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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) Sensing IX
Editor(s): Augustus Way Fountain III; Patrick J. Gardner
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Volume Number: 6954
Date Published: 20 May 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6954
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Explosives signatures and analysis
Author(s): Augustus Way Fountain III; Jonathan M. Oyler; Stanley A Ostazeski
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LIBS plasma enhancement for standoff detection applications
Author(s): Dennis K. Killinger; Susan D. Allen; Robert D. Waterbury; Chris Stefano; Edwin L. Dottery
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Gamma-ray imaging for explosives detection
Author(s): G. A. de Nolfo; S. D. Hunter; L. M Barbier; J. T. Link; S. Son; S. R Floyd; N. Guardala; M. Skopec; B. Stark
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Combining hyperspectral imaging and Raman spectroscopy for remote chemical sensing
Author(s): John M. Ingram; Edisanter Lo
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Experimental demonstration of remote optical detection of trace explosives
Author(s): C. M. Wynn; S. Palmacci; R. R. Kunz; J. J. Zayhowski; B. Edwards; M. Rothschild
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Characterization of near-infrared low energy ultra-short laser pulses for portable applications of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): Paul M. Pellegrino; Alexander W. Schill; Dimitra N. Stratis-Cullum
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Standoff LIBS measurements of energetic materials using a 266nm excitation laser
Author(s): Robert D. Waterbury; Avishekh Pal; Dennis K. Killinger; Jeremy Rose; Edwin L. Dottery; Guy Ontai
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Extending lifetime of plasmonic silver structures designed for high-resolution chemical imaging or chemical and biological sensing
Author(s): Carlos A Barrios; Andrey V. Malkovskiy; Ryan D. Hartschuh; Alexander M. Kisliuk; Alexei P. Sokolov; Mark D. Foster
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Multidimensional molecular identification by laser control mass spectrometry
Author(s): Marcos Dantus; Vadim V. Lozovoy; Xin Zhu; Tissa Gunaratne
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Large area cold plasma applicator for decontamination
Author(s): G. A. Konesky
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Recent advances toward a fiber optic sensor for nerve agent
Author(s): Manal Beshay; Steven R. Cordero; Harold Mukamal; David Ruiz; Robert A. Lieberman
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Remote identification of liquid surface contamination by imaging Fourier transform spectrometry
Author(s): Roland Harig; René Braun; Chris Dyer; Chris Howle; Ben Truscott
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DMS-IMS2, GC-DMS, DMS-MS: DMS hybrid devices combining orthogonal principles of separation for challenging applications
Author(s): Andrew G. Anderson; Kenneth A. Markoski; Quan Shi; Stephen L. Coy; Evgeny V. Krylov; Erkinjon G. Nazarov
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A new miniature hand-held solar-blind reagentless standoff chemical, biological, and explosives (CBE) sensor
Author(s): W. F. Hug; R. D. Reid; R. Bhartia; A. L. Lane
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Fingerprinting CBRNE materials using surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): Jane F. Bertone; Kevin M. Spencer; James M. Sylvia
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Active hyperspectral imaging system for the detection of liquids
Author(s): Chris R. Howle; David J. M. Stothard; Cameron F. Rae; Mark Ross; Ben S. Truscott; Christopher D. Dyer; Malcolm H. Dunn
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Airborne measurements in the longwave infrared using an imaging hyperspectral sensor
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Allard; Martin Chamberland; Vincent Farley; Frédérick Marcotte; Matthias Rolland; Alexandre Vallières; André Villemaire
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Imaging open-path Fourier transform infrared spectrometer for 3D cloud profiling
Author(s): Julia Rentz Dupuis; David J. Mansur; James R. Engel; Robert Vaillancourt; Lori Todd; Kathleen Mottus
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Acoustic system to slew chemical/biological sensor point of interest
Author(s): Sachi Desai; Amir Morcos; Myron Hohil
