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Medical Imaging 2008: Ultrasonic Imaging and Signal Processing
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Volume Number: 6920
Date Published: 3 April 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6920
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Beamformer enhancement by post-processing for improved spatial resolution and signal-to-noise ratio
Author(s): Kevin Owen; Drake A. Guenther; William F. Walker
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Medical ultrasound digital beamforming on a massively parallel processing array platform
Author(s): Paul Chen; Mike Butts; Brad Budlong
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Real-time implementation of the echo signal processing and digital scan conversion for medical ultrasound imaging with a single TMS320C6416 DSP
Author(s): Choong Lee; Hak-Yeol Sohn; Dong-Hoon Han; Tai-Kyong Song
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Projection-reflection ultrasound images using PE-CMOS sensor: a preliminary bone fracture study
Author(s): Shih-Chung B. Lo; Chu-Chuan Liu; Matthew T. Freedman; Seong-Ki Mun; John Kula; Marvin E. Lasser; Bob Lasser; Yue Joseph Wang
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An ideal observer approach to beamforming
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Nghia Nguyen; Michael F. Insana
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Globally optimized Fourier finite-difference method for ultrasound breast imaging
Author(s): Lianjie Huang; Kenneth M. Hanson; Youli Quan; Cuiping Li; Neb Duric
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Discrete echo signal modeling of ultrasound imaging systems
Author(s): Ming Chen; Cishen Zhang
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Clinical breast imaging using sound-speed reconstructions of ultrasound tomography data
Author(s): Cuiping Li; Neb Duric; Lianjie Huang
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3D PSF analysis for arbitrary transducer geometries and SAFT-based image reconstruction
Author(s): Gregor F. Schwarzenberg; Hartmut Gemmeke; Nicole V. Ruiter
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Implantable ultrasound devices
Author(s): David Vilkomerson; Thomas Chilipka; John Bogan; John Blebea M.D.; Rashad Choudry M.D.; John Wang; Michael Salvatore; Vittorio Rotella M.D.; Krishnan Soundararajan
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Cardiac phase detection in intravascular ultrasound images
Author(s): Monica M. S. Matsumoto; Pedro Alves Lemos M.D.; Takashi Yoneyama; Sergio Shiguemi Furuie
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Evaluation of a level set segmentation method for cardiac ultrasound images
Author(s): Yong Yue; Hemant D. Tagare
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Detection of artery interfaces: a real-time system and its clinical applications
Author(s): Francesco Faita; Vincenzo Gemignani; Elisabetta Bianchini; Chiara Giannarelli; Lorenzo Ghiadoni; Marcello Demi
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A new fringeline-tracking approach for color Doppler ultrasound imaging phase unwrapping
Author(s): Ashraf A. Saad; Linda G. Shapiro
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Automatic detection of blood versus non-blood regions on intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) images using wavelet packet signatures
Author(s): Amin Katouzian; Babak Baseri; Elisa E. Konofagou; Andrew F. Laine
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Adaptive spatial compounding for improving ultrasound images of the epidural space on human subjects
Author(s): Denis Tran; King-Wei Hor; Allaudin Kamani; Vickie Lessoway; Robert N. Rohling
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Measuring shape complexity of breast lesions on ultrasound images
Author(s): Wei Yang; Su Zhang; Yazhu Chen; Wenying Li; Yaqing Chen
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Image-based method for in-vivo freehand ultrasound calibration
Author(s): Wolfgang Wein; Ali Khamene
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Spatial compounding for rotating linear probe in the presence of parameter error using image registration
Author(s): Myoung H. Choi; Moo-Ho Bae; Ra Young Yoon
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Lamb waves detection in a bovine cortical tibia using a scanning laser vibrometry
Author(s): Manik Hapsara; Daciana D. Illiescu
