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Millimetre Wave and Terahertz Sensors and Technology
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Volume Number: 7117
Date Published: 2 October 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7117
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
The history of passive millimetre-wave imaging at QinetiQ
Author(s): R. Appleby
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94 GHz FMCW cloud radar
Author(s): P. G. Huggard; M. L. Oldfield; B. P. Moyna; B. N. Ellison; D. N. Matheson; A. J. Bennett; C. Gaffard; T. Oakley; J. Nash
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Real-time terahertz imaging of nonmetallic objects for security screening and anti-counterfeiting applications
Author(s): Barry N. Behnken; Gamani Karunasiri
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Analytical model and optical design of distributed aperture optical system for millimeter-wave imaging
Author(s): Caihua Chen; Christopher A. Schuetz; Richard D. Martin; Jesse Samluk; E. Lee Stein Jr.; Daniel G. MacKrides; Mark Mirotznik; Dennis W. Prather
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A multifaceted active swept millimetre-wave approach to the detection of concealed weapons
Author(s): David A. Andrews; Nicholas Bowring; Nacer D. Rezgui; Matthew Southgate; Elizabeth Guest; Stuart Harmer; Ali Atiah
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Millimetre wave sensors for non-invasive inspection of people and luggage
Author(s): Dirk Nuessler; Helmut Essen; Manfred Haegelen; Stefan Stanko; Gunnar Briese
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Compact and light-weight digital beam-forming passive millimetre-wave imagers
Author(s): Neil A. Salmon; John Beale; Steve Hayward; Peter Hall; Rod Macpherson; Richard Metcalfe; Andy Harvey
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Study of responsiveness of near-field terahertz imaging probes
Author(s): M. Berta; F. Kadlec
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Study of passive MMW personnel imaging with respect to suspicious and common concealed objects for security applications
Author(s): Stephan Dill; Markus Peichl; Helmut Süß
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Novel low-cost alternative to THz for security and defence applications
Author(s): G. G. Diamond; D. A. Hutchins; P. Pallav; R. J. Green
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Passive millimetre wave imaging for ballistic missile launch detection
Author(s): Christopher J. Higgins; Neil A. Salmon
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Material scanner in the submillimetre-wave region: configuration and signal processing
Author(s): C. Krebs; S. Schneider; A. Hommes; D. Nüßler
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On 3D radar data visualization and merging with camera images
Author(s): J. Kjellgren
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Development of a 210 GHz near-field measurement radar system based on an antenna-integrated MMIC receiver front-end and an ultra-compact HBV transmitter source module
Author(s): Jan A. M. Svedin; Jan Kjellgren; Staffan Rudner; Gunnar Thordarsson; Sten E. Gunnarsson; Niklas Wadefalk; Sergey Cherednichenko; Iltcho Angelov; Herbert Zirath; Jan Stake; Tomas Bryllert; Josip Vukusic
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Remote respiration and heart rate monitoring with millimeter-wave/terahertz radars
Author(s): Douglas T. Petkie; Erik Bryan; Carla Benton; Charles Phelps; Joshua Yoakum; Meredith Rogers; Amber Reed
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Detection of concealed explosives at stand-off distances using wide band swept millimetre waves
Author(s): David A. Andrews; Nacer D. Rezgui; Sarah E. Smith; Nicholas Bowring; Matthew Southgate; John G. Baker
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A microwave measurement system for metallic object detection using swept-frequency radar
Author(s): Yong Li; Gui Yun Tian; Nicholas Bowring; Nacer Rezgui
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Through-the-wall high-resolution imaging of a human and experimental characterization of the transmission of wall materials
Author(s): S. Nilsson; A. Jänis; M. Gustafsson; J. Kjellgren; Ain Sume
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Phong-like lighting for MMW radar simulation
Author(s): Niklas Peinecke; Hans-Ullrich Doehler; Bernd R. Korn
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Trends in Schottky receiver technology for the terahertz region
Author(s): Byron Alderman; Hoshiar Sanghera; Brian Moyna; Matthew Oldfield; David Matheson
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Enabling compact MMIC-based frontends for millimeter-wave imaging radar and radiometry at 94 and 210 GHz
Author(s): Ingmar Kallfass; Axel Tessmann; Arnulf Leuther; Michael Kuri; Markus Riessle; Martin Zink; Hermann Massler; Michael Schlechtweg; Oliver Ambacher
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Superconducting and semiconducting YBCO thin film bolometer investigations for future THz imaging arrays
Author(s): Vishal S. Jagtap; Annick F. Dégardin; Mattia Longhin; Mario Aurino; Alain J. Kreisler
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Modelling THz antennas for cooled superconducting and uncooled semiconducting bolometric pixels
Author(s): Ibrahim Turer; Alexander Scheuring; Xabier Gaztelu; Nicolas Ribière-Tharaud; Annick F. Dégardin; Alain J. Kreisler
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Novel mm-wave and THz radiation active imaging system based on glow discharge detector (GDD) pixel
Author(s): N. S. Kopeika; A. Abramovich; D. Rozban
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Coherent superposition of terahertz beams
Author(s): Sascha Preu; Stefan Malzer; Gottfried H. Döhler; Lijun J. Wang
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94 GHz millimetre-wave imaging system implementing optical upconversion
Author(s): Jesse P. Samluk; Christopher A. Schuetz; Richard D. Martin; E. Lee Stein Jr.; Daniel G. Mackrides; Caihua Chen; Peng Yao; Rownak Shireen; Julien Macario; Dennis W. Prather
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Characteristic of 2D triangular lattice of photonic crystals for microwave and photonic devices
Author(s): K. L. Low; M. Z. Mat Jafri; Sohail A. Khan; A. J. Bin Yusof
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