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Nanophotonics II
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Volume Number: 6988
Date Published: 28 May 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6988
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Excitation and focusing of surface plasmon polaritons by nanostructuring
Author(s): Andrey L. Stepanov; Andrey B. Evlyukhin; Roman Kiyan; Sven Passinger; Andreas Seidel; Boris N. Chichkov
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Spectroscopic TPL imaging of gold nano-antennas
Author(s): Petru Ghenuche; Sudhir Cherukulappurath; Tim Taminiau; Niek van Hulst; Romain Quidant
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SERS observed in periodic metallo-dielectric nanostructures fabricated using coated colloidal crystals
Author(s): Manuel R. Gonçalves; André Siegel; Othmar Marti
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Simulations of thermo-optic long-range surface plasmon polariton optical circuits
Author(s): P. G. Hermannsson; K. Leosson
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Light emission from a point-dipole source embedded in a metal-capped chiral sculptured thin film
Author(s): Tom G. Mackay; Akhlesh Lakhtakia
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Optical characterization of periodically poled KTP
Author(s): W. H. Peeters; M. P. van Exter
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Pulsed operation of a lithium niobate whispering gallery resonator
Author(s): Zeno Gaburro
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Active components in photonic integrated circuits using electron spins in quantum dots
Author(s): Amy V. Thompson; Hubert Seigneur; Michael N. Leuenberger; Winston V. Schoenfeld
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Electromagnetic eigenwaves in metastructures: perturbation theory method
Author(s): Eugene Ya. Glushko; Alexander E. Glushko; Vladimir N. Evteev; Alexander N. Stepanyuk
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Gap-dependent chiral coupling in T-shaped gold nanodimers
Author(s): Martti Kauranen; Hannu Husu; Brian K. Canfield; Janne Laukkanen; Benfeng Bai; Markku Kuittinen; Jari P. Turunen
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Optically induced multi-particle structures: multi-dimensional energy landscapes
Author(s): Luciana C. Dávila Romero; Justo Rodríguez; David L. Andrews
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STM induced second harmonic generation: towards near-field nonlinear optical microscopy
Author(s): I. Berline; C. Royal; L. Douillard; F. Charra; C. Fiorini-Debuisschert
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The optical control of electronic energy transfer through single and dual auxiliary beams
Author(s): David S. Bradshaw; David L. Andrews
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Measuring near-field optical distributions emitted from chip surface of photonic crystal patterned light emitting diodes
Author(s): Kyoung-Duck Park; Won-Soo Ji; Dae-Seo Park; Dae-Chan Kim; Beom-Hoan O; Se-Geun Park; El-Hang Lee; Seung Gol Lee
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Efficiency of local surface plasmon polariton excitation on ridges
Author(s): Ilya P. Radko; Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi; Alexandra Boltasseva; Giovanni Brucoli; Luis Martín-Moreno; Francisco J. García-Vidal
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Numerical optimization of gold-dielectric nanoparticle heterostructures for surface plasmon resonance engineering
Author(s): Kyongsik Choi; Peter Zijlstra; James W. M. Chon; Min Gu
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Excitation and characterization of dielectric-loaded surface plasmon-polariton waveguides at telecommunication wavelengths
Author(s): Tobias Holmgaard; Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi; Laurent Markey; Alain Dereux; Alexey V. Krasavin; Anatoly V. Zayats
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Dielectric surface plasmon Bragg mirrors: theory, design, and properties
Author(s): Sukanya Randhawa; María Ujué González; Jan Renger; Jean-Claude Weeber; Romain Quidant
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Integration of plasmonic optical traps in microfluidics
Author(s): Lina Huang; Olivier J. F. Martin
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Nanophotonics technology watch at the European Patent Office
Author(s): Y. Verbandt; C. Kallinger; M. Scheu; W. Förster
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Nanophotonics with sub-wavelength holes and nanoparticles
Author(s): Norbert Jahr; Andrea Csaki; Andrea Steinbrück; Siegmund Schröter; Wolfgang Fritzsche
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Localised modes of sub-wavelength hole arrays in thin metal films
Author(s): J. Parsons; E. Hendry; B. Auguié; W. L. Barnes; J. R. Sambles
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Photonic crystal nanolasers with controlled spontaneous emission
