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Quantum Information and Computation VI
Editor(s): Eric J. Donkor; Andrew R. Pirich; Howard E. Brandt
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Volume Number: 6976
Date Published: 6 May 2008

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 6976
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Room-temperature solid-state quantum processors in diamond
Author(s): Philip Hemmer; Mikhail Lukin
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Probing optical lattice states with double well atom interferometry
Author(s): Philip R. Johnson
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High bit rate germanium single photon detectors for 1310nm
Author(s): J. A. Seamons; M. S. Carroll
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On statements of experimental results expressed in the mathematical language of quantum theory
Author(s): John M. Myers; F. Hadi Madjid
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Non-destructive quantum measurement scheme for quantum states in superposition
Author(s): Patrick Kumavor; Eric Donkor
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Control of two qubit systems with Hamiltonian feedback
Author(s): Charles Hill; David Goodwin; Jason Ralph
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Hilbert-Schmidt disturbance due to measurement
Author(s): Michael R. Frey
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Altering the decay of quantum entanglement
Author(s): A. R. P. Rau; Mazhar Ali; G. Alber
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A quantum manual for computing the Jones polynomial
Author(s): Samuel J. Lomonaco Jr.; Louis H. Kauffman
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Estimation of classical and quantum entropy and other information-theoretic quantities
Author(s): Alexei Kaltchenko
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Topological quantum computing and SU(2) braid group representations
Author(s): Louis H. Kauffman; Samuel J. Lomonaco Jr.
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Model link and knot mapping in quantum electrodynamics
Author(s): Howard E. Brandt
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Possible quantum algorithms for the Bollobás-Riordan-Tutte polynomial of a ribbon graph
Author(s): Mario Vélez; Juan Ospina
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Memory, contextuality, instrumentality, and quantum mechanics
Author(s): Jeff Tollaksen; John E. Gray
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The A-V formula, its justification, and implications for signal enhancement
Author(s): John E. Gray; Jeff Tollaksen
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Quantum lattice gas algorithm for quantum turbulence and vortex reconnection in the Gross-Pitaevskii equation
Author(s): George Vahala; Jeffrey Yepez; Linda Vahala
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Finite temperature quantum algorithm and majorization
Author(s): Debabrata Ghoshal; Richard Gomez; Marco Lanzagorta; Jeffrey Uhlmann
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Is quantum parallelism real?
Author(s): Marco Lanzagorta; Jeffrey Uhlmann
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Differential geometry of quantum computing
Author(s): Howard E. Brandt
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Subwavelength interferometric lithography with classical lights: toward 2-dimensional patterns
Author(s): Qingqing Sun; M. Suhail Zubairy
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