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Hard X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Neutron Detector Physics X
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Volume Number: 7079
Date Published: 28 August 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7079
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Spectral responses of virtual Frisch-grid CdZnTe detectors and their relation to IR microscopy and x-ray diffraction topography data
Author(s): A. E. Bolotnikov; S. Babalola; G. S. Camarda; Y. Cui; S. U. Egarievwe; P. M. Fochuk; R. Hawrami; A. Hossain; J. R. James; I. J. Nakonechnyj; Ge Yang; R. B. James
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Reliability of pixellated CZT detector modules used for medical imaging and homeland security
Author(s): H. Chen; S. A. Awadalla; F. Harris; P. H. Lu; G. Bindley; H. Lenos; B. Cardoso
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Designs for micro-structured semiconductor neutron detectors
Author(s): J. Kenneth Shultis; Douglas S. McGregor
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Prospects for thermal neutron detection and imaging with the GammaTracker handheld radioisotope identifier
Author(s): Carolyn E. Seifert; Debra S. Barnett; Mitchell J. Myjak
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A novel solid state self-powered neutron detector
Author(s): Nicholas LiCausi; Justin Dingley; Yaron Danon; Jian-Qiang Lu; Ishwara B. Bhat
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Modeling the growth of CZT by the EDG process
Author(s): Jeffrey J. Derby; David Gasperino; Lisa Lun; Andrew Yeckel
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Final surface treatment effect on performance of CdZnTe Frisch collar gamma-ray detectors
Author(s): Alireza Kargar; Adam C. Brooks; Kyle T. Kohman; Rans B. Lowell; Roger C. Keyes; Henry Chen; Salah Awadalla; Glenn Bindley; Douglas S. McGregor
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Investigation of CdZnTe crystal defects using scanning spreading resistance microscopy
Author(s): J. Liu; K. C. Mandal; G. Koley
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Photon counting x-ray CT with 3D holograms by CdTe line sensor
Author(s): A. Koike; M. Yomori; H. Morii; Y. Neo; T. Aoki; H. Mimura
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Features of characteristics and stability of CdTe nuclear radiation detectors fabricated by laser doping technique
Author(s): Volodymyr A. Gnatyuk; Toru Aoki; Oleksandr I. Vlasenko; Sergiy N. Levytskyi; Yoshinori Hatanaka; Charalambos P. Lambropoulos
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X-ray computed tomography system using a multipixel photon counter
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Hiroshi Matsukiyo; Akihiro Osawa; Toshiyuki Enomoto; Manabu Watanabe; Jiro Nagao; Purkhet Abderyim; Seiichiro Nomiya; Keitaro Hitomi; Akira Ogawa; Shigehiro Sato
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Application of the dual energy technique by using a photon counting CdTe detector
Author(s): Wenjuan Zou; Takuya Nakashima; Yoshiaki Onishi; Hisashi Morii; Yoichiro Neo; Hidenori Mimura; Toru Aoki
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Evaluation of TlBr detectors with Tl electrodes
Author(s): Keitaro Hitomi; Yohei Kikuchi; Tadayoshi Shoji; Keizo Ishii
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Purification, crystal growth and detector performance of TlBr
Author(s): Alexei V. Churilov; William M. Higgins; Guido Ciampi; Hadong Kim; Leonard J. Cirignano; Fred Olschner; Kanai S. Shah
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A systematic study of mercuric iodide platelet growth in horizontal furnaces
Author(s): Elsa Ariesanti; Christopher Frampton; Sarah Appelhans; Marty Rudolph; Douglas S. McGregor
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CdMnTe crystals for x-ray and gamma-ray detection
Author(s): Y. Cui; A. Bolotnikov; A. Hossain; G. Camarda; A. Mycielski; G. Yang; D. Kochanowska; M. Witkowska-Baran; R. B. James
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Layered III-VI chalcogenide semiconductor crystals for radiation detectors
Author(s): Krishna C. Mandal; Alket Mertiri; Gary W. Pabst; Ronald G. Roy; Y. Cui; P. Battacharya; M. Groza; A. Burger; Adam M. Conway; Rebecca J. Nikolic; Art J. Nelson; Stephen A. Payne
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Unipolar charge sensing using Frisch grid technique for amorphous selenium radiation detectors
Author(s): A. H. Goldan; K. S. Karim
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Theoretical studies of defect states in GaSe and GaTe
Author(s): Zsolt Rak; S. D. Mahanti; Krishna C. Mandal; N. C. Fernelius
