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Smart Sensor Phenomena, Technology, Networks, and Systems 2008
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Volume Number: 6933
Date Published: 2 May 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6933
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fiber optic sensor-based SHM technologies for aerospace applications in Japan
Author(s): Nobuo Takeda
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Effects of coating and diametric load on fiber Bragg gratings as cryogenic temperature sensors
Author(s): Meng-Chou Wu; Ruth H. Pater; Stanton L. DeHaven
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Micro-size optical fibre strain interrogation system
Author(s): Nezih Mrad; Gaozhi Xiao; Honglei Guo
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Local strain measurement of Kevlar strand with fiber optic Bragg grating
Author(s): Curtis E. Banks; Joseph Grant; Sam Russell; Shawn Arnett
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Packaging of surface relief fiber Bragg gratings for harsh high temperature environments
Author(s): Jonathan D. Young; Tyson L. Lowder; Richard H. Selfridge; Stephen M. Schultz
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Fiber optic sensor networks in smart structures
Author(s): H. Baier; U. C. Mueller; S. Rapp
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Improvement of FBG/PZT hybrid sensing system for composite materials
Author(s): Shinji Komatsuzaki; Seiji Kojima; Akihito Hongo; Nobuo Takeda; Yasuhiro Koshioka
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Damage detection system with sub-microsecond resolution
Author(s): Eric Udd; Jerry Benterou
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The use of fibre Bragg gratings to detect ultrasound in anisotropic materials
Author(s): Graham Thursby; Brian Culshaw; Yakov Botsev; Eyal Arad; Roman Zeyde; Moshe Tur; Iddo Kressel
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Advanced FBG sensing through rapid spectral interrogation
Author(s): Wesley Kunzler; Jason Newman; Daniel Wilding; Zixu Zhu; Tyson Lowder; Richard Selfridge; Stephen Schultz; Michael Wirthlin
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Structural health monitoring of wind turbine blades
Author(s): Mark A. Rumsey; Joshua A. Paquette
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Integrated monitoring of wind plant systems
Author(s): Matthew J. Whelan; Kerop D. Janoyan; Tong Qiu
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The rising demand for energy: a potential for optical fiber sensors in the monitoring sector
Author(s): Thomas Bosselmann; Michael Willsch; Wolfgang Ecke
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On-line structural health and fire monitoring of a composite personal aircraft using an FBG sensing system
Author(s): K. Chandler; S. Ferguson; T. Graver; A. Csipkes; A. Mendez
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Fiber Bragg grating sensor system for operational load monitoring of wind turbine blades
Author(s): Wolfgang Ecke; Kerstin Schröder
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Wireless vibration monitoring for damage detection of highway bridges
Author(s): Matthew J. Whelan; Michael V. Gangone; Kerop D. Janoyan; Ratneshwar Jha
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Demonstration of a roving-host wireless sensor network for rapid assessment monitoring of structural health
Author(s): David D. L. Mascarenas; Eric Flynn; Kaisen Lin; Kevin Farinholt; Gyuhae Park; Rajesh Gupta; Michael Todd; Charles Farrar
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Field deployment of a dense wireless sensor network for condition assessment of a bridge superstructure
Author(s): Michael V. Gangone; Matthew J. Whelan; Kerop D. Janoyan; Ratneshwar Jha
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Strain measurement during stress rupture of composite over-wrapped pressure vessel with fiber Bragg gratings sensors
Author(s): Curtis E. Banks; Joseph Grant; Sam Russell; Shawn Arnett
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Research and development of impact damage detection system for airframe structures using optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Hiroaki Tsutsui; Noriyoshi Hirano; Junichi Kimoto; Takahiko Akatsuka; Hirofumi Sashikuma; Nobuo Takeda; Naoyuki Tajima
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Chemical process monitoring and the detection of moisture ingress in composites
Author(s): R. Mahendran; R. Chen; L. Wang; S. D. Pandita; V. R. Machavaram; S. N. Kukureka; G. F. Fernando
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Aircraft structural health monitoring using on-board BOCDA system
Author(s): Takashi Yari; Kanehiro Nagai; Masahito Ishioka; Kazuo Hotate; Yasuhiro Koshioka
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A distributed fiber optic sensor system for dike monitoring using Brillouin optical frequency domain analysis
Author(s): Nils Nöther; Aleksander Wosniok; Katerina Krebber; Elke Thiele
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Study on RC beams using BOTDA(R)-FRP-OF technique
Author(s): Jianping He; Zhi Zhou; Ying Huang; Jinping Ou
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Smart technical textiles with integrated POF sensors
Author(s): Katerina Krebber; Philipp Lenke; Sascha Liehr; Jens Witt; Marcus Schukar
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Polymer in-fiber interferometer for large strain measurements
Author(s): Sharon Kiesel; Kara Peters; Tasnim Hassan; Mervyn Kowalsky
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Finite element formulation for self-writing of polymer optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Aliesha D. Anderson; Kara J. Peters
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POF strain sensor using phase measurement techniques
Author(s): H. Poisel
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Ultrasonic structural health monitoring: strategies, issues, and progress
Author(s): Jennifer E. Michaels
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Image-based monitoring of structural damage: concrete surface cracks
Author(s): ZhiQiang Chen; Barbara Chang; Tara C. Hutchinson
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Applications of optical fiber sensors of SHM in infrastructures
Author(s): Jinping Ou; Zhi Zhou
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FBG based intelligent monitoring system of the Tianjin Yonghe Bridge
Author(s): Chunguang Lan; Zhi Zhou; Shouwang Sun; Jinping Ou
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R & D of smart FRP-OFBG-based steel strand and its application in monitoring of prestressing loss for RC
Author(s): Zhi Zhou; Hui Zhou; Ying Huang; Jinping Ou
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Torque sensing using rolled galfenol patches
Author(s): Matthew J. Parsons; Supratik Datta; Chaitanya Mudivarthi; Suok Min Na; Alison Flatau
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Landslide monitoring using a road-embedded optical fiber sensor
Author(s): Michael Iten; Alexander M. Puzrin; Andreas Schmid
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Health monitoring for subway station structure by fiber Bragg grating sensors
Author(s): Yao Zhou; Yuan-Feng Wang; Bing Han; Zhi Zhou
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A novel multifunctional optical fiber sensor based on FBG and fiber optic coupler
Author(s): Tao Fu; Jiuming Fan; Chang Wang; Tongyu Liu; Jinsong Leng
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Photonic crystal fiber long-period gratings for structural monitoring and chemical sensing
Author(s): Jaw-Luen Tang; Jian-Neng Wang
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Development and application of 3-D foot-shape measurement system under different loads
Author(s): Guozhong Liu; Boxiong Wang; Hui Shi; Xiuzhi Luo
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Comparison of the piezoelectric MEMS generators with interdigital electrodes and laminated electrodes
Author(s): Bor-Shiun Lee; Shun-Chi Lin; Wen-Jong Wu
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