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Developments in X-Ray Tomography VI
Editor(s): Stuart R. Stock
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Volume Number: 7078
Date Published: 3 September 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7078
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
X-ray imaging: past and present
Author(s): Ulrich Bonse
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X-ray microtomography: past and present
Author(s): J. C. Elliott; G. R. Davis; S. D. Dover
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Trends in the micro- and nano-CT literature
Author(s): S. R. Stock
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Whole-body imaging of whole-organ, subresolution, basic functional unit (BFU) perfusion characteristics
Author(s): Yue Dong M.D.; Erik L. Ritman M.D.
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Principle and applications of dual source CT
Author(s): Thomas Flohr
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Dynamic volume CT: the next revolution in clinical CT
Author(s): Kirsten Boedeker; Rich Mather
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Four-dimensional time-resolved micro-CT imaging for small animals
Author(s): Xuan Liu; Faisal Nadeem; Phil L. Salmon; Alexander Sasov
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Use of synchrotron tomography to image naturalistic anatomy in insects
Author(s): John J. Socha; Francesco De Carlo
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High-resolution tomographic imaging of microvessels
Author(s): Bert Müller; Sabrina Lang; Marco Dominietto; Markus Rudin; Georg Schulz; Hans Deyhle; Marco Germann; Franz Pfeiffer; Christian David; Timm Weitkamp
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Comparative micro computed tomography study of a vertebral body
Author(s): Susanne Drews; Felix Beckmann; Julia Herzen; Oliver Brunke; Phil Salmon; Sebastian Friess; Andres Laib; Bruno Koller; Thomas Hemberger; Magdalena Müller-Gerbl; Bert Müller
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Applying x-ray tomography in the field of vertebrate biology: form, function, and evolution of the skull of caecilians (Lissamphibia: Gymnophiona)
Author(s): Thomas Kleinteich; Felix Beckmann; Julia Herzen; Adam P. Summers; Alexander Haas
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A comparison of three different micro-tomography systems for accurate determination of microvascular parameters
Author(s): P. D. Lee; R. C. Atwood; P. Rockett; M. A. Konerding; J. R. Jones; C. A. Mitchell
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Interior tomography: theory, algorithms and applications
Author(s): Hengyong Yu; Yangbo Ye; Ge Wang
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The discrete Radon transform: a more efficient approach to image reconstruction?
Author(s): Andrew Kingston; Imants Svalbe; Jean-Pierre Guédon
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Investigation of helix-saddle trajectories for cone-beam CT
Author(s): Yang Lu; Jun Zhao; Erwei Bai; Ge Wang
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Determination of the exact reconstruction region in the cone-beam composite-circling mode
Author(s): Lena Ye; Hengyong Yu; Ge Wang
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Exact image reconstruction for triple-source cone-beam CT along saddle trajectories
Author(s): Yang Lu; Jun Zhao; Ge Wang
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Visualizing the root-PDL-bone interface using high-resolution micro-tomography
Author(s): Michel Dalstra; Paolo M. Cattaneo; Julia Herzen; Felix Beckmann
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Synchrotron radiation-based micro computed tomography in the assessment of dentin de- and re-mineralization
Author(s): Florian Kernen; Tuomas Waltimo; Hans Deyhle; Felix Beckmann; Wendelin Stark; Bert Müller
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Quality assessment of clinical computed tomography
Author(s): Dorothea Berndt; Marlen Luckow; J. Thomas Lambrecht; Felix Beckmann; Bert Müller
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MIRRORCLE light source demonstrating one micron resolution and clear density mapping
Author(s): H. Yamada; T. Hiraia; M. Morita; D. Hasegawa; M. Hanashima