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AFM characterization of laser-induced damage on CdZnTe crystal surfaces
Author(s): Samantha A. Hawkins; Lucile C. Teague; Eliel Villa-Aleman; Martine C. Duff; Arnold Burger; Michael Groza; Vladimir Buliga
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Characterization of detector grade CdZnTe material from Redlen Technologies
Author(s): Martine C Duff; Arnold Burger; Michael Groza; Vladimir Buliga; John P. Bradley; Zurong R. Dai; Nick Teslich; Salah A Awadalla; Jason Mackenzie; Henry Chen
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Defect measurements of CdZnTe detectors using I-DLTS, TCT, I-V, C-V and gamma-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): R. Gul; Z. Li; R. Rodriguez; K. Keeter; A. Bolotnikov; R. James
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Precision crystal calorimeters in high-energy physics: past, present, and future
Author(s): Ren-Yuan Zhu
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Transparent ceramic scintillator fabrication, properties, and applications
Author(s): N. J. Cherepy; J. D. Kuntz; J. J. Roberts; T. A. Hurst; O. B. Drury; R. D. Sanner; T. M. Tillotson; S. A. Payne
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SrI[sub]2[/sub]: a novel scintillator crystal for nuclear isotope identifiers
Author(s): R. Hawrami; M. Groza; Y. Cui; A. Burger; M. D. Aggarwal; Nerine Cherepy; Stephen A. Payne
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Energy-discriminating x-ray camera utilizing a cadmium telluride detector
Author(s): Eiichi Sato; Purkhet Abderyim; Hiroshi Matsukiyo; Akihiro Osawa; Toshiyuki Enomoto; Manabu Watanabe; Jiro Nagao; Seichiro Nomiya; Keitaro Hitomi; Akira Ogawa; Shigehiro Sato; Toshio Ichimaru
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Performance of an improved readout IC for multi-energy photon-counting x-ray detector arrays
Author(s): Martin Clajus; Victoria B. Cajipe; Satoshi Hayakawa; Tümay O. Tümer
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CdTe x-ray image sensor driven by field emitter array
Author(s): Toru Aoki; Takuya Sakata; Yuichiro Hanawa; Masashi Nakagawa; Hisashi Morii; Akifumi Koike; Yoichiro Neo; Hidenori Mimura
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New two-dimensional ASICs for solid state pixel detectors
Author(s): Tumay O. Tumer; Victoria B. Cajipe; Martin Clajus; Satoshi Hayakawa; Alexander Volkovskii
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A CMOS-based large-area high-resolution imaging system for high-energy x-ray applications
Author(s): Brian Rodricks; Boyd Fowler; Chiao Liu; John Lowes; Dean Haeffner; Ulrich Lienert; John Almer
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An explosives detection system for airline security using coherent x-ray scattering technology
Author(s): Robert W. Madden; Jacob Mahdavieh; Richard C. Smith; Ravi Subramanian
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Strontium iodide scintillators for high energy resolution gamma ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Cody M Wilson; Edgar V. van Loef; Jarek Glodo; Nerine Cherepy; Giulia Hull; Stephen Payne; Woon-Seng Choong; William Moses; Kanai S. Shah
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New application of scintillator ZnSe(Te) in scintielectronic detectors for detection of neutrons, medical imaging, explosive detection, and NDT
Author(s): Volodymyr D. Ryzhikov; Oleksandr D. Opolonin; Alexander G. Fedorov; Olena K. Lysetska; Sergey A. Kostioukevitch
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Dynamic characterizations of an 8-frame half-strip high-speed x-ray microchannel plate imager
Author(s): Ken Moy; Ming Wu; Craig Kruschwitz; Aric Tibbitts; Matt Griffin; Greg Rochau
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High spatial resolution x-ray mapping of CdZnTe detectors
Author(s): G. Yang; A. E. Bolotnikov; G. S. Camarda; Y. Cui; A. Hossain; R. B. James
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Effect of chemical etching on the surface roughness of CdZnTe and CdMnTe gamma radiation detectors
Author(s): A. Hossain; S. Babalola; A. E. Bolotnikov; G. S. Camarda; Y. Cui; G. Yang; M. Guo; D. Kochanowska; A. Mycielski; A. Burger; R. B. James
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Performance of RENA-3 IC with position-sensitive solid-state detectors
Author(s): Tumay O. Tumer; Victoria B. Cajipe; Martin Clajus; Satoshi Hayakawa; Alexander Volkovskii
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Model compounds for cadmium zinc telluride (CZT) impurities
Author(s): Dale L. Perry; Larry Franks
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