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Visual Information Processing XVII
Editor(s): Zia-ur Rahman; Stephen E. Reichenbach; Mark Allen Neifeld
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Volume Number: 6978
Date Published: 12 May 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6978
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Gaussian model-based statistical matching for image enhancement and segmentation
Author(s): Yufeng Zheng
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Nonlinear technique for the enhancement of extremely high contrast images
Author(s): Numan Unaldi; Saibabu Arigela; Vijayan K. Asari; Zia-ur Rahman
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A multiresolution approach to image enhancement via histogram shaping and adaptive Wiener filtering
Author(s): T. Pace; D. Manville; H. Lee; G. Cloud; J. Puritz
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Fast and robust wavelet-based dynamic range compression with local contrast enhancement
Author(s): Numan Unaldi; Vijayan K. Asari; Zia-ur Rahman
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A modular approach on adaptive thresholding for extraction of mammalian cell regions from bioelectric images in complex lighting environments
Author(s): Inder K. Purohit; Praveen Sankaran; K. Vijayan Asari; Mohammad A. Karim
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A modular high precision digital system for hypervelocity projectile performance measurements
Author(s): Vivek V. Nagarkar; Bipin Singh; Stuart Miller; Larry Campbell; Ron Bishel; Rick Rushing
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Region-of-interest-based ultra-low-bit-rate video coding
Author(s): Wei-Jung Chien; Nabil G. Sadaka; Glen P. Abousleman; Lina J. Karam
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Wavelet-based image registration with JPEG2000 compressed imagery
Author(s): Derrick S. Campbell; William D. Reynolds Jr.
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A structured-based image similarity measure using homogeneity regions
Author(s): Eric P. Lam
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Analysis of the general image quality equation
Author(s): Samuel T. Thurman; James R. Fienup
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Recent developments in coded aperture multiplexed imaging systems
Author(s): A. Mahalanobis; C. Reyner; T. Haberfelde; Mark Neifeld; B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar
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Scaling analysis of computational imaging systems
Author(s): Ravi A. Athale; Gary W. Euliss; Joseph N. Mait
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Adaptive spectroscopy: towards adaptive spectral imaging
Author(s): M. E. Gehm; J. Kinast
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Application of compressive sensing theory in infrared imaging systems
Author(s): Jing Zheng; Eddie Jacobs
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Direct, object brightness estimation from atmospheric turbulence degraded images using a new high-speed, modified phase diversity method
Author(s): William W. Arrasmith
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Scene context dependency of pattern constancy of time series imagery
Author(s): Glenn Woodell; Daniel J. Jobson; Zia-ur Rahman
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Building prediction models of large hierarchical simulation models with artificial neural networks and other statistical techniques
Author(s): June D. Rodriguez; Kenneth W. Bauer Jr.; John O. Miller; Robert E Neher Jr.
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Adaptive methods of two-scale edge detection in post-enhancement visual pattern processing
Author(s): Zia-ur Rahman; Daniel J. Jobson; Glenn A. Woodell
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Detection of building facades in urban environments
Author(s): Philip David
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A grayscale skin and facial detection mechanism for use in conjunction with security system technology via graphical block methodologies on field programmable gate arrays
Author(s): Andrew J. Tickle; Jeremy S. Smith; Q. Henry Wu
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Adaptive skin pixel classification technique based on hybrid color spaces
Author(s): Ramya Reddy Maaram; Satyanadh Gundimada; K. Vijayan Asari
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Intelligent pre-processing for fast moving object detection
Author(s): Chris Poppe; Sarah De Bruyne; Gaëtan Martens; Peter Lambert; Rik Van de Walle
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The ATR Center and ATRpedia
Author(s): Gregory Arnold; Timothy Ross; Lori Westerkamp; Lawrence Carin; Randolph Moses
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A secure workflow-based automated research manager
Author(s): Jonathan K. Riek; Brian D. Wemett; Dale A. Keefer; Robert J. Weetman; Anthony F. Mazzola; Robert A. Leathers; Trijntje V. Downes
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Feasibility of a portable morphological scene change detection security system for field programmable gate arrays (FPGA)
Author(s): Andrew J. Tickle; Jeremy S. Smith; Q. Henry Wu
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Feasibility of a morphological forensic document recovery system for burnt documents on field programmable gate arrays (FPGA)
Author(s): Andrew J. Tickle; Jiajing Sun; Jeremy S. Smith; Q. Henry Wu
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Next generation network based intermediate-view reconstruction using variable block matching algorithm
Author(s): Kyung-hoon Bae; Jungjoon Lee; Changhan Park
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Optimization and application of Retinex algorithm in aerial image processing
Author(s): Bo Sun; Jun He; Hongyu Li
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Visual surveillance in maritime port facilities
Author(s): Mikel D. Rodriguez Sullivan; Mubarak Shah
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Statistical simulation of deformations using wavelet independent component analysis
Author(s): Ahmed Elsafi; Rami Zewail; Nelson Durdle
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