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Optics and Photonics in Global Homeland Security IV
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Volume Number: 6945
Date Published: 15 May 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6945
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Iodine based compound semiconductors for room temperature gamma-ray spectroscopy
Author(s): Azaree T. Lintereur; Wei Qiu; Juan C. Nino; James E. Baciak
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An equivalent n-source for WGPu derived from a spectrum-shifted PuBe source
Author(s): Gabriel Ghita; Glenn Sjoden; James Baciak; Scotty Walker; Spring Cornelison
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A new integrated neutron/gamma radioisotope identification device evaluated under mixed radiation fields
Author(s): Adrian Ivan; Brent A. Clothier; Daniel B. McDevitt; James Williams
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Improved plutonium identification and characterization results with NaI(Tl) detector using ASEDRA
Author(s): R. Detwiler; G. Sjoden; J. Baciak; E. LaVigne
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3He neutron detector design for active detection of cargo containers
Author(s): Daniel B. McDevitt; J. W. Eberhard; Scott Zelakiewicz; Aaron Maschinot
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Development and performance of the Fast Neutron Imaging Telescope for SNM detection
Author(s): James M. Ryan; Ulisse Bravar; Erwin O. Flückiger; John R. Macri; Mark L. McConnell; Benoit Pirard; Richard S. Woolf
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Point detection of bacterial and viral pathogens using oral samples
Author(s): Daniel Malamud
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Utility of point of care test devices for infectious disease testing of blood and oral fluid and application to rapid testing in the field
Author(s): Stephen R. Lee; Keith W. Kardos; Graham D. Yearwood; Geraldine B. Guillon; Lisa A. Kurtz; Vijaya K. Mokkapati
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New technology for early detection of health threats
Author(s): Šárka O. Southern; Gerald W. Lilienthal
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Handheld and portable test systems for immunodiagnostics, nucleic acid detection and more
Author(s): Konrad Faulstich; Klaus Haberstroh; Roman Gruler; Michael Eberhard; Thomas Wiest; Dirk Lentzsch
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Wide area restoration following biological contamination
Author(s): Lynn Yang; Wilthea Hibbard; Donna Edwards; David Franco; Julie Fruetel; Mark Tucker; Wayne Einfeld; Robert Knowlton; Gary Brown; John Brockmann; Robert Greenwalt; Robin Miles; Ellen Raber; Tina Carlsen; Paula Krauter; Michael Dillon; Don MacQueen; Tony Intrepido; Bill Hoppes; Wendy Wilson; Sav Mancieri
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Bioluminescent bioreporter assays for targeted detection of chemical and biological agents
Author(s): Steven Ripp; Pat Jegier; Courtney Johnson; Scott Moser; Syed Islam; Gary Sayler
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Considerations in detecting CDC select agents under field conditions
Author(s): Charles Spinelli; Scott Soelberg; Nathaneal Swanson; Clement Furlong; Paul Baker
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Self-assembled quantum dot-bioconjugates: characterization and use for sensing proteolytic activity
Author(s): Igor L. Medintz; Thomas Pons; Kim E. Sapsford; Philip E. Dawson; Hedi Mattoussi
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Analysis of flow-cytometer scattering and fluorescence data to identify particle mixtures
Author(s): Thomas A. Reichardt; Scott E. Bisson; Robert W. Crocker; Thomas J. Kulp
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Confirmatory measurement channels for LIF-based bioaerosol instrumentation
Author(s): Scott E. Bisson; Robert W. Crocker; Thomas J. Kulp; Thomas A. Reichardt; Peter T. A. Reilly; William B. Whitten
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Enhanced ship detection from overhead imagery
Author(s): Heidi Buck; Elan Sharghi; Chessa Guilas; John Stastny; William Morgart; Brian Schalcosky; Keith Pifko
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Small maritime target detection through false color fusion
Author(s): Alexander Toet; Tirui Wu
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Anomaly detection in the maritime domain
Author(s): Jean Roy
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Comparing a MWIR and LWIR polarimetric imaging for surface swimmer detection
Author(s): John S. Harchanko; Larry Pezzaniti; David Chenault; Graham Eades
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Flight test capabilities for real-time multiple target detection and tracking for airborne surveillance and maritime domain awareness
Author(s): Brian A. Gorin; Allen Waxman