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Novel sampling strategies for x-ray fluorescence computed tomography
Author(s): Patrick J. La Rivière; Phillip Vargas
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A compact MicroCT/MicroXRF scanner for non-destructive 3D chemical analysis
Author(s): Alexander Sasov; Xuan Liu; David Rushmer
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Region of interest reconstruction in x-ray fluorescence computed tomography
Author(s): Patrick J. La Rivière; Phillip Vargas; Dan Xia; Xiaochuan Pan
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Comparative study of desktop- and synchrotron radiation-based micro computed tomography analyzing cell-seeded scaffolds in tissue engineering of bone
Author(s): Adam Papadimitropoulos; Sebastian Friess; Felix Beckmann; Phil Salmon; Stefania Riboldi; Dietmar Hutmacher; Ivan Martin; Bert Müller
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Comparison between x-ray tube-based and synchrotron radiation-based μCT
Author(s): Oliver Brunke; Kathleen Brockdorf; Susanne Drews; Bert Müller; Tilman Donath; Julia Herzen; Felix Beckmann
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Hierarchical multimodal tomographic x-ray imaging at a superbend
Author(s): M. Stampanoni; F. Marone; G. Mikuljan; K. Jefimovs; P. Trtik; J. Vila-Comamala; C. David; R. Abela
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The high-resolution synchrotron-based imaging stations at the BAMline (BESSY) and TopoTomo (ANKA)
Author(s): Alexander Rack; Heinrich Riesemeier; Simon Zabler; Timm Weitkamp; Bernd R. Müller; Gerd Weidemann; Peter Modregger; John Banhart; Lukas Helfen; Andreas N. Danilewsky; Hans G. Gräber; Richard Heldele; Boaz Mayzel; Jürgen Goebbels; Tilo Baumbach
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The GKSS beamlines at PETRA III and DORIS III
Author(s): A. Haibel; F. Beckmann; T. Dose; J. Herzen; S. Utcke; T. Lippmann; N. Schell; A. Schreyer
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X-ray zoom-in tomography of calcified tissue
Author(s): Xianghui Xiao; Francesco De Carlo; Stuart R. Stock
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Sensitivity of x-ray phase tomography based on Talbot and Talbot-Lau interferometer
Author(s): Atsushi Momose; Wataru Yashiro; Yoshihiro Takeda; Norihide Maikusa
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X-ray phase-contrast local tomography image reconstruction on pi-lines
Author(s): Mark A. Anastasio; Daxin Shi; Xiaochuan Pan
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Noise properties of in-line x-ray imaging and tomography
Author(s): Cheng-Ying Chou; Mark A. Anastasio
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Quantitative investigation of phase retrieval from x-ray phase-contrast tomographic images
Author(s): H. O. Moser; K. Banas; A. Chen; T. Vo Nghia; L. K. Jian; S. M. P. Kalaiselvi; G. Liu; S. M. Maniam; P. D. Gu; S. W. Wilkins; T. E. Gureyev; S. C. Mayo; M. Cholewa; Z. J. Li
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Advances in the visualization of unstained brain tumors using grating-based x-ray phase-contrast tomography
Author(s): Franz Pfeiffer; Oliver Bunk; Christian David; Martin Bech; Geraldine Le Duc; Alberto Bravin; Peter Cloetens
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X-ray phase-contrast imaging with 2D grating interferometry
Author(s): Ming Jiang; Christopher Lee Wyatt; Ge Wang
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Phase-contrast imaging and tomography at 60 keV using a conventional x-ray tube
Author(s): T. Donath; F. Pfeiffer; O. Bunk; W. Groot; M. Bednarzik; C. Grünzweig; E. Hempel; S. Popescu; M. Hoheisel; C. David
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Development of ultrafast laser-based x-ray in-vivo phase-contrast micro-CT beamline for biomedical applications at Advanced Laser Light Source (ALLS)
Author(s): Russell Kincaid; Andrzej Krol; Sylvain Fourmaux; Jean-Claude Kieffer; Cristina Serbanescu; Marina Servol; Levon Vogelsang; Steve Wilkins; Andrew Stevenson; Yakov Nesterets; Edward Lipson; Hongwei Ye; Andrew Pogany
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Quantitative phase-contrast tomography using polychromatic radiation
Author(s): Glenn R. Myers; Timur E. Gureyev; David M. Paganin; Karen K. W. Siu; Sheridan C. Mayo; Stephen W. Wilkins
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Validity of a fully coherent field model for in-line x-ray phase imaging
