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Image and Signal Processing for Remote Sensing XIV
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Volume Number: 7109
Date Published: 1 October 2008

Table of Contents
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Investigation on image fusion of remotely sensed images with substantially different spectral properties
Author(s): Vladimir Buntilov; Timo Bretschneider
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A comparison of superresolution reconstruction methods for multi-angle CHRIS/Proba images
Author(s): Jonathan Cheung-Wai Chan; Jianglin Ma; Frank Canters
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MTF assessment of high resolution satellite images using ISO 12233 slanted-edge method
Author(s): Hyundeok Hwang; Young-Wan Choi; Sunghee Kwak; Moongyu Kim; WonKyu Park
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Mixed spectral-structural classification of very high resolution images with summation kernels
Author(s): Devis Tuia; Frédéric Ratle
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Using high-resolution satellite imagery in vulnerability modeling: an object-oriented approach
Author(s): E. Nolte; F. Wenzel
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Multi-stage robust scheme for citrus identification from high resolution airborne images
Author(s): Julia Amorós-López; Emma Izquierdo Verdiguier; Luis Gómez-Chova; Jordi Muñoz-Marí; Jorge Zoilo Rodríguez-Barreiro; Gustavo Camps-Valls; Javier Calpe-Maravilla
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Colour space influence for vegetation image classification application to Caribbean forest and agriculture
Author(s): M. Abadi; E. Grandchamp
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Image classification with semi-supervised one-class support vector machine
Author(s): Jordi Muñoz-Marí; Luis Gómez-Chova; Gustavo Camps-Valls; Javier Calpe-Maravilla
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Estimation of tree biomass volume in alpine forest areas using multireturn lidar data and support vector regression
Author(s): Michele Dalponte; Lorenzo Bruzzone; Damiano Gianelle
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Target detection with a contextual kernel orthogonal subspace projection
Author(s): Luca Capobianco; Gustavo Camps-Valls
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On the performance of virtual dimensionality estimation for hyperspectral image analysis
Author(s): Narreenart Raksuntorn; Qian Du
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New developments on VCA unmixing algorithm
Author(s): José M. P. Nascimento; José M. Bioucas-Dias
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Variants of N-FINDR algorithm for endmember extraction
Author(s): Qian Du; Nareenart Raksuntorn; Nicolas H. Younan; Roger L. King
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Metrics for measuring the impact of image processing algorithms on background statistics
Author(s): Patrick J. Harding; Gordon Arthur; Neil M. Robertson
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Compensation for optical system flexibility on nanoscale remote sensing satellites with fuzzy image processing
Author(s): Yuuki Sato; Shinichi Nakasuka
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Automatic image registration based on correlation and Hough transform
Author(s): Hernâni Gonçalves; José A. Gonçalves; Luís Corte-Real
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The role of the correlation coefficient on the statistical behavior of a simple band ratio
Author(s): Georgios Aim. Skianis; Konstantinos G. Nikolakopoulos; Dimitrios A. Vaiopoulos
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Scale-invariant visual tracking by particle filtering
Author(s): Arie Nakhmani; Allen Tannenbaum
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EF2000 PIRATE test flights campaign
Author(s): Luigi Enrico Guzzetti; Livio Busnelli
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Segmentation and tracking of ionospheric storm enhancements
Author(s): Matthew P. Foster; Adrian N. Evans
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Analysis of the double bounce scattering mechanism of buildings in VHR SAR data
Author(s): D. Brunner; L. Bruzzone; A. Ferro; J. Fortuny; G. Lemoine
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Filtering of radar images based on blind evaluation of noise characteristics
Author(s): Vladimir V. Lukin; Nikolay N. Ponomarenko; Sergey K. Abramov; Benoit Vozel; Kacem Chehdi; Jaakko T. Astola
