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Earth Observing Systems XIII
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Volume Number: 7081
Date Published: 20 August 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7081
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Measurement science for climate remote sensing
Author(s): G. T. Fraser; S. W. Brown; R. U. Datla; B. C. Johnson; K. R. Lykke; J. P. Rice
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Vacuum compatible large uniform-radiance source for ground calibration of satellite cameras inside a thermal vacuum environment
Author(s): Angelo V. Arecchi; Samir Pal; Joseph W. Jablonski; Marc Gervais; Mark Gugliotta; Harish Seth; Arun Bhardwaj; Hari Sankar Sahoo
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Design and validation of a transfer radiometer
Author(s): Nik Anderson; Kurt Thome; Stuart Biggar; Jeffrey S. Czapla-Myers
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Pre-launch performance characterization of EOS-C camera
Author(s): Young-Wan Choi; Seongmin Kang; Jiho Yun; Jongun Kim; Myungseok Kang; Sungkeun Jeong; Hyungu Kim; Jaehun Song; Ee-Eul Kim
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BRDF study of gray-scale Spectralon
Author(s): Georgi T. Georgiev; James J. Butler
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Pre-launch optical tests of MODIS and MISR
Author(s): Eugene Waluschka; Carol J. Bruegge; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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MODIS along-scan direction Line Spread Function (LSF) modeling and verification using the Integration and Alignment Collimator (IAC)
Author(s): N. Che; T. Choi; X. Xiong; D. Moyer
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On-orbit aqua MODIS modulation transfer function trending in along-scan from the Spectro-Radiometric Calibration Assembly
Author(s): Taeyoung Choi; Nianzeng Che; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Assessment of MODIS scan mirror reflectance changes on-orbit
Author(s): X. Xiong; A. Wu; A. Angal
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Characterization of MODIS VIS/NIR spectral band detector-to-detector differences
Author(s): X. Xiong; J. Sun; G. Meister; E. Kwiatkowska; W. L. Barnes
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Sun beta angle residuals in solar diffuser measurements of the MODIS ocean bands
Author(s): Gerhard Meister; Junqiang Sun; Robert E. Eplee Jr.; Frederick S. Patt; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Charles R. McClain
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Long term MODIS spatial characterization using ground target approach
Author(s): Yong Xie; Xiaoxiong Xiong; John J. Qu; Nianzeng Che
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Determination of the noise characterization of MODIS thermal emissive bands for cold scene observations
Author(s): Aisheng Wu; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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Using raw star signals in the monitoring of GOES imager visible-channel responsivities
Author(s): I-Lok Chang; Charles Dean; Michael Weinreb; Xiangqian Wu; Dejiang Han; Kenneth Mitchell; Zhenping Li; Gordana Sindic-Rancic; Fanfang Yu
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Removal of contaminated pixels from the desert target for AVHRR vicarious calibration
Author(s): Fangfang Yu; Xiangqian Wu
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Temporal, spectral, and spatial study of the automated vicarious calibration test site at Railroad Valley, Nevada
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Czapla-Myers; Kurtis J. Thome; Byron R. Cocilovo; Joel T. McCorkel; John H. Buchanan
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Validation of the IASI temperature and water vapor profile retrievals by correlative radiosondes
Author(s): Nikita Pougatchev; Thomas August; Xavier Calbet; Tim Hultberg; Osoji Oduleye; Peter Schlüssel; Bernd Stiller; Karen St. Germain; Gail Bingham
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New differential Fabry-Perot radiometer for remote sensing measurements of column CO2, O2, H2O and other atmospheric trace gases
Author(s): W. S. Heaps; E. Georgieva; E. Wilson
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Level 1C spectra from the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)
Author(s): Denis A. Elliott; Hartmut H. Aumann; Yibo Jiang; Steven E. Broberg
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On-orbit accuracy of infrared spectra for climate model testing
Author(s): John A. Dykema; P. Jonathan Gero; Stephen S. Leroy; Henry E. Revercomb; Daniel Kirk-Davidoff; James G. Anderson
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On-orbit absolute calibration of temperature with application to the CLARREO mission
Author(s): Fred A. Best; Douglas P. Adler; Scott D. Ellington; Donald J. Thielman; Henry E. Revercomb