Author(s): Adam M. Zysk; Miles N. Wernick; Mark A. Anastasio
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Compensation of mechanical inaccuracies in micro-CT and nano-CT
Author(s): Alexander Sasov; Xuan Liu; Phil L. Salmon
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High density resolution in synchrotron-radiation-based attenuation-contrast microtomography
Author(s): Felix Beckmann; Julia Herzen; Astrid Haibel; Bert Müller; Andreas Schreyer
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A modelling approach to beam hardening correction
Author(s): Graham Davis; Nitin Jain; James Elliott
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Metrology with µCT: precision challenge
Author(s): Alexander Suppes; Eberhard Neuser
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The interior of soil aggregates investigated by synchrotron-radiation-based microtomography
Author(s): Stephan Peth; Rainer Horn; Felix Beckmann; Tilman Donath; Alvin J. M. Smucker
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Three-dimensional analysis of MMC microstructure and deformation by µCT and FE simulations
Author(s): Horst-Artur Crostack; Jens Nellesen; Gottfried Fischer; Ulrich Weber; Siegfried Schmauder; Felix Beckmann
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Investigation of creep cavity coalescence in brass by in-situ synchrotron x-ray microtomography
Author(s): Augusta Isaac; Krzysztof Dzieciol; Federico Sket; Marco di Michiel; Thomas Buslaps; András Borbély; Anke R. Pyzalla
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In-situ x-ray diffraction profiling of cracks and metal-metal interfaces at the nanoscale
Author(s): Andrei Y. Nikulin; Aliaksandr V. Darahanau; Ruben A. Dilanian; Barry C. Muddle; Alexei Y. Souvorov; Osami Sakata
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Angiofil: a novel radio-contrast agent for post-mortem micro-angiography
Author(s): Silke Grabherr; Marco Dominietto; Lisa Yu; Valentin Djonov; Bert Müller; Sebastian Friess
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A system for high-resolution x-ray phase-contrast imaging and tomography of biological specimens
Author(s): Luca Poletto; Matteo Caldon; Giuseppe Tondello; Aram Megighian
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Adaptive acquisition geometry for micro-CT with large format detectors
Author(s): Alexander Sasov; Faisal Nadeem; Xuan Liu; Koen Verelst
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Optimization of pinhole cameras for emission tomographic systems
Author(s): Alexander Sasov
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Coherent x-ray scattering for discriminating bio-compatible materials in tissue scaffolds
Author(s): Congwu Cui; Steven M. Jorgensen; Diane R Eaker; Erik L. Ritman M.D.
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MicroCT and microMRI imaging of a prenatal mouse model of increased brain size
Author(s): Elisabeth K. N. López; Stuart R. Stock; Makoto M. Taketo; Anjen Chenn; Matthew J. Ravosa
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Micro-computer tomography and a renaissance of insect morphology
Author(s): Frank Friedrich; Rolf G. Beutel
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SRμCT study of crack propagation within laser-welded aluminum-alloy T-joints
Author(s): J. Herzen; F. Beckmann; S. Riekehr; F. S. Bayraktar; A. Haibel; P. Staron; T. Donath; S. Utcke; M. Kocak; A. Schreyer
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High density resolution synchrotron radiation based x-ray microtomography (SR μCT) for quantitative 3D-morphometrics in zoological sciences
Author(s): Michael Nickel; Jörg U. Hammel; Julia Herzen; Eric Bullinger; Felix Beckmann
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Internal structures of scaffold-free 3D cell cultures visualized by synchrotron radiation-based micro-computed tomography
Author(s): Belma Saldamli; Julia Herzen; Felix Beckmann; Jutta Tübel; Johannes Schauwecker; Rainer Burgkart; Philipp Jürgens; Hans-Florian Zeilhofer; Robert Sader; Bert Müller
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X-ray tomographic microscopy at TOMCAT
Author(s): F. Marone; C. Hintermüller; S. McDonald; R. Abela; G. Mikuljan; A. Isenegger; M. Stampanoni
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