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Photonic Fiber and Crystal Devices: Advances in Materials and Innovations in Device Applications II
Editor(s): Shizhuo Yin; Ruyan Guo
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Volume Number: 7056
Date Published: 25 August 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7056
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Photodynamics of azobenzene film and its application to one-beam image recording
Author(s): Daisuke Barada; Kiyonobu Tamura; Takashi Fukuda; Akira Emoto; Masahide Itoh; Toyohiko Yatagai
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Sapphire fibers grown from the melt by the EFG technique: dependence of the impurity distribution on temperature and surface tension gradients
Author(s): Thomas F. George; Liliana Braescu
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Investigation of the electronic, linear, and second-order nonlinear optical properties for the wide bandgap chalcopyrite ternary nitrides
Author(s): L. C. Tang; Y. C. Chang; J. Y. Huang; C. S. Chang
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Laser-diode stratified reflection volume holograms with red-sensitive photopolymers
Author(s): Yukihiro Ishii; Toshihiro Kubota
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Optical properties of sapphire
Author(s): Radion Mogilevsky; Liudmila G. Sharafutdinova; Scott D. Mittl
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Ultra low cross talk in crossed strip waveguides with the assistance of a photonic crystal cavity
Author(s): Rami A. Wahsheh; Zhaolin Lu; Mustafa A. G. Abushagur; Stefan F. Preble
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Integration of opto-fluidic microring resonator lasers for lab-on-a-chip development
Author(s): Jonathan D. Suter; Yuze Sun; Daniel J. Howard; John A. Viator; Xudong Fan
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Single-beam phase conjugation for lasers phase locking and image formation
Author(s): Nickolai V. Kukhtarev; Tatiana Kukhtareva; Michael J. Curley; Gregory Stargell; Sergey S. Sarkisov
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Recent advance in fiber SERS sensors
Author(s): Claire Gu; Chao Shi; He Yan; Debraj Ghosh; Leo Seballos; Shaowei Chen; Jin Z. Zhang
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Ultra-high sensitivity frequency-comb-referenced multi-parametric sensors based on 1-D photonic components
Author(s): G. Gagliardi; P. Maddaloni; P. Malara; M. Salza; P. Ferraro; P. De Natale
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Optofluidic photonic crystals for biomolecular fluorescence enhancement: a bottom-up approach for fabricating GaN-based biosensors
Author(s): R. P. Tompkins; J. M. Dawson; L. A. Hornak; T. H. Myers
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Single-mode tunable 980 nm double-clad ytterbium-doped MMI-based fiber laser
Author(s): C. Calles-Arriaga; R. Selvas-Aguilar; A. Castillo-Guzman; D. A. May-Arrioja; G. Anzueto-Sanchez
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Optical investigation of elastic strain distributions on the surface of a fixed crystal plate under excitation
Author(s): S. V. Kulakov; V. V. Kludzin; V. V. Molotok; L. N . Preslenev
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Guided modes and light trapping in the negative-refractive-index slab waveguides
Author(s): Kyoung-Youm Kim; Il-min Lee; Junghyun Park; Minsu Kang; Byoungho Lee
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Novel all-fiber band pass filter and multimode-single-mode converter for interconnection between multimode fiber and single-mode fiber network
Author(s): Yong Zhu; Hao Mei; Xiaoqin Li; Tao Zhu
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Silver halide single-mode microstructured fibers for the middle infrared
Author(s): Lilya Lobachinsky; Arnon Millo; Abraham Katzir
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Optical spatial solitons, the power law, and the swing effect
Author(s): Sihon H. Crutcher; Albert J. Osei; Matthew E. Edwards
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Integrated optical comb filter for dispersion compensation with slanted grating lines
Author(s): René Günster; Udo Barabas
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Light-activated ultrafast magneto-optical modulator
Author(s): Chia-En Yang; Meng-Ku Chen; Jimmy Yao; Stuart S. Yin
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Dual-band wavelength demultiplexer consisting of SOI based photonic crystals: design and analysis
Author(s): Swati Rawal; R. K. Sinha
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Polarization rotation enhancement and gyrotropic photonic bandgaps in birefringent magneto-photonic crystals
Author(s): Amir A Jalali; Miguel Levy; Ziyou Zhou; Neluka Dissanayake
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Middle-IR supercontinuum generations and applications
Author(s): Jae Hun Kim; Meng-Ku Chen; Chia-En Yang; Jon Lee; Stuart S. Yin; Karl Reichard; Paul Ruffin; Eugene Edwards; Christina Brantley; Claire Luo
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Simultaneously sensing multiple gases using a single length of hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber with sub-minute response times
Author(s): R. M. Wynne; K. Creedon; B. Barabadi; S. Vedururu; J. Merritt; A. Ortega
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Modeling standard techniques to improve core/multishell nanowire light emitting diodes efficiencies
Author(s): Clarisse Mazuir; Winston V. Schoenfeld
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Ultraviolet-infrared laser-induced domain inversion in MgO-doped congruent LiNbO3 and near stoichiometric LiTaO3 crystals
Author(s): Ya'nan Zhi; Weijuan Qu; De'an Liu; Jianfeng Sun; Aimin Yan; Liren Liu
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Polarization and drift analysis of thermally symmetric double sided crossover free SM fiber coils
Author(s): Jeff Williams; Paul Ruffin; Arthur Lompado; John Reinhardt; Chris Heaton
