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Organic Field-Effect Transistors VII and Organic Semiconductors in Sensors and Bioelectronics
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Volume Number: 7054
Date Published: 25 August 2008

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Materials for organic electronics: conductors and semiconductors designed for wet processing
Author(s): Stephan Kirchmeyer; Timo Meyer-Friedrichsen; Andreas Elschner; Detlef Gaiser; Wilfried Lövenich; Friedrich Jonas; Sergei A. Ponomarenko; Jin Jang
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Soluble pentacene precursors: strategic design, synthesis, and characterization
Author(s): Tahsin J. Chow; Ta-Hsien Chuang; Hsin-Hui Huang; Chung-Chih Wu; Hsing-Hung Hsieh; Pi-Tai Chou
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Performance of an n-type organic field-effect transistor prepared with fluorinated copper phthalocyanine (F16CuPc) as an organic semiconductor and polycarbonate as a gate insulating material
Author(s): Shizuyasu Ochiai; Kunjithapatham Sethuraman; Kenzo Kojima; Teruyoshi Mizutani
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Band bending and Debye screening in F16CuPc/BP2T ambipolar organic thin film transistor
Author(s): H. Ding; Y. Gao; H. Wang; D. Yan
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Pentacene-based organic superlattice transistors using organic heterostructure
Author(s): Yuuki Tidiishi; Shigeki Naka; Hiroyuki Okada
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All printed thin film transistors for flexible electronics
Author(s): Ana Claudia Arias; Jurgen Daniel; Sanjiv Sambandan; Tse Nga Ng; Beverly Russo; Brent Krusor; Robert A. Street
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A 5" active-matrix electrophoretic panel driven by organic TFTs
Author(s): Tarng-Shiang Hu; Yi-Kai Wang; Chi-Jen Kao; Yu-Rung Peng; Tsung-Hua Yang; Jack Hou
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One-step fabrication of high-performance organic field-effect transistors from semiconductor/dielectric blends
Author(s): Longzhen Qiu; Wi Hyoung Lee; Jung Ah Lim; Kilwon Cho
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Application of redox doping in OTFTs
Author(s): Tobias W. Canzler; Ulrich Denker; Omrane Fadhel; Qiang Huang; Carsten Rothe; Ansgar Werner
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Stability improvement of organic TFTs by selective interface treatment for display applications
Author(s): K. Nomoto; R. Yasuda; N. Hirai; I. Yagi; N. Yoneya; M. Noda; A. Yumoto; J. Kasahara
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Organic electronics integration technology and logic circuits
Author(s): L. Occhipinti; M. La Rosa; G. Rizzotto
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Polymer inverters design flow and process fabricated on plastic substrate
Author(s): Hung-Chun Chen; Wen-Gain Houng; Ming-Jiue Yu; Chi-Jen Kao; Chen-Pang Kung; Yung-Hui Yeh
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TOF and TFT mobilities in polycrystalline thin films of liquid crystalline material
Author(s): Hiroaki Iino; Jun-ichi Hanna
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N-channel fluorinated copper phthalocyanine thin-film transistors utilizing oxygen-plasma-treatment ITO source and drain electrodes
Author(s): Yu-Wu Wang; Chen-Hsiang Yen; Wei-Yang Chou; Shyh-Jiun Liu; Horng-Long Cheng
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Composites of carbon nanotubes and non-polymeric materials for diagnosing lung cancer via breath samples
Author(s): Gang Peng; Elena Trock; Hossam Haick
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A planar integrated photometer/refractometer using an organic light emitting diode light source and an organic photovoltaic detector
Author(s): Alex Veneman; Brian Zacher; Dan Huebner; Adam Simmonds; Neal R. Armstrong
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OLED-polypropylene bio-CD sensor
Author(s): Srikanth Vengasandra; Yuankun Cai; David Grewell; Joseph Shinar; Ruth Shinar
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In plane optical sensor based on organic electronic devices
Author(s): Marc Koetse; Peter Rensing; Gert van Heck; Ruben Sharpe; Bart Allard; Fokko Wieringa; Peter Kruijt; Nicole Meulendijks; Henk Jansen; Herman Schoo
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Characterization of flexible image sensor arrays with bulk heterojunction organic photodiodes
Author(s): Tse Nga Ng; William S. Wong; Rene A. Lujan; Beverly Russo; Michael L. Chabinyc; Sanjiv Sambandan; Robert A Street
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