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Photonics for Solar Energy Systems II
Editor(s): Andreas Gombert
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Volume Number: 7002
Date Published: 6 June 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 7002
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Mimicking the antenna system of green plants
Author(s): Gion Calzaferri; Huanrong Li
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PV conversion of energetic photons of the solar spectrum
Author(s): Z. T. Kuznicki; P. Meyrueis; G. Sarrabayrouse; M. Prorok; T. Zdanowicz; M. Godlewski; S. Yatsunenko; L. Bryja; J. Misiewicz
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Enhanced up-converted fluorescence in fluorozirconate based glass ceramics for high efficiency solar cells
Author(s): Bernd Ahrens; Bastian Henke; Paul T. Miclea; Jacqueline A. Johnson; Stefan Schweizer
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Photonic crystal assisted ultra-thin silicon photovoltaic solar cell
Author(s): Christian Seassal; Yeonsang Park; Alain Fave; Emmanuel Drouard; Erwann Fourmond; Anne Kaminski; Mustapha Lemiti; Xavier Letartre; Pierre Viktorovitch
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Three-dimensional photonic crystals as intermediate filter for thin-film tandem solar cells
Author(s): Andreas Bielawny; Paul T. Miclea; Ralf B. Wehrspohn; Seung-Mo Lee; Mato Knez; Carsten Rockstuhl; Marian Lisca; Falk L. Lederer; Reinhard Carius
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The luminescent solar concentrator: a parameter study toward maximum efficiency
Author(s): L. H. Slooff; A. R. Burgers; E. Bende
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Directional selectivity and light-trapping in solar cells
Author(s): Carolin Ulbrich; Stephan Fahr; Marius Peters; Johannes Üpping; Thomas Kirchartz; Carsten Rockstuhl; Jan Christoph Goldschmidt; Philipp Löper; Ralf Wehrspohn; Andreas Gombert; Falk Lederer; Uwe Rau
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Optimization of Rugate filters for ultra light-trapping in solar cells
Author(s): Stephan Fahr; Carolin Ulbrich; Thomas Kirchartz; Uwe Rau; Carsten Rockstuhl; Falk Lederer
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Nanoimprint lithography of light trapping patterns in sol-gel coatings for thin film silicon solar cells
Author(s): Maurits C. R. Heijna; Jochen Löffler; Bas B. Van Aken; Wim J. Soppe; Herman Borg; Patrick P. G. J. M. Peeters
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The optical near-field of randomly textured light trapping structures for thin-film solar cells
Author(s): T. Beckers; K. Bittkau; C. Rockstuhl; S. Fahr; F. Lederer; R. Carius
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Recent progress in organic solar cells based on small molecules
Author(s): Moritz K. Riede; Rico Schueppel; Kerstin Schulze; David Wynands; Ronny Timmreck; Christian Uhrich; Annette Petrich; Martin Pfeiffer; Eduard Brier; Egon Reinold; Peter Baeuerle; Karl Leo
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Impact of light on organic solar cells: evolution of the chemical structure, morphology, and photophysical properties of the active layer
Author(s): Agnès Rivaton; Sylvain Chambon; Matthieu Manceau; Jean-Luc Gardette; Muriel Firon; Noëlla Lemaître; Stéphane Guillerez; Stéphane Cros
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Ambipolar organic semiconductor blends for photovoltaic cells
Author(s): Andreas Opitz; Markus Bronner; Julia Wagner; Marcel Götzenbrugger; Wolfgang Brütting
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Hybrid photovoltaic junctions: metal/molecular organic insulator/semiconductor MOIS solar cells
Author(s): Rotem Har-Lavan; Izhar Ron; Florent Thieblemont; David Cahen
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Photonic crystals for enhancing the absorption of organic photovoltaic materials
Author(s): D. Duché; L. Escoubas; J. J. Simon; Ph. Torchio; F. Flory; J.-L. Roumiguières; A. Labeyrie; M. Eyraud
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Evaluation of bulk β-FeSi2 crystal as a solar cell semiconductor through the photo-response measurements of Al/n-β-FeSi2 Schottky diodes
Author(s): Yasuhiro Fukuzawa; Teruhisa Ootsuka; Yasuhiko Nakayama; Yunosuke Makita
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Multistage PV conversion using nanostructured multi-interface Si components: experimental evidence
Author(s): Zbigniew T. Kuznicki
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Optically active Si surfaces
Author(s): Zbigniew T. Kuznicki; Jean-Yves Bigot
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Low-energy generation in nanostructured Si
Author(s): Zbigniew T. Kuznicki; Patrick Meyrueis
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A simple but accurate multiband solar cells model
Author(s): Marius Paulescu; Eugenia Tulcan-Paulescu; Adrian Neculae; Paul Gravila
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Geometry effects on photon collection in photovoltaic fluorescent collectors
Author(s): Liv Prönneke; Uwe Rau
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Design of photonic structures for the enhancement of the light guiding efficiency of fluorescent concentrators
Author(s): M. Peters; J. C. Goldschmidt; P. Löper; L. Prönneke; B. Bläsi; A. Gombert
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3D photonic crystals for ultra-light trapping in solar cells
Author(s): J. Üpping; A. Bielawny; P. T. Miclea; R. B. Wehrspohn
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Using self-assembled nanoparticles to fabricate and optimize sub-wavelength textured structures in solar cells
Author(s): D. H. Wan; H. L. Chen; C. C. Yu; Y. C. Lee
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Modeling and numerical simulation of the transport processes inside DSSC using a monodomain approach
Author(s): Adrian Neculae; Marius Paulescu; Dan Curticapean
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Transparent electrode materials for solar cells
Author(s): Jan Meiss; Christian L. Uhrich; Karsten Fehse; Steffen Pfuetzner; Moritz K. Riede; Karl Leo
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