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Laser Radar Technology and Applications XIII
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Volume Number: 6950
Date Published: 16 May 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6950
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High resolution ladar using time-correlated single-photon counting
Author(s): Ove Steinvall; Lars Sjöqvist; Markus Henriksson; Per Jonsson
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Three dimensional imaging laser radar system for short-range target detection and identification
Author(s): Ping Li; Kun Li; Huimin Chen; Weirong Gou
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Inflight performance of a second-generation photon-counting 3D imaging lidar
Author(s): John Degnan; Roman Machan; Ed Leventhal; David Lawrence; Gabriel Jodor; Christopher Field
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Ultra-fast coherent optical system for active remote sensing applications
Author(s): Shubhashish Datta; Don Becker; Abhay Joshi; Roy Howard
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Coherent lidar imaging of dust clouds: waveform comparison with the poly-phase (P4) modulation waveform
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans
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Resonance Raman measurements utilizing a deep UV source
Author(s): Adam Willitsford; C. Todd Chadwick; Hans Hallen; C. Russell Philbrick
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Supercontinuum lidar applications for measurements of atmospheric constituents
Author(s): David M. Brown; Zhiwen Liu; C. Russell Philbrick
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Modeling the detection of optical sights using retro-reflection
Author(s): Arjan L. Mieremet; Ric M. A. Schleijpen; P. N. Pouchelle
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Multiscale target manifold characterization for 3D imaging ladar
Author(s): Estille Whittenberger; Donald Waagen; Nitesh Shah; Donald Hulsey
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Calibration of full-waveform airborne laser scanning data for object classification
Author(s): Christian Briese; Bernhard Höfle; Hubert Lehner; Wolfgang Wagner; Martin Pfennigbauer; Andreas Ullrich
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Simulation of a new 3D imaging sensor for identifying difficult military targets
Author(s): Christophe Harvey; Jonathan Wood; Peter Randall; Graham Watson; Gordon Smith
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ASTM E57 3D imaging systems committee: an update
Author(s): Geraldine S. Cheok; Alan M. Lytle; Kamel S. Saidi
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Real time processing enables fast 3D imaging at single photon level
Author(s): Ivelin Bakalski; Joao Pereira Do Carmo; Stephen Bellis; Robert Bond; Martin Himphries; Michael Foster; Carl Jackson; David Reece; Steve Sutton
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Overview of LMCT's advanced ladar signal simulator (ALASS)
Author(s): Don Jacob; Phillip Gatt; Terry Nichols
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Holographic optical elements for lidar systems
Author(s): O. Asmolova; P. Molchanov; R. Billmers; M. Ludwig; V. M. Contarino
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Single photon counting Geiger mode InGaAs(P)/InP avalanche photodiode arrays for 3D imaging
Author(s): Rengarajan Sudharsanan; Ping Yuan; Joseph Boisvert; Paul McDonald; Takahiro Isshiki; Shoghig Mesropian; Ed Labios; Michael Salisbury
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Large-area high-speed InGaAs photodetectors
Author(s): Henry Yuan; Jongwoo Kim; Gary Apgar; Joyce Laquindanum; Kai Song; Joseph Kimchi; Ted Wong
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Low-cost ladar imagers
Author(s): S. Vasile; J. Lipson
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Single-photon-sensitive linear-mode APD ladar receiver developments
Author(s): George M. Williams; Madison A. Compton; Andrew S. Huntington
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An approach to target detection in forested scenes
Author(s): Christina Grönwall; Tomas Chevalier; Gustav Tolt; Pierre Andersson
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Lidar for obstacle detection during helicopter landing
Author(s): X. Zhu; P. Church; M. Labrie
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Three-dimensional laser scanners with echo digitization
Author(s): Martin Pfennigbauer; Andreas Ullrich
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Experimental validation of ship identification with a laser range profiler
Author(s): Johan C. van den Heuvel; Paul Pace; Herman H. P. Th. Bekman; Frank J. M. van Putten; Ric M. A. Schleijpen
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Search-lidar demonstrator for detection of small sea-surface targets
Author(s): Johan C. van den Heuvel; Herman H. P. Th. Bekman; Frank J. M. van Putten; Leo H. Cohen; Ric M. A. Schleijpen
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