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Defense and Security 2008: Special Sessions on Food Safety, Visual Analytics, Resource Restricted Embedded and Sensor Networks, and 3D Imaging and Display
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Volume Number: 6983
Date Published: 22 May 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6983
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Modified pressure system for imaging egg cracks
Author(s): Kurt C. Lawrence; Seung Chul Yoon; Deana R. Jones; Gerald W. Heitschmidt; Bosoon Park; William R Windham
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Imaging skeletal muscle with linearly polarized light
Author(s): X. Li; J. Ranasinghesagara; G. Yao
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Detecting citrus canker by hyperspectral reflectance imaging and PCA-based image classification method
Author(s): Jianwei Qin; Thomas F. Burks; Moon S. Kim; Kuanglin Chao; Mark A. Ritenour
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Portable hyperspectral fluorescence imaging system for detection of biofilms on stainless steel surfaces
Author(s): Won Jun; Kangjin Lee; Patricia Millner; Manan Sharma; Kuanglin Chao; Moon S. Kim
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Applications of immunomagnetic capture and time-resolved fluorescence detection for Salmonella enteriditis in liquid eggs
Author(s): Shu-I Tu; Andrew Gehring; George Paoli
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Rapid screening and species identification of E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella by SERS technique
Author(s): Yongliang Liu; Kuanglin Chao; Moon S. Kim; Xiangwu Nou
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A human-centric approach in geospatial data fusion for real-time remotely controlled robotic platforms
Author(s): Eugene Levin; Gennady Gienko; Alex Sergeyev
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Visual analysis for live LIDAR battlefield change detection
Author(s): Thomas Butkiewicz; Remco Chang; Zachary Wartell; William Ribarsky
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Using a human cognition model in the creation of collaborative knowledge visualizations
Author(s): Tera Marie Green; William Ribarsky
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Computation and visualization concept for reconnaissance requirement
Author(s): S. Eckel; J. Geisler
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Visualizing uncertainty for geographical information in the global terrorism database
Author(s): Josh Jones; Remco Chang; Thomas Butkiewicz; William Ribarsky
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Human posture classification for intelligent visual surveillance systems
Author(s): Haroun Rababaah; Amir Shirkhodaie
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Visual analysis of entity relationships in the Global Terrorism Database
Author(s): Alex Godwin; Remco Chang; Robert Kosara; William Ribarsky
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State of the art and recent development of embedded network solutions research
Author(s): Michel Gillet; Sergey Balandin
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High-rate serial interconnections for embedded and distributed systems with power and resource constraints
Author(s): Yuriy Sheynin; Felix Shutenko; Elena Suvorova; Evgenej Yablokov
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Industrial and non-consumer applications of wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Vesa Pentikäinen; Tapio Heikkilä; Kalle Määttä; Pirkka Tukeva; Marko Korkalainen; Pekka Saavalainen; Pekka Kilpeläinen
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Extension of depth of field in integral imaging using amplitude and phase modulation of the pupil function
Author(s): Saeed Bagheri; Bahram Javidi
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3-D TV and display using multiview
Author(s): Jung-Young Son; Shin-Hwan Kim; Min-Chul Park; Sung-Kyu Kim
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3D TV with integral imaging
Author(s): Fumio Okano
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3D optical microscopy using digital holography
Author(s): A. Stern; Bahram Javidi
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3D integral imaging with optical processing
Author(s): Manuel Martínez-Corral; Raúl Martínez-Cuenca; Genaro Saavedra; Bahram Javidi
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Holography of incoherently illuminated 3D scenes
Author(s): Natan T. Shaked; Joseph Rosen
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New application of integral imaging
Author(s): Yong Seok Hwang; Bahram Javidi
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