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Extremely Large Telescopes: Which Wavelengths? Retirement Symposium for Arne Ardeberg
Editor(s): Torben E. Andersen
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Volume Number: 6986
Date Published: 6 May 2008

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6986
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Thirty-Meter Telescope: progress and approaches
Author(s): Jerry Nelson
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The Giant Magellan Telescope (GMT)
Author(s): Matt Johns
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The European ELT: status, science, size
Author(s): Roberto Gilmozzi
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The European Extremely Large Telescope: the Arne way
Author(s): J. Spyromilio
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The ELT situation in China
Author(s): Zhong Liu; Xiangqun Cui
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European Extremely Large Telescope: some history, and the scientific community's preferences for wavelength
Author(s): Gerard Gilmore
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ELTs, adaptive optics, and wavelengths
Author(s): Arne Ardeberg; Peter Linde
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Toward a diffraction-limited square-kilometer optical telescope: digital revival of intensity interferometry
Author(s): Dainis Dravins; Stephan LeBohec
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High time resolution astrophysics and ELTs: Which wavelength?
Author(s): Andy Shearer; John Cunniffe; Bruno Voisin; Vitaly Neustroev; Michael Browne; Torben Andersen; Anita Enmark; Peter Linde
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Exoplanets: Which wavelengths?
Author(s): J. Schneider
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ELTS, interferometers, and hypertelescopes at different wavelengths
Author(s): Antoine Labeyrie
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Astrobiology at different wavelengths
Author(s): C. V. M. Fridlund
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Site testing for visible astronomy
Author(s): Jean Vernin
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Artificial optical guidestars: prospects for extremely large telescopes
Author(s): R. Q. Fugate
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Laser guide stars for daytime thermal IR observations
Author(s): Jacques M. Beckers
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Atmospheric dispersion compensation for ELTs
Author(s): E. Atad-Ettedgui; A. S. Goncharov
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Polychromatic AO: wavefront sensing and observing at different wavelengths
Author(s): Mette Owner-Petersen
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Modeling ELTs at different wavelengths
Author(s): Anita Enmark; Torben Andersen
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ELT instrumentation for seeing-limited and AO-corrected observations: a comparison
Author(s): Colin Cunningham; Chris Evans; Guy Monnet; Miska Le Louarn
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Perspective in adaptive optics for ELT
Author(s): Roberto Ragazzoni
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Science cases, wavelength ranges, and strategies for ELTs: some remarks and conclusions
Author(s): Bengt Gustafsson
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