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Multisensor, Multisource Information Fusion: Architectures, Algorithms, and Applications 2008
Editor(s): Belur V. Dasarathy
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Volume Number: 6974
Date Published: 16 March 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6974
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Portable real-time color night vision
Author(s): Alexander Toet; Maarten A. Hogervorst
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Method for applying daytime colors to nighttime imagery in realtime
Author(s): Maarten A. Hogervorst; Alexander Toet
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Advances in image registration and fusion
Author(s): Christopher Steer; Jeremy Rogers; Moira Smith; Jamie Heather; Mark Bernhardt; Duncan Hickman
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Further exploration of the object-image metric with image registration in mind
Author(s): Olga L. Mendoza; Gregory Arnold; Peter Stiller
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Fusion of combined stereo and spectral series for obtaining 3D information
Author(s): Ioana Gheta; Markus Mathias; Michael Heizmann; Jürgen Beyerer
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Multi-class classification fusion using boosting for identifying steganography methods
Author(s): Benjamin M. Rodriguez; Gilbert L. Peterson
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Comparing discrimination and CFA for selecting tracking features
Author(s): Damian M. Lyons; D. Frank Hsu
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Real-time object-based image registration using multilayer perceptron
Author(s): Pramod L. Narasimha; Zhanfeng Yue; Pankaj Topiwala
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A heterogeneous sensor network simulation system with integrated terrain data for real-time target detection in 3D space
Author(s): Hong Lin; Steve Tanner; John Rushing; Sara Graves; Evans Criswell
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Vehicle tracking in UAV video using multi-spectral spatiogram models
Author(s): N. E. O'Connor; P. Kehoe; C. O'Conaire; A. F. Smeaton
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Dynamic resource management for adaptive distributed information fusion in large volume surveillance
Author(s): Roozbeh Farahbod; Uwe Glässer; Hans Wehn
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Situation-aware BDI agents in support of autonomous intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) analysis
Author(s): Lundy Lewis; Gabriel Jakobson; John Buford
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A system for testing distributed information fusion applications for maritime surveillance
Author(s): Hans Wehn; Jens Happe; Adel Guitouni; Pierre Valin; Éloi Bossé
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A field demonstration of multi-INT surveillance and data fusion
Author(s): Arthur Na; Steve Havens
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Data and sensor fusion for bistatic applications
Author(s): Anne L. Lee
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Smart optical receiver for beamforming and enhancement of field of view in LADAR systems
Author(s): Jed Khoury; Bahareh Haji-saeed; Charles L. Woods; John Kierstead
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The use of a multidimensional space for fusion candidate representation in a maritime domain awareness application
Author(s): Eric Lefebvre; Christopher Helleur; Nathan Kashyap
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A Markov game model for space threat prediction
Author(s): Dan Shen; Erik Blasch; Genshe Chen; Khanh Pham; Jose B. Cruz Jr.; Tod Manning Schuck
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Non-algorithmic information fusion
Author(s): Jim Brander
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About the fusion of default knowledge
Author(s): Éric Grégoire
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Advanced algorithms for distributed fusion
Author(s): A. Gelfand; C. Smith; M. Colony; C. Bowman; R. Pei; T. Huynh; C. Brown
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Dynamic adaptive learning for decision-making supporting systems
Author(s): Haibo He; Yuan Cao; Sheng Chen; Sachi Desai; Myron E. Hohil
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Distributed multi-sensor fusion
Author(s): Peter Scheffel; Robert Fish; Ron Knobler; Thomas Plummer
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Intermediate view reconstruction using adaptive disparity search algorithm for real-time 3D processing
Author(s): Kyung-hoon Bae; Changhan Park; Eun-soo Kim
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Automatic extraction of corresponding-points for image registration
Author(s): Jik-Han Jung; Won-Chul Choi; Dong-Jo Park; Chang-Han Park; Jae-Ik Lee
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Design of time-pulse coded optoelectronic neuronal elements for nonlinear transformation and integration
Author(s): Vladimir G. Krasilenko; Alexander I. Nikolsky; Alexander A. Lazarev; Maria V. Lazareva
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