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Ultrafast pulse characterization using XPM in silicon
Author(s): Nuh S. Yuksek; Xinzhu Sang; En-Kuang Tien; Qi Song; Feng Qian; Ivan V. Tomov; Ozdal Boyraz
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Development of a Mach-Zehnder interferometer based on a twin-core fiber and analysis of its thermal stability
Author(s): Luis Fernández; Pedro Torres; Jesús Causado; Rafael Betancur
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Modified sol-gel method for patterned lithium niobate thin film preparation
Author(s): Armen R. Poghosyan; Ruyan Guo; Stepan G. Grigoryan; Aleksandr L. Manukyan; Eduard S. Vardanyan
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Piezoelectric resonance enhanced electrooptic transmission in PZN-8PT single crystal
Author(s): Ruyan Guo; Hongbo Liu; Gabriel Reyes; William Jamieson; Amar Bhalla
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Investigation of the double threshold effect of ultraviolet-laser-induced preferential domain nucleation in near stoichiometric LiTaO3
Author(s): Ya'nan Zhi; De'an Liu; Aimin Yan; Jianfeng Sun; Yu Zhou; Zhu Luan; Yin Hang; Liren Liu
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Recent advances on multiple channel unequally spaced optical phased array for ultrafast LADAR
Author(s): Stuart S. Yin; Jae Hun Kim; Jimmy Yao; Paul Ruffin; Eugene Edwards; Christina Brantley; Claire Luo
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THz generation in multiple air plasmas
Author(s): Meng-Ku Chen; Jae Hun Kim; Chia-En Yang; Stuart S. Yin; Zhiwen Liu; R. Hui
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Floating zone growth of Ni-doped MgGa2O4 single crystal for near-infrared tunable laser
Author(s): Takenobu Suzuki; Yusuke Arai; Yasutake Ohishi
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Structural study of superprism phenomena in photonic crystals
Author(s): R. K. Sinha; Anshu D. Varshney
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Maximized diffraction efficiency for integrated volume grating instruments
Author(s): Zhifang Chai; De'an Liu; Liren Liu; Ya'nan Zhi
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Simulation of multimode interference couplers with deep rib structure and tunable power splitting ratio
Author(s): ChaoJun Yan; Xiang Liu; Binghua Jiang; Junli Wan
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Silica-based diffractive/refractive hybrid microlenses fabricated by multiphoton lithography
Author(s): H. Nishiyama; M. Mizoshiri; J. Nishii; Y. Hirata
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Influence of the temperature distribution in KDP crystal on the second-harmonic generation
Author(s): Wei Li; Guoying Feng; Qiuhui Zhang; Tianxiang Zhang; Hai Liao
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Broad tuning range filtering system with Optune interferometers
Author(s): Nicolae Miron
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Chromatic dispersions in highly nonlinear glass nanofibers
Author(s): Chitrarekha Chaudhari; Takenobu Suzuki; Yasutake Ohishi
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Adaptive phase-shifting digital holography compensating positional inaccuracy and tilting of optics
Author(s): Joonku Hahn; Hwi Kim; Eun-Hee Kim; Junghyun Park; Byoungho Lee
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Generation of self-focused electron beam by pyroelectric/photogalvanic crystal accelerators
Author(s): N. V. Kukhtarev; T. V. Kukhtareva; G. Stargell; V. Samoilov; V. Razbudey
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A 3D shape sensing system using multiple fringe projections from different partial views to form an entire shape
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Chun-Chieh Wang; Chung-Fan Tu
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Speckles removal from interference patterns illuminated by coherent light using empirical mode decomposition
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Chao-Kuei Lee; Cheng-Wei Lee
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Projected fringe profilometry using a holographic technique: a compact design for endoscopes
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su; Chi-Hung Shao
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Development of heat-assisted high speed MOSLM in broadband wavelength
Author(s): J. Heo; T. Miyazawa; J. Y. Kim; M. Inoue
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First order Bragg grating filters in silicon on insulator waveguides
Author(s): Peter Michael Waugh
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The investigation of angular separation for holographic angle multiplexing
Author(s): Tzu-Wei Lin; Jung-Ping Liu; Hon-Fai Yau; Jing-Heng Chen
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Preparations for the low-cost silica substrate of CIGS solar cell
Author(s): Ming-Seng Hsu; Chung Chih Chang; Hsiang Hshi Cheng; Yueh Ouyang; Shinn Der Sheu
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Laser modelocking and dual wavelength lasing in silicon
Author(s): En-Kuang Tien; Xinzhu Sang; Ozdal Boyraz
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Projected fringe profilometry using the area-encoded algorithm for dynamic and complex objects
Author(s): Wei-Hung Su
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Decoupled temperature and strain measurements using fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Eric J. Ruggiero; Hua Xia; Binayak Roy; Yu Zhao
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Photonic crystal based polarization beam splitter utilizing the phenomenon of negative refraction
Author(s): Monika Rajput; R. K. Sinha
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Microfluidic configuration used to measure the refractive index of liquids
Author(s): Sergio Calixto; Martha Rosete-Aguilar; David Monzón-Hernández; Vladimir P.sss Minkovich
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Broadband white light laser combiner system
Author(s): Daniel Ryan; Alireza Azizi; Xin An; Hong Tang; Richard Demers
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