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Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms, Architectures, and Implementations XVIII
Editor(s): Franklin T. Luk
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Volume Number: 7074
Date Published: 28 August 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7074
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Solving non-negative linear inverse problems with the NeAREst method
Author(s): Xiaobai Sun; Nikos P. Pitsianis
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GPU implementations for fast factorizations of STAP covariance matrices
Author(s): Michael Roeder; Nolan Davis; Jeremy Furtek; Dennis Braunreiter; Dennis Healy
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Accelerating nonuniform fast Fourier transform via reduction in memory access latency
Author(s): Nihshanka Debroy; Nikos P. Pitsianis; Xiaobai Sun
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Fast computation of local correlation coefficients
Author(s): Xiaobai Sun; Nikos P. Pitsianis; Paolo Bientinesi
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Object tracking in an omni-directional mosaic
Author(s): David Baran; Philip David
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3D object matching on the GPU using spin-image surface matching
Author(s): Nolan Davis; Dennis Braunreiter; Cezario Tebcherani; Masatoshi Tanida
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A sharpness metric implementation for image processing applications with feedback
Author(s): Eric P. Lam
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Superresolution imaging: a survey of current techniques
Author(s): G. Cristóbal; E. Gil; F. Šroubek; J. Flusser; C. Miravet; F. B. Rodríguez
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Pupil phase encoding for multi-aperture imaging
Author(s): V. P. Pauca; D. Chen; J. van der Gracht; R. J. Plemmons; S. Prasad; T. C. Torgersen
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Analytical approximations of translational subpixel shifts in signal and image registrations
Author(s): Qiang Zhang
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Simultaneous position and number of source estimates using Random Set Theory
Author(s): Andreas M. Ali; Ralph E. Hudson; Flavio Lorenzelli; Kung Yao
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Decision fusion in sensor networks for spectrum sensing based on likelihood ratio tests
Author(s): Wei-Ho Chung; Kung Yao
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Energy optimization for upstream data transfer in 802.15.4 beacon-enabled star formulation
Author(s): Hua Liu; Bhaskar Krishnamachari
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Design and implementation of complex multiply add and other similar operators
Author(s): Pouya Dormiani; Miloš D. Ercegovac
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Optimization of the final adder stage of fast multipliers
Author(s): Sean Laughlin; Sabrina Smith; Paul Zucknick; Earl E. Swartzlander Jr.
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Floating-point geometry: toward guaranteed geometric computations with approximate arithmetics
Author(s): Jean-Claude Bajard; Philippe Langlois; Dominique Michelucci; Géraldine Morin; Nathalie Revol
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A hardware error estimate for floating-point computations
Author(s): Tomás Lang; Javier D. Bruguera
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Construction of time-frequency distributions for fields
Author(s): Leon Cohen
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Using directed information for influence discovery in interconnected dynamical systems
Author(s): Arvind Rao; Alfred O. Hero; David J. States; James Douglas Engel
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Time-frequency analysis for the study of phase synchrony in the brain
Author(s): Selin Aviyente; Westley Evans
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Bandlimits and coherent modulation filtering of non-stationary signals
Author(s): Pascal Clark; Les Atlas
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Separating cognitive processes with principal components analysis of EEG time-frequency distributions
Author(s): Edward M. Bernat; Lindsay D. Nelson; Clay B. Holroyd; William J. Gehring; Christopher J. Patrick
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Large scale brain networks in epilepsy
Author(s): Hitten P. Zaveri; Steven M. Pincus; Irina I. Goncharova; Robert B. Duckrow; Susan S. Spencer M.D.
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Psychoacoustic speech feature optimization through adaptive generalized scale transforms
Author(s): Robert M. Nickel
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Estimating delay and Doppler from a super resolution delay function
Author(s): D. J. Nelson
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Applications of time-frequency analysis for aging aircraft component diagnostics and prognostics
Author(s): Kwangik Cho; David Coats; John Abrams; Nicholas Goodman; Yong-June Shin; Abdel E. Bayoumi
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Image analysis through high-order entropy measures extracted from time-frequency representations
Author(s): Salvador Gabarda; Gabriel Cristóbal
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A comparison of two methods for joint time-scale and TDOA estimation for geolocation of electromagnetic transmitters
Author(s): D. C. Smith; D. J. Nelson
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A spectral estimation method by non-equinterval smoothing of log periodogram
Author(s): Hisashi Yoshida; Isao Fujimoto; Sho Kikkawa
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