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Atmospheric and Environmental Remote Sensing Data Processing and Utilization IV: Readiness for GEOSS II
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Volume Number: 7085
Date Published: 28 August 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7085
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Recent activities and achievements of the Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System (GSICS) research working group
Author(s): Xiangqian Wu; Mitch Goldberg
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Using AIRS and IASI data to evaluate absolute radiometric accuracy and stability for climate applications
Author(s): Hartmut H. Aumann; Thomas S. Pagano
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Using IASI observations to resolve HIRS spectral response function induced intersatellite biases
Author(s): Changyong Cao; Mitch Goldberg; Likun Wang
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Intercalibration of microwave sounding unit with short overlaps
Author(s): Cheng-Zhi Zou
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Evaluating a system of systems approach for integrated global weather, climate, and hazard monitoring
Author(s): Ronald Birk; Brian Baldauf; Rick Ohlemacher; Leo Andreoli
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McIDAS-V: a powerful data analysis and visualization tool for multi and hyperspectral environmental satellite data
Author(s): Thomas Achtor; Thomas Rink; Thomas Whittaker; David Parker; David Santek
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GOES-R/ABI legacy profile algorithm evaluation using MSG/SEVIRI and AMSR-E
Author(s): Xin Jin; Jun Li; Timothy J. Schmit; Jinlong Li; Allen Huang; Mitchell D. Goldberg
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Linking water vapor channels of GOES-11 and GOES-12 imagers using IASI hyperspectral observations
Author(s): Likun Wang; Changyong Cao
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Soil Moisture Active/Passive (SMAP) Mission concept
Author(s): D. Entekhabi; T. J. Jackson; E. Njoku; P. O'Neill; J. Entin
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Soil moisture retrieval from WindSat using the single channel algorithm toward a blended global soil moisture product from multiple microwave sensors
Author(s): Jicheng Liu; Xiwu Zhan; Thomas J. Jackson
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A study on microwave drought indices in Hebei Province of China using AMSR-E observations
Author(s): Youfei Zheng; Fulai Guan; Fang Xu; Xiwu Zhan; Binyun Yang; Rongjun Wu
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Implementation of a global-scale operational data assimilation system for satellite-based soil moisture retrievals
Author(s): J. Bolten; W. Crow; X. Zhan; C. Reynolds
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Evaluation of satellite land surface temperatures using ground measurements from surface radiation budget network
Author(s): Yunyue Yu; Dan Tarpley; M. K. Rama Varma Raja; Konstantin Vinnikov; Mitch D. Goldberg
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Improvements of numerical weather predictions using a new AVHRR green vegetation fraction dataset
Author(s): Yuhong Tian; Cheng-Zhi Zou; Kenneth E. Mitchell; Vince Wong; Felix N. Kogan; Le Jiang; Xiwu Zhan
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Assimilation of small scale observations with a nested adjoint model
Author(s): Clark Amerault; James Doyle
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Initial error growth in a simulated supercell storm
Author(s): Jinzhong Min; Youcun Qi; Ningzhu Du; Fanyou Kong
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The precipitation products generation chain for the EUMETSAT Hydrological Satellite Application Facility at C.N.M.C.A.
Author(s): Daniele Biron; Davide Melfi; Francesco Zauli
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Synergistic use of high spectral sounder and high spatial imager radiance measurements for atmospheric profiling
Author(s): Chian-Yi Liu; Jun Li; Elisabeth Weisz; Timothy J. Schmit; Allen Huang
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Accuracy assessment on the crop area estimating method based on RS sampling at national scale: a case study of China's rice area estimation assessment
Author(s): Yonglan Qian; Bangjie Yang; Xianfeng Jiao; Zhiyuan Pei; Xuan Li
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Circulation background of the extremely heavy rain causing severe floods in Huaihe River valley in 2003 and its relationship to the apparent heating
Author(s): Lijuan Wang; Zhaoyong Guan; Chunhua Shi; Lianji Jin; Jiaqing Ma
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Interannual variation in rainfall and atmospheric heat sources over the Tibetan Plateau
Author(s): Shanshan Zhong; Jinhai He; Zhaoyong Guan; Chunhua Shi
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Inter-calibration of GOES-11 imagers with AIRS and IASI data
Author(s): Yaping Li; Xiangqian Wu; Seung-hee Sohn
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A comparison between two different stratospheric ozone datasets of HALOE observations and ERA-40 reanalysis
Author(s): Chunhua Shi; Bin Zheng; Hui Li
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The 3-D moisture structure of quasi-biweekly mode revealed by AIRS
Author(s): Li Tao; Xiouhua Fu; Chunhua Shi
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An influence of quasi-biennial oscillation on the water vapor in tropic stratosphere
Author(s): Chunhua Shi; Bin Zheng; Yuejuan Chen; Renjun Zhou
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