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Multi-modal breast imaging with ultrasound tomography
Author(s): Neb Duric; Cuiping Li; Peter Littrup; Carri Glide-Hurst; Lianjie Huang; Jessica Lupinacci; Steven Schmidt; Olsi Rama; Lisa Bey-Knight R.N.; Yang Xu
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A novel software-based technique for quantifying placental calcifications and infarctions from ultrasound
Author(s): John T. Ryan; Fionnuala McAuliffe M.D.; Mary Higgins M.D.; Marie Stanton; Patrick Brennan
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A novel ultrasonic method for measuring breast density and breast cancer risk
Author(s): Carri K. Glide-Hurst; Neb Duric; Peter J. Littrup
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Estimation of 3D cardiac deformation using spatio-temporal elastic registration of non-scanconverted ultrasound data
Author(s): An Elen; Dirk Loeckx; Hon Fai Choi; Hang Gao; Piet Claus; Frederik Maes; Paul Suetens; Jan D'hooge
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Real-time visualization of pulsatile tissue-motion in B-mode ultrasonogram for assistance in bedside diagnosis of ischemic diseases of neonatal cranium
Author(s): M. Fukuzawa; M. Yamada; N. Nakamori; Y. Kitsunezuka
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Image-based speckle tracking for tissue motion characterization in a deformable cardiovascular phantom
Author(s): R. Chan; R. Manzke; S. Dalal; D. Stanton; P. Chang; S. Settlemier; I. Salgo; F. Tournoux
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IVUS catheter motion: implications for ultrasonic speckle and correction in IVUS palpography
Author(s): Mikhail G. Danilouchkine; Frits Mastik; Antonius F. W. van der Steen
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Strain index: a new visualizing parameter for US elastography
Author(s): Dario Sosa-Cabrera; R. de Luis-García; A. Tristán-Vega; Carlos Alberola-López; Juan Ruiz-Alzola
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A new approach to elastography using a modified demons registration algorithm
Author(s): Dario Sosa-Cabrera; Antonio Tristan-Vega; Gonzalo Vegas-Sanchez-Ferrero; Javier Gonzalez-Fernandez; Luis Gomez-Deniz; Carlos Alberla-Lopez; Juan Ruiz-Alzola
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Software implementation of ultrasound beamforming using ADSP-TS201 DSPs
Author(s): Hak-Yeol Sohn; Sin-hyeok Seo; Jaemin Kim; Tai-Kyong Song
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High throughput SAFT for an experimental USCT system as MATLAB implementation with use of SIMD CPU instructions
Author(s): M. Zapf; G. F. Schwarzenberg; N. V. Ruiter
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A method to design an optimum pair of transmit and receive periodic sparse arrays
Author(s): Gi-Duck Kim; Tai-Kyong Song
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Photoacoustic 3D visualization of tumor angiogenesis
Author(s): G. A. ten Brinke; R. G. M. Kolkman; C. H. Slump; W. Steenbergen
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Imaging of acoustic attenuation and speed of sound maps using photoacoustic measurements
Author(s): Rene G. H. Willemink; Srirang Manohar; Yashasvi Purwar; Cornelis H. Slump; Ferdi van der Heijden; Ton G. van Leeuwen
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A study of 3-way image fusion for characterizing acoustic properties of breast tissue
Author(s): Yang Xu; Neb Duric; Cuiping Li; Jessica Lupinacci; Steven Schmidt; Carri Glide-Hurst
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Comparison of ultrasound attenuation tomography methods for breast imaging
Author(s): Cuiping Li; Neb Duric; Lianjie Huang
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Simulation of microbubble response to ambient pressure changes
Author(s): Klaus Scheldrup Andersen; Jørgen Arendt Jensen
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Harmonic quadrature demodulation for extracting the envelope of the second harmonic component
Author(s): Sang-Min Kim; Jae-Hee Song; Tai-Kyong Song
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Measurement of thermally ablated lesions in sonoelastographic images using level set methods
Author(s): Benjamin Castaneda; Jose Gerardo Tamez-Pena; Man Zhang; Kenneth Hoyt; Kevin Bylund; Jared Christensen; Wael Saad; John Strang; Deborah J. Rubens; Kevin J. Parker
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