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Atmospheric Optics: Models, Measurements, and Target-in-the-Loop Propagation II
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Volume Number: 7090
Date Published: 20 August 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7090
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Application of stereo laser tracking methods for quantifying flight dynamics-II
Author(s): Timothy J. Miller; Edward F. Romero; Hubert W. Schreier; Michael T. Valley
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Laser applications in the littoral: search lidar and ship identification
Author(s): Johan C. van den Heuvel; Alexander M. J. van Eijk; Herman H. P. Th. Bekman; Frank J. M. van Putten; Leo H. Cohen; Paul W. Pace
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Infrared background analysis of bay environments
Author(s): Piet B. W. Schwering; Willem H. Gunter; Dirk F. Bezuidenhout; Alexander M. J. van Eijk
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Image enhancement by local information fusion with pre-processing and composed metric
Author(s): Mathieu Aubailly; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Gary W. Carhart; Michael T. Valley
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Development of adaptive fiber collimators for conformal fiber-based beam projection systems
Author(s): Leonid A. Beresnev; Thomas Weyrauch; Mikhail A. Vorontsov; Ling Liu; Gary W. Carhart
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Femtosecond laser pulse filament robustness in aerosol layer
Author(s): Elena P. Silaeva; Valeriy P. Kandidov
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Experiment to obtain optical turbulence information along a 2.33 km free-space laser propagation path from measurements of scintillation and focal spot displacement
Author(s): Arnold Tunick
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Validation of a worldwide physics-based, high spectral resolution atmospheric characterization and propagation package for UV to RF wavelengths
Author(s): Steven T. Fiorino; Richard J. Bartell; Matthew J. Krizo; Kenneth P. Moore; Salvatore J. Cusumano
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Comparison of atmospheric laser propagation between the NIR and MWIR
Author(s): Frank Hanson; Pete Poirier; Delmar Haddock; Dan Kichura; Mark Lasher
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Turbulence effects on laser propagation in a marine environment
Author(s): Steve Hammel; Daniel Kichura
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Transmissometer versus sun photometer measurements of the aerosol optical properties
Author(s): Jolanta Kusmierczyk-Michulec; Alexander M. J. Van Eijk; M. M. Moerman; L. H. Cohen; A. de Jong; P. Fritz
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Lidar measurements of temperature turbulence in the atmosphere
Author(s): Qiuhua Zheng; James Ryan; Paul Hays
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Measurements of the absorption and scattering coefficients of aerosol particles in suburb of Nanjing (China)
Author(s): Yan Yin; Yu Chen; Weiwei Wang; Jiade Yan; Ling Qian; Yaoqing Tong; Zhenyi Lin
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Microphysical properties of tropical anvil cirrus observed during ACTIVE: a statistical analysis
Author(s): L. Jin; Y. Yin; G. Vaughan; G. Allen; P. Connolly; A. Heymsfield; A. Bansemer
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