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Sixth International Conference on Advanced Optical Materials and Devices (AOMD-6)
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Volume Number: 7142
Date Published: 12 November 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7142
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Gas in scattering media absorption spectroscopy - GASMAS
Author(s): Sune Svanberg
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Yu. N. Denisyuk, E. Leith, and J. Upatnieks: founders of volume and laser holography
Author(s): S. B. Gurevich
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The concept of a unified modeling of optical radiation propagation in complex turbid media
Author(s): I. Meglinski; M. Kirillin
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Characterizing semiconductor materials with terahertz radiation pulses
Author(s): A. Krotkus; R. Adomavičius; V. Pačebutas
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Low-frequency excitation of double quantum dots
Author(s): Vyacheslavs Kashcheyevs
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Laser structuring of conducting films on transparent substrates for electronics devices
Author(s): G. Račiukaitis
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Visible light emission and control by infrared-responsive materials
Author(s): Mitsunori Saito; Yoshinori Takahashi; Kei Matsuda; Masaaki Yamazaki; Naruhito Sawanobori
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Alkali-ion irradiated alpha-quartz: low-temperature cathodoluminescence after chemical epitaxy
Author(s): K-P. Lieb; S. Gasiorek; J. Keinonen; P-K. Sahoo; T. Sajavaara
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Nanostructure of glasses: experimental evidence
Author(s): Leonid V. Maksimov; Anatolii V. Anan'ev; Victor N. Bogdanov; Andrey A. Lipovskii; Dmitri K. Tagantsev; Oleg V. Yanush
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Vibrational and structural properties of unmodified and radiation-modified chalcogenide glasses for advanced optical applications
Author(s): Taras Kavetskyy; Oleh Shpotyuk; Valentyna Balitska; Galyna Dovbeshko; Ivan Blonskyy; Ivan Kaban; Walter Hoyer; Mihail Iovu; Andrei Andriesh
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Study of optical material anisotropy using scanning millimeter wave beam
Author(s): Albertas Laurinavičius; Vadim Derkach; Tomas Anbinderis
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Second harmonic generation in selenium-metal structures
Author(s): I. Mihailova; V. Gerbreders; E. Sledevskis; V. Kolbjonoks; E. Tamanis
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Optical properties of hydrogen-containing MgO crystal
Author(s): V. Skvortsova; N. Mironova-Ulmane; L. Trinkler; L. Grigorjeva
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Second harmonic generation in selenium thin films
Author(s): E. Sledevskis; Vj. Gerbreders; V. Kolbjonoks; J. Teteris; A. Gulbis
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High repetition rate optical parametric oscillator based on a periodically poled lithium niobate crystal pumped by nanosecond Q-switched Nd:YVO[sub]4[/sub] laser
Author(s): Lauryna Petravičiūtė; Ona Balachninaitė; Valdas Sirutkaitis
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Noise characteristics and reliability of high power white light emitting diodes based on nitrides
Author(s): J. Matukas; V. Palenskis; J. Vyšniauskas; B. Šaulys; S. Pralgauskaitė; A. Pincevičius
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Fiber-optic biosensor based on self-mixing interferometry
Author(s): Miia Määttälä; Janne Lauri; Matti Kinnunen; Jukka Hast; Risto Myllylä
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Deconvolution of the mercury 253.7 nm spectral line shape for the use in absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): N. Zorina; G. Revalde; R. Disch
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TiO[sub]2[/sub]-PHT interface influence to charge carrier photo generation and recombination
Author(s): G. Sliaužys; G. Juška; K. Genevičius; J. H. Smått; M. Lindén; R. Österbacka
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Mid-infrared photoluminescence of PbSe film structures up to room temperature
Author(s): Zinovi Dashevsky; Vladimir Kasiyan; Gal Radovsky; Eduard Shufer; Mark Auslender
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Formation of SiC - like layers on Si surface in contact with C[sub]6[/sub]H[sub]5[/sub]CH[sub]3[/sub] solution by UV laser irradiation
Author(s): M. Yusupov; L. Fedorenko; O. Lytvyn; V. Yukhimchuk
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GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunction as a fast detector of infrared laser pulses
Author(s): Steponas Ašmontas; Jonas Gradauskas; Viktorija Kazlauskaitė; Algirdas Sužiedėlis; Edmundas Širmulis; Mindaugas Vingelis
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Evaluation of deep trap compensation ratio and recombination parameters by transient grating techniques
Author(s): A. Kadys; K. Jarasiunas; Ph. Delaye; D. Verstraeten