Author(s): R. Braive; A. Beveratos; I. Sagnes; G. Lecamp; S. Guilet; L. Le Gratiet; A. Lemaître; A. Miard; G. Patriarche; C. Sauvan; P. Lalanne; I. Robert-Philip
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Spectral properties and nonlinear dynamics of a spontaneous photon emitted by two level atom trapped in damped nanocavity with a single resonance mode
Author(s): Vladislav Cheltsov
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Plasmon resonances and optical near-field enhancement in coupled nanosystems
Author(s): Lyudmyla N. Illyashenko-Raguin
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Spatially resolved enhancement of fluorescence and Raman scattering by Ag nanoparticle arrays
Author(s): Nic Cade; Tom Ritman-Meer; David Richards
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Luminescent oxide nanoparticles with enhanced optical properties
Author(s): Genevieve Mialon; Melanie Moreau; Didier Casanova; Thanh-Liem Nguyen; Silvan Turkcan; Antigoni Alexandrou; Thierry Gacoin; Jean-Pierre Boilot
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Pyroelectric effect inducing trapping of particles on periodically poled lithium niobate crystals
Author(s): P. Ferraro; S. Grilli
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Calculations of the optical response of metallodielectric nanostructures of nonspherical particles by a layer-multiple-scattering method
Author(s): N. Papanikolaou; G. Gantzounis; N. Stefanou
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Patterned multiwall carbon nanotube electrode arrays for liquid crystal photonic devices
Author(s): T. D. Wilkinson; X. Wang; K. Teo; W. I. Milne
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Optical limiting properties of single-walled carbon nanotube dispersions in amide solvents
Author(s): Jun Wang; Werner J. Blau
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Optical nonlinear switches based on nanocrystalline silicon: Part II
Author(s): D. Milovzorov
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Nanostructures based on organic semiconductors and thin films of CdSe and CdSe/ZnS nanoparticles: new materials for optoelectronics
Author(s): A. A. Chistyakov; S. V. Daineko; A. O. Helmut; V. A. Oleinikov; M. G. Tedoradze; K. V. Zaharchenko
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Scattering of light by a sub-monolayer of randomly packed dielectric microspheres giving color effects in transmission
Author(s): Mickaël Guillaumée; Martha Liley; Raphaël Pugin; Ross P. Stanley
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Photonic devices based on patterning by two photon induced polymerization techniques
Author(s): I. Fortunati; T. Dainese; R. Signorini; R. Bozio; V. Tagliazucca; S. Dirè; G. Lemercier; J.-C. Mulatier; C. Andraud; P. Schiavuta; A. Rinaldi; S. Licoccia; J. Bottazzo; A. Franco Perez; M. Guglielmi; G. Brusatin
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Large nonlinear refraction in gold island films under nano- and femto-second laser pulse excitation
Author(s): A. Borshch; M. Brodyn; R. Fedorovich; V. Liakhovetskyi; P. Tomchuk; V. Volkov; L. Makarovsky; Yu. Nikitaev; F. Gostev
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Possibility of amplification of surface plasmon-polaritons by DC in the system with 2D photonic crystal
Author(s): V. Lozovski; A. Tsykhonya; A. Rudavskyi
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Theoretical analysis of surface-plasmon-polariton resonators in free space and close to an interface
Author(s): Jesper Jung; Thomas Søndergaard
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Influence of different insulating polymers on the performance of ZnO nanorod based LEDs
Author(s): S. L. Zhang; A. B. Djurišić; Y. F. Hsu; A. M. C. Ng; M. H. Xie
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Optical and electrical properties of the copper-carbon nanocomposites
Author(s): T. Ghodselahi; M. A. Vesaghi; A. Shafiekhani; M. Ahmadi
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Periodic structures modified with silver nanoparticles for novel plasmonic application
Author(s): Asta Šileikaitčė; Tomas Tamulevičius; Sigitas Tamulevičius; Mindaugas Andrulevičius; Judita Puišo; Asta Guobienčė; Igoris Prosyčevas; Morten Madsen; Christian Maibohm; Horst-Günter Rubahn
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Application of vertical-cavity laser-based optical tweezers for particle manipulation in microfluidic channels
Author(s): Andrea Kroner; Carolin Schneck; Fernando Rinaldi; Rudolf Rösch; Rainer Michalzik
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Fabrication and luminescent properties of ITO nanocrystalline coated micro Eu:Y2O3 particles
Author(s): P. Psuja; D. Hreniak; W. Strek
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Investigation of the patterning efficiency in a new azo-dye copolymer under UV irradiation toward photonic applications
Author(s): Licinio Rocha; Céline Fiorini; Katarzyna Matczyszyn; Paul Raimond; Jean-Michel Nunzi
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