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On-orbit characterization of blackbody emissivity and spectrometer instrument line-shape using quantum cascade laser based reflectometry
Author(s): P. Jonathan Gero; John A. Dykema; James G. Anderson; Stephen S. Leroy
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ESA future Earth observation Explorer missions
Author(s): J.-L. Bézy; P. Bensi; M. Berger; B. Carnicero; M. Davidson; M. Drinkwater; Y. Durand; F. Héliere; P. Ingmann; J. Langen; C. C. Lin; R. Meynart; H. Rebhan; P. Silvestrin; A. Thompson
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WindCam and MSPI: two cloud and aerosol instrument concepts derived from Terra/MISR heritage
Author(s): David J. Diner; Michael Mischna; Russell A. Chipman; Ab Davis; Brian Cairns; Roger Davies; Ralph A. Kahn; Jan-Peter Muller; Omar Torres
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Space instrument performance traceability for high resolution satellite systems
Author(s): A. Eckardt; A. Börner; H. Jahn; R. Reulke
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Observational considerations for moderate resolution nighttime lights
Author(s): C. Elvidge; D. Pettit; M. Imhoff; R. Nemani; D. Pack; P. Cinzano
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Radiometric calibration stability and inter-calibration of solar-band instruments in orbit using the moon
Author(s): Thomas C. Stone
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MODIS and SeaWIFS on-orbit lunar calibration
Author(s): J. Sun; R. E. Eplee Jr.; X. Xiong; T. Stone; G. Meister; C. R. McClain
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Radiometric cross-calibration of the Terra MODIS and Landsat 7 ETM+ using an invariant desert site
Author(s): Taeyoung Choi; Amit Angal; Gyanesh Chander; Xiaoxiong Xiong
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The on-orbit calibration of SeaWiFS: functional fits to the lunar time series
Author(s): Robert E. Eplee Jr.; Gerhard Meister; Frederick S. Patt; Charles R. McClain
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Monitoring MODIS calibration stability of visible and near-IR bands from observed top-of-atmosphere BRDF-normalized reflectances over Libyan Desert and Antarctic surfaces
Author(s): Aisheng Wu; Xiaoxiong Xiong; Changyong Cao; Amit Angal
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L5 TM radiometric recalibration procedure using the internal calibration trends from the NLAPS trending database
Author(s): Gyanesh Chander; Md. Obaidul Haque; Esad Micijevic; Julia A. Barsi
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Development of Landsat-5 thematic mapper internal calibrator gain and offset table
Author(s): Julia A. Barsi; Gyanesh Chander; Esad Micijevic; Brian L. Markham; Md. Obaidul Haque
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WorldView-1 pre and post-launch radiometric calibration and early on-orbit characterization
Author(s): Keith S. Krause
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1999-2003 shortwave characterizations of Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS)/Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE) broadband active cavity radiometer sensors
Author(s): Robert B. Lee III; George L. Smith; Takmeng Wong; Kathryn A. Bush
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Accuracy assessment for the radiometric calibration of imaging sensors using preflight techniques relying on the sun as a source
Author(s): K. Thome; J. Czapla-Myers; M. Kuester; N. Anderson
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Development of a heliostat facility for solar-radiation-based calibration of earth observing sensors
Author(s): Michele A. Kuester; Jeffrey Czapla-Myers; Paul Kaptchen; William Good; Tony Lin; Raymund To; Stuart Biggar; Kurtis Thome
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Radiometric performance of the CERES broadband radiometers on the Terra and Aqua spacecraft
Author(s): Kory J. Priestley; G. Louis Smith; Susan Thomas; Grant Matthews; Z. Peter Szewczyk
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Absolute radiometric calibration accuracy of the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS)
Author(s): Thomas S. Pagano; Hartmut H. Aumann; Rudolf Schindler; Denis Elliott; Steve Broberg; Kenneth Overoye; Margaret H. Weiler
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Multi-wavelength lidar for remote sensing applications
Author(s): Shalei Song; Pingxiang Li; Wei Gong; Liangpei Zhang; Tao Chen
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The simulator of single photon counting planetary altimeter
Author(s): Josef Blazej; Ivan Prochazka
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Derivation of the MODIS Aqua Point-Spread Function ocean color bands
Author(s): Gerhard Meister; Yuqin Zong; Charles R. McClain
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Novel laser approach for remote sensing of atmospheric CO2 column
Author(s): E. Georgieva; E. Wilson; W. S. Heaps
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