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Instruments, Methods, and Missions for Astrobiology XI
Editor(s): Richard B. Hoover; Gilbert Victor Levin; Alexei Yu. Rozanov; Paul C.W. Davies
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Volume Number: 7097
Date Published: 28 August 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7097
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Microfossils of filamentous prokaryotes in CI1 and CM2 meteorites
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover
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Development of living organisms on the lava-water interface of Palaeoproterozoic Ongeluk lavas of South Africa
Author(s): M. M. Astafieva; A. Yu. Rozanov; D. H. Cornell; R. B. Hoover
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The origins of amino acids in ancient terrestrial and extraterrestrial materials
Author(s): Michael H. Engel; Randall S. Perry
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Astrobiological relevance of phenols and their silicates
Author(s): Vera M. Kolb; Patrick J. Liesch
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The early Earth and its environments
Author(s): A. Yu. Rozanov; M. M. Astafieva; R. B. Hoover
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Biomarker indicators of bacterial activity and organic fluxes during end Triassic mass extinction event
Author(s): Dan Jiao; Randall S. Perry; Mike H. Engel; Mark A. Sephton
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Abiotic, biotic, and in-between
Author(s): Vera M. Kolb; P. J. Liesch
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Inferring climate change from stable isotope compositions of ancient speleothems on Earth: possible implications for climatic reconstructions elsewhere in the solar system
Author(s): Brian Harms; R. Douglas Elmore; Michael H. Engel
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Astrobiology-related research activity in the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
Author(s): Masatoshi Ohishi
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Instrumentation for reflectance spectroscopy and microspectroscopy with application to astrobiology
Author(s): Pantazis Z. Mouroulis; Diana L. Blaney; Robert O. Green
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Preliminary results on the internal assessment study of the ESA Cosmic Vision mission PLATO
Author(s): R. Lindberg; D. Lumb; R. den Hartog; P. Gondoin; N. Rando; M. Fridlund
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The evolution of ocean color
Author(s): Victor Ariel Gallardo; Carola Espinoza
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Potential photosynthetic systems in extraterrestrial habitable zones
Author(s): Gregory Konesky
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Diversity and cold adaptation of microorganisms isolated from the Schirmacher Oasis, Antarctica
Author(s): Nazia Mojib; Asim K. Bej; Richard Hoover
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Microbial extremophiles from the 2008 Schirmacher Oasis Expedition: preliminary results
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; Elena V. Pikuta; Alisa Townsend; Joshua Anthony; Melissa Guisler; Jasmine McDaniel; Asim Bej; Michael Storrie-Lombardi
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What do membrane lipids tell us about the microorganisms living in extreme environments?
Author(s): Susan M. Pfiffner; Sarah DiFurio; Ying-Dong Gan; Richard B. Hoover
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Iron microbial mats in modern and phanerozoic environments
Author(s): Jean-Marc Baele; Frédéric Bouvain; Jeroen De Jong; Nadine Matielli; Séverine Papier; Alain Préat
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Magnetic resonance tells microbiology where to go; bacterial teichoic acid protects liquid water at sub-zero temperatures
Author(s): Charles V. Rice; Jason R. Wickham; Margaret A. Eastman; William Harrison; Mark P. Pereira; Eric D. Brown
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Epifluorescence surveys of extreme environments using PanCam imaging systems: Antarctica and the Mars regolith
Author(s): Michael C. Storrie-Lombardi; Jan-Peter Muller; Martin R. Fisk; Andrew D. Griffiths; Andrew J. Coates; Richard B. Hoover
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DNA sequence-based comparative studies between non-extremophile and extremophile organisms with implications in exobiology
Author(s): Todd Holden; P. Marchese; G. Tremberger Jr.; E. Cheung; R. Subramaniam; R. Sullivan; P. Schneider; A. Flamholz; D. Lieberman; T. Cheung
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Phaeodactylum tricornutum photosynthesis and Thalassiosira pseudonana bio-silica formation genes nucleotide fluctuations
Author(s): Todd Holden; P. Marchese; G. Tremberger Jr.; E. Cheung; R. Subramaniam; R. Sullivan; P. Schneider; A. Flamholz; M. Huerta; D. Lieberman; T. Cheung
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Metabolic promiscuity from the deep subsurface: a story of survival or superiority
Author(s): E. van Heerden; D. J. Opperman; A. P. Bester; J. Van Marwijk; E. D. Cason; D. Litthauer; L. A. Piater; T. C. Onstott
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Dramatic blooms of Prymnesium sp. and Alexandrium margalefii in the Salton Sea, California
Author(s): Mary Ann Tiffany; Jennifer Wolny; Matthew Garrett; Karen Steidinger; Stuart H. Hurlbert
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Nucleotide fluctuation of RecA repair gene in Siberian permafrost Psychrobacter cryohalolentis K5
Author(s): George Tremberger Jr.; T. Holden; E. Cheung; R. Subramaniam; R. Sullivan; P. Schneider; A. Flamholz; P. Marchese; D. Lieberman; T. Cheung
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Methanosarcina acetivorans 16S rRNA and transcription factor nucleotide fluctuation with implications in exobiology and pathology
Author(s): Todd Holden; G. Tremberger Jr.; E. Cheung; R. Subramaniam; R. Sullivan; P. Schneider; A. Flamholz; P. Marchese; O. Hiciano; H. Yao; D. Lieberman; T. Cheung
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Episodic aging and end states of comets
Author(s): Zdenek Sekanina
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The perennially ice covered lakes of the cold and rainless deserts of the Antarctic, and by extension, Mars: implications for finding Martian life
Author(s): A. T. Wilson
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Thickness of frozen rocks and the cryolithosphere on Mars
Author(s): Oleg Abramenko; Ilya Komarov; Vladislav Isaev
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3D characterization of stromatolites and the emergence of complexity
Author(s): Michael C. Storrie-Lombardi; Stanley M. Awramik; John Nesson
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Unusual autofluorescence characteristic of cultured red-rain cells
Author(s): Godfrey Louis; A. Santhosh Kumar
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On the applicability of dialetheism to the emergence of life and the classification of viruses
Author(s): Vera M. Kolb
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Mix and match: enhanced Raman spectroscopy instrumentation in field applications
Author(s): Bin Chen; Nathalie Cabrol; Christopher P. McKay; Chao Shi; Claire Gu; Rebecca Newhouse; Jin Zhang; Tuling Lam; Qibing Pei
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Cosmological evolution: spatial relativity and the speed of life
Author(s): Robert B. Sheldon; Richard B. Hoover
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