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Infrared Systems and Photoelectronic Technology III
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Volume Number: 7055
Date Published: 26 August 2008

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InAs quantum-dot intersubband optical amplifier
Author(s): Xuejun Lu
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Adaptive MWIR spectral imaging sensor
Author(s): F. D. Shepherd; J. M. Mooney; T. E. Reeves; P. Dumont; M. M. Weeks; S. DiSalvo
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Dualband infrared imaging spectrometer: observations of the moon
Author(s): Paul D. LeVan; Brian P. Beecken; Cory Lindh
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Design of multilayered grating couplers as key elements of a fully integrated IR-absorption sensor
Author(s): Juergen Kasberger; Bernhard Jakoby
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Barium strontium titanate (BST) pyroelectric detector for bolometric solar imaging
Author(s): M. Noble; P. Bernasconi; A. Francomacaro; H. Eaton; B. Carkhuff; P. Foukal
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Correlation between band structure and magneto-transport properties in a far-infrared detector superlattice
Author(s): A. El Abidi; A. Nafidi; H. Chaib; A. El kaaouachi; A. Toumanari; M. Braigue; I. Zorkani; J. Hemine; M. Zazoui
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Improved spectral response model for backside illuminated photovoltaic devices
Author(s): Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya; M. G. Stapelbroek; A. I. D'Souza
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Application of power stabilized laser to the uncooled infrared imaging system
Author(s): Ming Liu; Yuejin Zhao; Xiaohua Liu; Liquan Dong; Fei Teng
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Gain, spatial and temporal noise, pattern, and non-linearity in QWIP focal plane array
Author(s): Sir Don Rafol
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Two-band IR sensing technology with improved temperature and spatial resolution: visualizing light and heat in LEDs
Author(s): Volodymyr Malyutenko; Oleg Malyutenko
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Ultra-fast bandgap photonics: sensing and counter-sensing capabilities
Author(s): Michael K. Rafailov
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Near-infrared enhanced position-sensitive avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Richard A. Myers; Richard Farrell; Frank Robertson; James E. Carey; Eric Mazur
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Frontside-illuminated quantum well photodetector for FIR range
Author(s): Mikhail Patrashin; Iwao Hosako
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Potential application of micro-bolometer coupled antenna-pairs in beam synthesis
Author(s): Weidong Yang; Michael C. Roggemann; Christopher Middlebrook; Nikola Subotic; William Buller; Kyle Cooper
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Development of blood vessel searching system for HMS
Author(s): Hirofumi Kandani; Toshiyuki Uenoya; Yasutomo Uetsuji; Eiji Nakamachi
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Smart distance measurement line sensor with background light suppression and on-chip phase generation
Author(s): G. Zach; A. Nemecek; H. Zimmermann
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High-performance SiC avalanche photodiode for single ultraviolet photon detection
Author(s): Xiaogang Bai; Han-din Liu; Dion McIntosh; Joe C. Campbell
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Performance based CID imaging: past, present, and future
Author(s): S. Bhaskaran; T. Chapman; M. Pilon; S. VanGorden
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CMOS Geiger photodiode array with integrated signal processing for imaging of 2D objects using quantum dots
Author(s): Christopher J. Stapels; William G. Lawrence; Rajan S. Gurjar; Erik B. Johnson; James F. Christian
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Microbolometer sensor model for performance predictions and real-time image generation of infrared scenes and targets
Author(s): Robert A. Richwine; Yash R. Puri; Ashok K. Sood; Raymond S. Balcerak; Stuart Horn; Glenn Baker; Michael Wilson
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Growth and characterization of short-period InAs/GaSb superlattice photoconductors
Author(s): Jie Guo; Weigo Sun; Yingqiang Xu; Zhiqiang Zhou; Zhichuan Niu
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The development and application of single-photon detectors
Author(s): Xuejiao Zhang; Junli Wan; Chaojun Yan; Fangmin Dong
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Thermo-drift analysis and bias compensation of the gain of APD
Author(s): Yanqin Li; Junli Wan; Binghua Jiang; Bin Wang; Liquan Dong
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A sparse signal representation-based image denoising algorithm for uncooled MEMS IRFPA
Author(s): Liquan Dong; Xiaohua Liu; Yuejin Zhao; Ming Liu; Mei Hui; Xiaoxiao Zhou
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Suppressing premature edge breakdown for InP/InGaAs avalanche photodiodes by modeling analyses
Author(s): Y. G. Xiao; Z. Q. Li; Z. M. Simon Li
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Reducing intricacy of 3D space for 3D shape reconstruction
Author(s): Mannan Saeed Muhammad; Tae-Sun Choi
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