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Imaging Spectrometry XIII
Editor(s): Sylvia S. Shen; Paul E. Lewis
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Volume Number: 7086
Date Published: 27 August 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7086
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Microspectrometers: an industry and instrumentation overview
Author(s): Gregory A. Neece
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Snapshot imaging spectropolarimeter utilizing polarization gratings
Author(s): Jihwan Kim; Michael J. Escuti
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Computed tomographic imaging spectropolarimeter characterization
Author(s): Corrie Vandervlugt; Robert Sampson; Julia Craven; Eustace Dereniak; Grant Gerhart
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The EnMAP hyperspectral imaging spectrometer: instrument concept, calibration, and technologies
Author(s): B. Sang; J. Schubert; S. Kaiser; V. Mogulsky; C. Neumann; K.-P. Förster; S. Hofer; T. Stuffler; H. Kaufmann; A. Müller; T. Eversberg; C. Chlebek
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QWEST: Quantum Well Infrared Earth Science Testbed
Author(s): William R. Johnson; Simon J. Hook; Pantazis Z. Mouroulis; Daniel W. Wilson; Sarath D. Gunapala; Cory J. Hill; Jason M. Mumolo; Bjorn T. Eng
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Implementation of an automated signal processing approach for the analysis of chemical spectral signatures collected from FT-IR mounted in an aircraft
Author(s): Robert T. Kroutil; Paul E. Lewis; David P. Miller; Sylvia S. Shen; Gary W. Small
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Airborne hyperspectral imaging for the detection of powdery mildew in wheat
Author(s): Jonas Franke; Thorsten Mewes; Gunter Menz
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Multitemporal spectroscopy for crop stress detection using band selection methods
Author(s): Thorsten Mewes; Jonas Franke; Gunter Menz
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Sequential N-FINDR algorithms
Author(s): Chao-Cheng Wu; Shihyu Chu; Chein-I Chang
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Block truncation signature coding for hyperspectral analysis
Author(s): Sumit Chakravarty; Chein-I Chang
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A family of distributions for the error term in linear mixing models for hyperspectral images
Author(s): Peter Bajorski
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Analysis of concurrent space based and ground based atmospheric infrared spectrometer measurements
Author(s): Paul E. Lewis; Sylvia S. Shen; David P. Miller; Gail P. Anderson; James Chetwynd; Robert Kroutil
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Method for retrieving column water vapor at night using mid-wave infrared bands
Author(s): Christoph C. Borel; Michael Abel
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Micro-scale modeling of contaminant effects on surface optical properties
Author(s): M. G. Gartley; J. R. Schott; S. D. Brown
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Airborne measurements in the longwave infrared using an imaging hyperspectral sensor
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Allard; Martin Chamberland; Vincent Farley; Frédérick Marcotte; Matthias Rolland; Alexandre Vallières; André Villemaire
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High efficiency LWIR AOTF
Author(s): D. Kahler; N. B. Singh; M. Gottlieb; D. Suhre; P. Lucey; D. J. Knuteson; A. Berghmans; B. Wagner; S. McLaughlin
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Dual-channel spectral imaging with spectral zooming capability
Author(s): Bing Chen; Michael R. Wang; Jame J. Yang
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Point target detection in segmented images
Author(s): D. Avraham; N. Belogus; S. R. Rotman
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Oblique hyperspectral target detection
Author(s): Josef P. Bishoff; David W. Messinger; Emmett J. Ientilucci
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Unsupervised hyperspectral target analysis
Author(s): Xiaoli Jiao; Chein-I Chang
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Spectral fingerprint identification for whole cube identification
Author(s): Charles C. Wamsley; Peter G. Raeth
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Spectral binning optimization for the ARTEMIS real-time processor
Author(s): Charles C. Wamsley; Kenneth R. Ewald; Alan Buswell; Gary Petrick; Antonio Wolf; Brody Johnson; Timothy J. Pachter; Peggy J. Grigsby
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Improved iterative error analysis for endmember extraction from hyperspectral imagery
Author(s): Lixin Sun; Ying Zhang; Bert Guindon
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