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Wireless Sensing and Processing III
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Volume Number: 6980
Date Published: 6 May 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6980
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An investigation of constant-envelope variations of OFDM waveforms for use on HF multipath fading channels
Author(s): John Nieto
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Reduced dimension equalizer and interference canceller for MIMO-OFDM
Author(s): Chad C. Lau; Michael D. Zoltowski
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Carrier diversity via code spreaded OFDM
Author(s): Muthanna Al-Mahmoud; Michael D. Zoltowski
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Waveform diversity for wireless sensing
Author(s): Tariq Qureshi; Michael Zoltowski
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OFDM LDPC performance comparison on an HF multipath fading channel
Author(s): Fred C. Kellerman
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An RF tag communication system model for noise radar
Author(s): Qihe Pan; Ram M. Narayanan
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Smart radio: spectrum access for first responders
Author(s): Mark D. Silvius; Feng Ge; Alex Young; Allen B. MacKenzie; Charles W. Bostian
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Nonuniform pulse quantization for multiplication-free correlation in ultra-wideband receivers
Author(s): Khalil Naghdali; Serkan Dursun; David Akopian
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An unattended ground sensor architecture for persistent border surveillance
Author(s): Robert Johnson; Gervasio Prado
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Application and analysis of reduced state techniques on hybrid CPM demodulation
Author(s): James A. Norris
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Distributed event region detection in wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Jun Fang; Hongbin Li; Shafik A. Quoraishee; Myron E. Hohil
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A lightweight key distribution mechanism for wireless sensor networks
Author(s): Sirisha Medidi; Murali Medidi; Lynsey E. Compton-Drake; Jiong Wang; Ray Robert Rydberg III
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Prediction of Sybil attack on WSN using Bayesian network and swarm intelligence
Author(s): Rajani Muraleedharan; Xiang Ye; Lisa Ann Osadciw
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Remote monitoring of soldier safety through body posture identification using wearable sensor networks
Author(s): Subir Biswas; Muhannad Quwaider
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Asynchronous ad hoc network discovery for low-power systems
Author(s): Todd W. Joslin
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Multibeam antenna scheduling in ad hoc wireless networks
Author(s): Xin Li; Yimin Zhang; Moeness G. Amin
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Application of mesh network radios to UGS
Author(s): Wade Calcutt; Barry Jones; Brent Roeder
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Uplink transmit beamforming design for SINR maximization with full multiuser channel state information
Author(s): Songnan Xi; Michael D. Zoltowski
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Adaptive MIMO radar detection algorithm in a spatially correlated clutter environment
Author(s): Wei-Jen Chen; Ram M. Narayanan
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Realization and capacity analysis of cooperative communications based on multiplexing
Author(s): Yao Zhao
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Near-field MVDR source localization
Author(s): Joseph J. Handfield; Raghuveer M. Rao; Sohail A. Dianat
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An iterative maximum-likelihood-based parameter estimation algorithm for Nakagami-m distribution
Author(s): Sohail Dianat; Raghuveer Rao
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Finite mixture models for ultra-wideband channels
Author(s): Divya Choudhary; Aaron Robinson
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