man-chun Li; Zhen-jie Chen; Fei-xue Li; Yu Zhang; Bo Zhao; Lu Tan
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Research on texture feature of RS image based on cloud model
Author(s): Zuocheng Wang; Lixia Xue
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Research on edge detection algorithm of RS image
Author(s): Lixia Xue; Zuocheng Wang
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A robust registration method for high resolution remote sensing images
Author(s): Yingdan Wu; Yang Ming
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Image mosaicking from aerial unmanned airplane
Author(s): Tao Wang; Jianhua Gong
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Cloud detection in MODIS data based on spectrum analysis and snake model
Author(s): Wei Li; Deren Li
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A rigorous attitude estimation method for satellite attitude determination based on star sensor
Author(s): Junfeng Xie; Jianya Gong; Wanshou Jiang
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Comparison research of algorithms about ortho-rectification for remote sensing image
Author(s): Qingzu Luan; Huiping Liu; Xiaodong Wang; Wenli Huang; Xiaoluo Zhou
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A new remotely sensed image fusion using wavelet packet transform with the best basis
Author(s): Zhoulong Wang; Haijiang Wang; Anding Zhang; Mengquan Wu
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A variational image restoration with spatially varying noise
Author(s): Zheng Bao; Hua Bai; Ruihua Liu; Chaomin Shen
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Variational method of speckle reduction and boundary detection in SAR imagery
Author(s): Zhipeng Xia; Xiaona Tang; Fang Li; Guixu Zhang
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The qualitative analyses of cloud cover on optical satellite image
Author(s): Chih-Heng Liu; Mei-Ling Yeh; Tine-Yin Chou; Lung-Shih Yang
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The atmospheric correction algorithm for HY-1B/COCTS
Author(s): Xianqiang He; Yan Bai; Delu Pan; Qiankun Zhu
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The quasi-analytic remote sensing algorithm of CDOM in the China Yellow Sea and East Sea
Author(s): Yan Bai; Delu Pan; Xianqiang He; Fang Gong
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Incorporating spectral, texture, and shape information for high spatial resolution satellite imagery classification
Author(s): Yindi Zhao; Peijun Du
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Flat-earth phase removal algorithm improved with frequency information of interferogram
Author(s): Bin Ai; Kai Liu; Xia Li; Dong Hai Li
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A method based on interest operator to transform LiDAT data into grey image
Author(s): Qiao-Ji Gang; Zhang-Hui Xia
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High resolution surface sediment type mapping using hyperspectral image and field data in muddy intertidal flat area
Author(s): Dong Zhang; Ying Zhang; Huan Li; Yong Xu
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On the performance of endmember extraction algorithms for hyperspectral image analysis
Author(s): Qian Du; Nareenart Raksuntorn
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Remote sensing-based study on the relationship between land brightness temperature and vegetation abundance in Wuhan city
Author(s): Chunling Zhang; Hua Yu; Peng Gong; Weimin Ju; Huan Pei
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Estimation of the spring wheat water and chlorophyll content in rainfed agriculture areas of the Loess Plateau based on the spectral absorption feature of the liquid water and chlorophyll
Author(s): Xiaoping Wang; Ni Guo; Kai Zhang; Hong Zhao
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Research of image preprocessing methods for EO-1 Hyperion hyperspectral data in tidal flat area
Author(s): Huan Li; Dong Zhang; Ying Zhang; Yong Xu
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A partial least square regression method to quantitatively retrieve soil salinity using hyper-spectral reflectance data
Author(s): Yonghua Qu; Siong Jiao; Xudong Lin
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Semi-supervised classification for hyperspectral remote sensing image based on PCA and kernel FCM algorithm
Author(s): Xiaofang Liu; Binbin He; Xiaowen Li
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A genetic algorithm based wrapper feature selection method for classification of hyperspectral images using support vector machine
Author(s): Li Zhuo; Jing Zheng; Xia Li; Fang Wang; Bin Ai; Junping Qian
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