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Industrial and Commercial Applications of Smart Structures Technologies 2008
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Volume Number: 6930
Date Published: 30 April 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6930
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Active material reversible attachments: shape memory polymer based
Author(s): Thomas Stanford; William Barvosa-Carter; Alan L. Browne; Nancy L. Johnson
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Behavioral model and experimental validation for a spool-packaged shape memory alloy actuator
Author(s): John A. Redmond; Diann Brei; Jonathan Luntz; Alan L. Browne; Nancy L. Johnson
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Shape memory alloy resetable spring lift for pedestrian protection
Author(s): Brian M. Barnes; Diann E. Brei; Jonathan E. Luntz; Kenneth Strom; Alan L. Browne; Nancy Johnson
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Experimental investigation of active adaptability of the SMArt (SMA reseTtable) dual-chamber pneumatic lift device for pedestrian protection
Author(s): James Otten; Jonathan Luntz; Diann Brei; Kenneth A. Strom; Alan L. Browne; Nancy L. Johnson
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Nonlinear force feedback control of piezoelectric-hydraulic pump actuator for automotive transmission shift control
Author(s): Gi-Woo Kim; K. W. Wang
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Motorcycle waste heat energy harvesting
Author(s): Alexander D. Schlichting; Steven R. Anton; Daniel J. Inman
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Thermoelectrics as elements of hybrid-electric vehicle thermal energy systems
Author(s): Leon Headings; Gregory Washington; Christopher M. Jaworski
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A practical design method for TEP-GT MRFD
Author(s): Jinhai Li; Xinchun Guan; Jinping Ou
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Active component and control design for torsional mode vibration reduction for a parallel kinematic machine tool structure
Author(s): Reimund Neugebauer; Volker Wittstock; André Bucht; André Illgen
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Manufacturing technique for robust and modular smart composites
Author(s): Grace Kessenich; Baruch Pletner
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Thermo-mechanical analysis of thin membranes and application in active flatness control design
Author(s): Xiaoyun Wang; Christian Sulik; Wanping Zheng; Yan-Ru Hu
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Development of a satellite structural architecture for operationally responsive space
Author(s): Brandon J. Arritt; Steven J. Buckley; Jeffrey M. Ganley; Jeffry S. Welsh; Benjamin K. Henderson; M. Eric Lyall; Andrew D. Williams; Jeffrey C. Preble; John DiPalma; Greg Mehle; R. Roopnarine
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Design of a piezoceramic-driven synthetic-jet actuator for aerodynamic performance improvement
Author(s): Razvan Rusovici; Casey Offord; Ryan Honour; Fumitaka Goto; Pierce Louderback; Charley Phelps
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Development of a 1/4-scale NiTinol actuator for reconfigurable structures
Author(s): Darin J. Arbogast; Robert T. Ruggeri; Richard C. Bussom
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Development of highly reliable advanced grid structure (HRAGS) demonstrator using FBG sensors
Author(s): H. Takeya; K. Sekine; M. Kume; T. Ozaki; N. Takeda; N. Tajima
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Stability in hovering ornithopter flight
Author(s): John M. Dietl; Ephrahim Garcia
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An experimental and analytical study of a flow vectoring airfoil via macro-fiber-composite actuators
Author(s): Onur Bilgen; Kevin B. Kochersberger; Daniel J. Inman
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Development and test of an HTSMA supersonic inlet ramp actuator
Author(s): Todd R. Quackenbush; Bernie F. Carpenter; Alexander H. Boschitsch; Pavel V. Danilov
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Stabilizing shape memory alloy actuator performance through cyclic shakedown: an empirical study
Author(s): Helen Sun; Anupam Pathak; Jonathan Luntz; Diann Brei; Paul W. Alexander; Nancy L. Johnson
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High temperature shape memory alloy actuators through mechanical treatments for an oil & gas down-hole valve
Author(s): J. Gore; A. Bowles; M. Maylin; L. Chandrasekaran; D. Forsyth; M. Buyers
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Spray forming of NiTi and NiTiPd shape-memory alloys
Author(s): Ronald Smith; James Mabe; Robert Ruggeri; Ronald Noebe
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Variable area jet nozzle using shape memory alloy actuators in an antagonistic design
Author(s): James H. Mabe; Frederick T. Calkins; Mehmet Bahadir Alkislar
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New configurations of oscillatory flow pumps using bimorph piezoelectric actuators
Author(s): Sandro L. Vatanabe; Rogério F. Pires; Paulo H. Nakasone; Emílio C. N. Silva
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Study of oscillatory piezoelectric flow pumps using bimorph actuators with different tip geometries
Author(s): Rogério F. Pires; Adriano A. Koga; Paulo H. Nakasone; Emílio C. N. Silva
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Experimental investigation of waveguide dynamics for the medical invasion treatment
Author(s): Algimantas Bubulis; Arvydas Palevicius; Vytautas Jurenas; Ramutis Bansevicius; Andrius Rinkevicius
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A piezoelectric deformable mirror for intra-cavity laser adaptive optics
Author(s): Craig S. Long; Philip W. Loveday; Andrew Forbes
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High-power piezoelectric acoustic-electric power feedthru for metal walls
Author(s): Xiaoqi Bao; Will Biederman; Stewart Sherrit; Mircea Badescu; Yoseph Bar-Cohen; Christopher Jones; Jack Aldrich; Zensheu Chang
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Design, development, and testing of a transonic missile fin employing PBP/DEAS actuators
Author(s): Ron Barrett; Roelof Vos
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The application of thermally induced multistable composites to morphing aircraft structures
Author(s): Filippo Mattioni; Paul M. Weaver; Kevin D. Potter; Michael I. Friswell
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A comparative study of ultrasonic micro-motors based on single crystal PMN-PT and polycrystalline PZT ceramics
Author(s): Stephen A. Wilson; Philip J. Rayner; Jonathan Gore; Adrian R. Bowles; Richard C. McBride
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Design and evaluation of bimorph and sandwich tunable frequency power harvesting devices
Author(s): Yu-Yin Chen; Chia-Shun Lai; Yuh-Shyong Chou; Chen-Kai Hsu; Wen-Jong Wu
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Adaptive structures for manipulation in clean room
Author(s): C. Lira; F. Scarpa
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