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Evaluation of information visualization approaches for an enhanced recognized maritime picture
Author(s): Alain Bouchard; Anna-Liesa S. Lapinski; Jérôme Lavoie; Jean Roy
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Automatic sensor management: challenges and solutions
Author(s): Tanja van Valkenburg-van Haarst; Wilbert van Norden; Fok Bolderheij
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SeaSpider: automated information gathering on vessel movements in support of marine intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance
Author(s): Serhan Tatar; David M. F. Chapman
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Passive acoustic threat detection in estuarine environments
Author(s): Brian Borowski; Alexander Sutin; Heui-Seol Roh; Barry Bunin
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Fusion of acoustic measurements with video surveillance for estuarine threat detection
Author(s): Barry Bunin; Alexander Sutin; George Kamberov; Heui-Seol Roh; Bart Luczynski; Matt Burlick
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Variability of SCUBA diver's acoustic emission
Author(s): Dimitri M. Donskoy; Nikolay A. Sedunov; Alexander N. Sedunov; Michael A. Tsionskiy
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X-ray backscatter imaging
Author(s): Dan-Cristian Dinca; Jeffrey R. Schubert; J. Callerame
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Differential spectroscopic imaging of particulate explosives residue
Author(s): Bruce E. Bernacki; Nicolas Hô
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High efficiency angular selective detection of thermal and cold neutrons
Author(s): Anton S. Tremsin; Jason B. McPhate; John V. Vallerga; Oswald H. W. Siegmund; W. Bruce Feller; Lowell Crow; Ron G. Cooper
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Spectral signatures for volatile impurities in TNT and RDX based explosives
Author(s): Tabetha Osborn; Sindhu Kaimal; William Burns; Alan R. Ford; Scott W. Reeve
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Detection of security relevant substances within the cooperative project SAFE XUV
Author(s): Elisabeth Schramm; Stephan Borrmann; Joachim Curtius; Andreas Goertler; Thomas Heindl; Andreas Kuerten; Alexander McNeish; Stefan Mitschke; Andrei Morozov; Fabian Muehlberger; Michael Puetz; Gerd Reichardt; Hermann Ries; Patricia Schall; Rasmus Schulte-Ladbeck; Rainer Schultze; Martin Sklorz; Roman Trebbe; Andreas Ulrich; Jochen Wieser; Ralf Zimmermann
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Requirements of biological detection technologies by municipal water laboratories
Author(s): Tammy A. Spain
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A true real-time, on-line security system for waterborne pathogen surveillance
Author(s): John A. Adams; David L. McCarty
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Diffraction-based optical sensor detection system for capture-restricted environments
Author(s): Rahul M. Khandekar; Vladimir V. Nikulin
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Rapid 3D measurement of human faces for biometric application by digital fringe projection with digital light projection (DLP(R))
Author(s): Christian Benderoth; Rebecca L. Bell; Gottfried Frankowski
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Development of UV image intensifier tube with GaN photocathode
Author(s): I. Mizuno; T. Nihashi; T. Nagai; M. Niigaki; Y. Shimizu; K. Shimano; K. Katoh; T. Ihara; K. Okano; M. Matsumoto; M. Tachino
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Detection of residual traces of explosives by surface enhanced Raman scattering using gold coated substrates produced by nanospheres imprint technique
Author(s): F. A. Calzzani Jr.; R. Sileshi; A Kassu; J. M. Taguenang; A. Chowdhury; A. Sharma; P. B. Ruffin; C. Brantley; E. Edwards
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Two step signal processing of optical fiber mesh for intruder detection
Author(s): Il-Bum Kwon; Dae-Cheol Seo; Chi-Yeop Kim; Dong-Jin Yoon
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Nuclear material detection techniques
Author(s): James F. Christian; Radia Sia; Purushottam Dokhale; Irina Shestakova; Vivek Nagarkar; Kanai Shah; Erik B. Johnson; Christopher J. Stapels; James M. Ryan; John Macri; Ulisse Bravar; Ka-Ngo Leung; Michael R. Squillante
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Carbosilane polymers with hydrogen bond acidic functionalization for chemical preconcentrator applications
Author(s): Duane L. Simonson; R. Andrew McGill; Bernadette A. Higgins
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Spectral signatures for RDX-based explosives in the 3 micron region
Author(s): Tabetha Osborn; Sindhu Kaimal; Scott W. Reeve; William Burns
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neu-VISION: an explosives detection system for transportation security
Author(s): Kieffer Warman; David Penn
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