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Free-Space Laser Communications VIII
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Volume Number: 7091
Date Published: 19 August 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7091
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical RF Communications Adjunct
Author(s): Larry B. Stotts; Brian Stadler; Buzz Graves; Malcolm Northcott; Jeff Douglass; David Young; Joseph Sluz; Juan Juarez; Paul Kolodzy; H. Alan Pike; Gary Lee
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Ten Gb/s optically pre-amplified RZ-DPSK for FSO communications systems with very large link losses
Author(s): Christoph Wree; Charles P. Collier; Steven Lane; Alan Turney; Ben Armentrout; Jesse Yates; Nathaniel Francis; Abhay Joshi
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Low complexity error-control-coding for variable duty-cycle pulse-position-modulation
Author(s): Bruce Moision
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Characterization of an optical phased array for use in free space optical communication antennas
Author(s): Igor Anisimov; Scott R. Harris; Brian K. Stadler
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Indoor visible light communications: challenges and prospects
Author(s): Dominic O'Brien; Hoa Le Minh; Lubin Zeng; Grahame Faulkner; Kyungwoo Lee; Daekwang Jung; YunJe Oh; Eun Tae Won
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Design of free space optical omnidirectional transceivers for indoor applications using non-imaging optical devices
Author(s): Navik Agrawal; Christopher C. Davis
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Free-space high data rate communications technologies for near terrestrial space
Author(s): C. L. Edwards; J. R. Bruzzi; B. G. Boone
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A convex optimization method for self-organization in dynamic (FSO/RF) wireless networks
Author(s): Jaime Llorca; Christopher C. Davis; Stuart D. Milner
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Coding techniques to mitigate fading on free-space optical communication links
Author(s): Hennes Henniger; Bernhard Epple; Stuart D. Milner; Christopher C. Davis
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Indoor Free Space Optic: a new prototype, realization and evaluation
Author(s): Olivier Bouchet; Pascal Besnard; Adrian Mihaescu
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Optical terminal requirements for aeronautical multi-hop networks
Author(s): Kimon Karras; Dimitris Marinos; Pavlos Kouros
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Direct reduction of aero-optical laser beam aberrations by active turbulence control
Author(s): Aaron P. Freeman; Fazlul R. Zubair; Jennifer Shockro; Siarhei Piatrovich; Haris J. Catrakis
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A comparative study of 2.667 Gb/s OOK, DPSK, and PPM modulation formats for FSO applications
Author(s): Naresh Chand; Andrew J. Hunton; Bruce M. Eteson
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Statistical properties of the received current in FSO systems
Author(s): Jose Paulo G. de Oliveira
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Large area adaptive avalanche photodetector arrays for free-space optical communication
Author(s): Mike S. Ferraro; Wade T. Freeman; Rita Mahon; James L. Murphy; Peter G. Goetz; Michael Colbert; William S. Rabinovich; Harris R. Burris; Christopher I. Moore; William R. Clark; William D. Waters
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Experimental comparison of B-PPM and NRZ coding formats in a 1550nm trans-atmospheric optical communication link under deep fading conditions
Author(s): Robert Peach; Geoff Burdge; Chris Visone; Jeff Wyatt; Michael Borbath; Ron Phillips; Larry Andrews; David Wayne; John Kiriazes
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A parametric single scattering channel model for non-line-of-sight ultraviolet communications
Author(s): Haipeng Ding; Gang Chen; Arun K. Majumdar; Zhengyuan Xu
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Aperture averaging and correlation function measurements in strong atmospheric turbulence for optical wireless applications
Author(s): Heba Yuksel; Joseph Harris; Yunxin Tang; Robert Gammon; Christopher Davis
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Beam wander of a collimated beam: comparing theory and experiment
Author(s): David T. Wayne; Ronald L. Phillips; Larry C. Andrews; Brad Griffis
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Performance and characterization results of a lasercom testbed for the pointing, acquisition, and tracking subsystem of a satellite-to-satellite laser communications link
Author(s): Jason C. Cardema; Jennifer N. Tanzillo; Shinhak Lee; Christopher B. Dunbar
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Large-Optics white light interferometer for laser wavefront test: apparatus and application
Author(s): Zhu Luan; Liren Liu; Lijuan Wang; De'an Liu
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Test results of the optical PAT test bed for satellite laser communications
Author(s): Jianfeng Sun; Liren Liu; Yu Zhou; De'an Liu
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The mechanical design of the large-optics double-shearing interferometer for the test of diffraction-limited wavefront
Author(s): Lijuan Wang; Liren Liu; Luan Zhu; Jianfeng Sun; Yu Zhou; De'an Liu
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Design of 2*6 optical hybrid in inter-satellite coherent laser communications
Author(s): Nan Xu; Liren Liu; De'an Liu; Lingyu Wan; Yu Zhou
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Coherent area inside partially coherent laser beam through atmospheric and sea water turbulences
Author(s): Wei Lu; Liren Liu; De'an Liu; Jianfeng Sun; Aimin Yan
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Investigation of transmission of light through rain
Author(s): Jiabi Chen; Zhonghua Hu; Dawei Zhang; Songlin Zhuang
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Dual optical wireless test link
Author(s): Otakar Wilfert; Zdenek Kolka; Viera Biolkova; Petr Krivak; Lucie Dordova; Ondrej Fiser; Jiri Nemecek
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Hybrid free-space optical and radio frequency switching
Author(s): David S. Kim; G. Charmaine Gilbreath; Jonathan Doffoh; Carlos O. Font-Jimenez; Michele Suite
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