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Formation of deep acceptor centers in AlGaN alloys
Author(s): L. Dimitrocenko; J. Grube; P. Kulis; A. Sarakovskis; M. Springis; I. Tale
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A method for deposition of tungsten trioxide (WO[sub]3[/sub])
Author(s): J. Martinez-Juárez; J. Díaz-Reyes
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Lattice vibrations study of In[sub]x[/sub]Ga[sub]1-x[/sub]As[sub]y[/sub]Sb[sub]1-y[/sub] quaternary alloys with low (In, As) content highly doped by tellurium grown by LPE
Author(s): J. Díaz-Reyes; E. López-Cruz; J. G. Mendoza-Alvarez
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Manifestation of structural features in Raman spectra of LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] single crystals
Author(s): P. Chufyrev; N. Sidorov; M. Palatnikov; K. Bormanis
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Quantum chemistry studies of the O K-edge x-ray absorption in WO3 and AWO3
Author(s): Dmitry Bocharov; Alexei Kuzmin; Juris Purans; Yuri Zhukovskii
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Optical gain dynamics in InGaN/InGaN quantum wells
Author(s): Mindaugas Karaliūnas; Edmundas Kuokštis; Karolis Kazlauskas; Saulius Juršėnas; Veit Hoffman; Arne Knauer
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Preparation and properties of hybrid bilayer structures based on organic Alq3, ferromagnetic La[sub]2/3[/sub]Sr[sub]1/3[/sub]MnO[sub]3[/sub] and Fe[sub]3[/sub]O[sub]4[/sub]
Author(s): B. Vengalis; K. Šliužienė; I. Černiukė; R. Butkutė; V. Lisauskas; A. Maneikis
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The effects of external applied voltage on the nonlinear optical properties of a dye-doped nematic liquid crystal by using a single beam
Author(s): M. H. Majles Ara; R. Bahramian; M. Abolhasani
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The problems of holographic information recording and storage: modern state
Author(s): B. S. Gurevich; S. B. Gurevich; A. Peckus
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Some features of information theory application to holographic systems
Author(s): B. S. Gurevich; S. B. Gurevich; K. M. Jumaliev
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Effects of light polarization and crystal orientation on the holographic recording efficiency in doped LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] crystals
Author(s): Andris Ozols; Mara Reinfelde
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Self-organizing laser induced Au nanocrystall formation in conditions of surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): L. Fedorenko; M. Yusupov
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Investigation of As[sub]2[/sub]S[sub]3[/sub]-Al films for dot-matrix holographic recording
Author(s): A. Bulanovs; V. Gerbreders; E. Sledevskis; V. Pashkevich; J. Teteris
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Holographic recording in polymer composites of organic photochromes and chalcogenides
Author(s): A. Gerbreders; J. Teteris; V. Kolobjonoks
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Pulsed photoacoustic measurements of suspensions: in case study of mitochnodrial NADH and its phantom
Author(s): Zuomin Zhao; Jukka Hast; Risto Myllylä; Markku Känsäkoski
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Micro-Raman scattering and infrared spectra of hemoglobin
Author(s): M. Polakovs; N. Mironova-Ulmane; N. Kurjane; E. Reinholds; M. Grube
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Rough surfaces profile studies using acousto-optic tunable filter
Author(s): Boris S. Gurevich; Sergey V. Andreyev; Valentin V. Shapovalov; Ilya A. Kolesov; Andrey V. Belyaev
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The perception of isoluminant coloured stimuli of amblyopic eye and defocused eye
Author(s): Gunta Krumina; Maris Ozolinsh; Gatis Ikaunieks
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Eye movements during silent and oral reading with stabilized versus free head movement and different eye-trackers
Author(s): Roberts Paeglis; Inita Jokste; Kristine Bagucka; Ivars Lacis
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The energetical threshold of optical information detection due to thermal noise
Author(s): A. Ozols; J. Porins; G. Ivanovs
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Latvian and Russian textbooks: eye movements in reading text formatted in two columns
Author(s): Roberts Paeglis; Irina Gorshanova; Kristine Bagucka; Ivars Lacis
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Factors affecting intraocular light scattering from different color straylight sources
Author(s): Gatis Ikaunieks; Maris Ozolinsh
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Electronic eye occluder with time-counting and reflection control
Author(s): V. Karitans; M. Ozolinsh; G. Kuprisha
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Photoinduced AsSeS thin film phase plates as adaptive optics mirrors for eye aberration correction
Author(s): S. Fomins; M. Reinfelde; A. Larichev; N. Iroshnikov; A. Gerbreders; M. Ozolinsh
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