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Laser Beam Shaping IX
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Volume Number: 7062
Date Published: 28 August 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7062
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Smart spatio-temporal beam shaping with thin-film micro-optics
Author(s): Ruediger Grunwald; Martin Bock; Silke Huferath-von Luepke
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Micro-optic array applications in terawatt ultrafast laser amplifiers
Author(s): A. D. DiChiara; J. Waesche; S. Palaniyappan; N. Ekanayake; B. C. Walker
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Compression of ultrashort pulses by using refractive elements
Author(s): Cristtel Y. Ramírez-Corral; Martha Rosete-Aguilar; Jesús Garduño-Mejía; Roberto Ortega-Martínez
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Characterization of elliptic dark hollow beams
Author(s): Julio C. Gutiérrez-Vega
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Complex scalar fields using amplitude-only spatial light modulators
Author(s): C. López-Mariscal; J. C. Gutiérrez-Vega
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Accurate phase mapping of nondiffracting singular beams
Author(s): C. López-Mariscal; D. Burnham; D. Rudd; D. McGloin; J. C. Gutiérrez-Vega
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Beam shaping with vectorial vortex beams under low numerical aperture illumination condition
Author(s): Jianning Dai; Qiwen Zhan
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Laser beam shaper alignment and analysis techniques
Author(s): Todd E. Lizotte; Orest Ohar; Tracie Tuttle
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Beam profiling at focus: essential for beam shaping
Author(s): Lawrence I. Green
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Comparison between a super Gaussian and a "true" top hat
Author(s): Andrew Stockham; John G. Smith
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Diamond micro-milling for array mastering
Author(s): N. C. R. Holme; T. W. Berg; P. G. Dinesen
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UV beam shaper alignment sensitivity: grayscale versus binary designs
Author(s): Todd E. Lizotte
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Diffractive, aspheric, or spherical beam transformers: a comparison in manufacturability
Author(s): John G. Smith; Andrew Stockham
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Refractive statistical concave 1D diffusers for laser beam shaping
Author(s): Roland Bitterli; Myunsik Kim; Toralf Scharf; Hans-Peter Herzig; Andreas Bich; Christine Dumouchel; Sylvain Roth; Reinhard Völkel; K. J. Weible
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Stochastic tandem microlens arrays for beam homogenization
Author(s): Frank C. Wippermann; Daniela Radtke; Peter Dannberg; Uwe D. Zeitner; Andreas Bräuer
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Randomly varying micro-optical elements for the generation of uniform intensity profiles in coherent laser sources
Author(s): K. J. Weible; A. Bich; S. Roth; C. Dumouchel; P. Pernet; M. Eisner; R. Völkel; R. Bitterli; T. Scharf; W. Noell
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Simultaneous multiple uniform spot generation with micro optics
Author(s): J. Fruendt; M. Jarczynski; T. Mitra
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Free form micro-optics enables uniform off-axis illumination and superposition of high power laser devices
Author(s): Tanja Bizjak; Oliver Homburg; Andreas Bayer; Thomas Mitra; Lutz Aschke
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Laser beam interference and its applications in optical micromanipulation
Author(s): Tomáš Čižmár; Pavel Zemánek; Martin Šiler; Veneranda Garcés-Chávez; Kishan Dholakia; Věra Kollárová; Zdeněk Bouchal
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Continuous phase plate polishing using magnetorheological finishing
Author(s): M. Tricard; P. Dumas; J. Menapace
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Polarisation distribution for internal conical diffraction and the superposition of zero and first order Bessel beams
Author(s): D. O'Dwyer; C. Phelan; Y. Rakovich; T. Cizmar; K. Dholakia; J. F. Donegan; J. G. Lunney
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Beam shaping of line generators based on high power diode lasers to achieve high intensity and uniformity levels
Author(s): A. Bayer; J. Meinschien; T. Mitra; M. Brodner
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Erbium-doped tunable fiber laser
Author(s): A. Castillo-Guzmán; G. Anzueto-Sánchez; R. Selvas-Aguilar; J. Estudillo-Ayala; R. Rojas-Laguna; D. A. May-Arrioja; A. Martínez-Ríos
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Intracavity mode competition between classes of flat-top beams
Author(s): Igor Litvin; Philip W. Loveday; Craig S. Long; Nikolai S. Kazak; Vladimir Belyi; Andrew Forbes
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Push-pull electrostatic deformable mirrors
Author(s): S. Bonora; F. Frassetto; G. Naletto; L. Poletto
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Beam shaping system based on polymer spherical gradient refractive index lenses
Author(s): Ramzi N. Zahreddine; Richard S. Lepkowicz; Robert M. Bunch; Eric Baer; Anne Hiltner
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Fresnel ellipsoid approach for Gaussian beam focusing
Author(s): Gabrielle Thériault; Réal Tremblay; Nathalie McCarthy
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Focal shift effect in vector parabolic-Gauss beams
Author(s): Raul I. Hernandez-Aranda; Julio C. Gutiérrez-Vega
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Propagation of obstructed Bessel and Bessel-Gauss beams
Author(s): Igor A. Litvin; Melanie G. McLaren; Andrew Forbes
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Variable flattened Gaussian beam order selection by dynamic control of an intracavity diffractive mirror
Author(s): Andrew Forbes; Craig S. Long; Igor Litvin; Philip W. Loveday; Vladimir Belyi; Nikolai S. Kazak
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Laser beam propagation characteristics of incoherently added diode bars
Author(s): Andrew Forbes; Sandile Ngcobo; Daniel Esser; Dieter Preussler; Christoph Bollig
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Radiometry of flashing LED sources
Author(s): Don A. Gregory; Stephanie Medley; Adam Roberts
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