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Detection of chemicals at a standoff >10 m distance based on single-beam coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering
Author(s): Marcos Dantus; Haowen Li; D. Ahmasi Harris; Bingwei Xu; Paul J. Wrzesinski; Vadim V. Lozovoy
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CATSI EDM: recent advances in the development and validation of a ruggedized passive standoff CWA sensor
Author(s): Hugo Lavoie; Jean-Marc Thériault; François Bouffard; Eldon Puckrin; Caroline S. Turcotte; Paul Lacasse
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Detection of gas plumes in cluttered environments using long-wave infrared hyperspectral sensors
Author(s): Joshua B. Broadwater; Thomas S. Spisz; Alison K. Carr
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Chart Venture Partners' perspective on dual-use CBRNE technologies
Author(s): C. S. Van Nice; P. J. Gardner
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In-Q-Tel, the strategic investment firm for the U.S. Intelligence Community
Author(s): S. J. Ulvick; D. W. Tighe
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Arch Venture Partners' investment considerations for CBRNE products and opportunities
Author(s): K. Crandell; S. Lazarus; P. J. Gardner
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Development of a standardized differential-reflective bioassay for microbial pathogens
Author(s): Jay Wilhelm; J. R. X. Auld; James E. Smith
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Shape characteristics of biological spores
Author(s): Daniel V. Hahn; Diane Limsui; Richard I. Joseph; Kevin C. Baldwin; Nathan T. Boggs; Alison K. Carr; Christopher C. Carter; Timothy S. Han; Michael E. Thomas
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Refractive index measurement of biological particles in visible region
Author(s): D. Limsui; A. K. Carr; M. E Thomas; N. T Boggs; R. I Joseph
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Extinction and backscatter cross sections of biological materials
Author(s): M. E. Thomas; D. V. Hahn; A. K. Carr; D. Limsui; C. C. Carter; N. T. Boggs; J. Jackman
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Surface imaging microscope
Author(s): Eric W. Rogala; Isaac N. Bankman
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Short non-coding RNAs as bacteria species identifiers detected by surface plasmon resonance enhanced common path interferometry
Author(s): Charles Greef; Viatcheslav Petropavlovskikh; Oyvind Nilsen; Boris Khattatov; Mikhail Plam; Patrick Gardner; John Hall
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DMS-prefiltered mass spectrometry for the detection of biomarkers
Author(s): Stephen L. Coy; Evgeny V. Krylov; Erkinjon G. Nazarov
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Automated species and strain identification of bacteria in complex matrices using FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): K. A. Puzey; P. J. Gardner; V. K. Petrova; C. W. Donnelly; G. A. Petrucci
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Classification of select category A and B bacteria by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Alan C. Samuels; A. Peter Snyder; Diane St. Amant; Darren K. Emge; Jennifer Minter; Mark Campbell; Ashish Tripathi
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Neutron imaging camera
Author(s): S. D. Hunter; G. A de Nolfo; L. M Barbier; J. T Link; S. Son; S. R Floyd; N. Guardala; M. Skopec; B. Stark
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Extraordinary improvement in scintillation detectors via post-processing with ASEDRA: solution to a 50-year-old problem
Author(s): E. LaVigne; G. Sjoden; J. Baciak; R. Detwiler
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Research and application of digital image processing technique in cobalt-60 based container inspection system
Author(s): Bo Sun; Yun Liu; Jun He
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A new electronic neutron dosimeter (END) for reliable personal dosimetry
Author(s): H. Ing; T. Cousins; H. R. Andrews; R. Machrafi; A. Voevodskiy; V. Kovaltchouk; E. T. H. Clifford; M. Robins; C. Larsson; R. Hugron; J. Brown
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Unattended sensors for nuclear threat detection
Author(s): Robert C. Runkle; Mitchell J Myjak; Michael T. Batdorf; Ryan S. Bowler; Scott D. Kiff; Scott J. Morris; Crystal A. Mullen; John S. Rohrer; Lindsay C. Todd
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