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Information-theoretic multitemporal features for change analysis from SAR images
Author(s): Bruno Aiazzi; Luciano Alparone; Stefano Baronti; Andrea Garzelli; Filippo Nencini
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Kernel principal component analysis for change detection
Author(s): Allan A. Nielsen; Morton J. Canty
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An approach to change detection in time series of SAR images based on multitemporal similarity measures
Author(s): F. Bovolo; L. Bruzzone
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Low-complexity and error-resilient hyperspectral image compression based on distributed source coding
Author(s): A. Abrardo; M. Barni; A. Bertoli; A. Garzelli; E. Magli; F. Nencini; B. Penna; R. Vitulli
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Compression and classification of noisy multichannel remote sensing images
Author(s): Vladimir V. Lukin; Nikolay N. Ponomarenko; Alexander A. Zelensky; Andriy A. Kurekin; Ken Lever
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Contribution of non-negative matrix factorization to the classification of remote sensing images
Author(s): M. S. Karoui; Y. Deville; S. Hosseini; A. Ouamri; D. Ducrot
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Remote sensing retrievals from SPOT measurements of aerosol over Penang Island, Malaysia
Author(s): H. S. Lim; M. Z. MatJafri; K. Abdullah; K. C. Tan; C. J. Wong; N. Mohd. Saleh
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Using wavelet fusion approach at panchromatic imagery to achieve dynamic range compression
Author(s): Hung-Sen Wan; Chau-Yun Hsu; Yuan Hung Hsu
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Waveform calibration strategies for a small-footprint laser scanner
Author(s): Andreas Roncat; Wolfgang Wagner; Thomas Melzer; Andreas Ullrich
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Optimal approach for segmentation of high-resolution remote sensing imagery and its applications in coastal area
Author(s): Jianyu Chen; Zhihua Mao; Delu Pan
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Reconstruction of incomplete satellite oceanographic data sets based on EOF and Kriging methods
Author(s): Youzhuan Ding; Dongyang Fu; Zhihui Wei; Zhihua Mao; Juhong Zou
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Two-dimensional thermography image retrieval from zig-zag scanned data with TZ-SCAN
Author(s): Hiroshi Okumura; Ryohei Yamasaki; Kohei Arai
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COSMO-SkyMed mission status
Author(s): F. Covello; F. Battazza; A. Coletta; E. Lopinto; L. Pietranera; G. Valentini; S. Zoffoli
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Evaluation of DEM-assisted SAR coregistration
Author(s): D. O. Nitti; R. F. Hanssen; A. Refice; F. Bovenga; G. Milillo; R. Nutricato
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Definition on SAR image quality measurements for UWB SAR
Author(s): Viet T. Vu; Thomas K. Sjögren; Mats I. Pettersson; Anders Gustavsson
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Identification of built-up areas using SAR data: a comparison of TerraSAR-X and ALOS-PALSAR imagery
Author(s): Michael Thiel; Thomas Esch; Michael Wurm; Hannes Taubenböck; Stefan Dech
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Group inversion approach for soil moisture characteristics estimation from multi-sensor data
Author(s): C. Notarnicola; F. Posa
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Multi-sensor analysis of Titan surface: SAR and radiometric data synergy for estimating wind speed and liquid optical thickness of hydrocarbon lakes
Author(s): B. Ventura; D. Casarano; C. Notarnicola; F. Posa
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Time series analysis of SAR interferometry derived DEM of Kuwait desert to reduce the affects of atmosphere
Author(s): K. S. Rao; H. K. Al Jassar
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DINSAR experiments using a free processing chain
Author(s): Elisabeth Simonetto
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Raw data generation of SAR simulation using scanline method
Author(s): Taehwa Kim; Jaecheol Yoon; Hyunwoo Lee; Seunghyun Min
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A new ship detection model based multi-distributions on SAR imagery
Author(s): Peng Chen; Weigen Huang; Jingsong Yang; Bin Fu; Huaguo Zhang; Aiqing Shi
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