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Medical Imaging 2008: PACS and Imaging Informatics
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Volume Number: 6919
Date Published: 3 April 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6919
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
How HL7 version 3 is used at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital to exchange information with a central archive
Author(s): Göran Carlsson; Tommy Hagberg; Ludmilla Bogavac; Mikael Wintell
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Evaluation of free non-diagnostic DICOM software tools
Author(s): Wei Liao; Thomas M. Deserno; Klaus Spitzer
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Integrating DICOM structure reporting (SR) into the medical imaging informatics data grid
Author(s): Jasper Lee; Anh Le; Brent Liu
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A DICOM-RT radiation oncology ePR with decision support utilizing a quantified knowledge base from historical data
Author(s): Jorge R. Documet; Brent Liu; Anh Le; Maria Law
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Brokerage mechanism proposal for teleradiology studies distribution
Author(s): Daniel Ferreira Polónia; Augusto F. da Silva; Carlos M. Costa; José Luís Oliveira
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A web-accessible content-based cervicographic image retrieval system
Author(s): Zhiyun Xue; L. Rodney Long; Sameer Antani; Jose Jeronimo; George R. Thoma
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Local versus global texture analysis for lung nodule image retrieval
Author(s): Ryan Datteri; Daniela Raicu; Jacob Furst
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RadSearch: a RIS/PACS integrated query tool
Author(s): Sinchai Tsao; Jorge Documet; Paymann Moin M.D.; Kevin Wang; Brent J. Liu
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Grid-enabled mammographic auditing and training system
Author(s): M. H. Yap; A. G. Gale
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A classification framework for lung tissue categorization
Author(s): Adrien Depeursinge; Jimison Iavindrasana; Asmâa Hidki; Gilles Cohen; Antoine Geissbuhler; Alexandra Platon; Pierre-Alexandre Poletti; Henning Müller
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Seeing through the window: pre-fetching strategies for out-of-core image processing algorithms
Author(s): R. Pinho; K. J. Batenburg; J. Sijbers
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Automated bone age assessment of older children using the radius
Author(s): Sinchai Tsao; Arkadiusz Gertych; Aifeng Zhang; Brent J. Liu; Han K. Huang
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Content-based image recognition for digital radiographs
Author(s): Hui Luo; Jiebo Luo
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The design and implementation of decision support tools of proton beam therapy treatment planning of brain cancer patients
Author(s): Anh Le; Jorge Documet; Anika Joseph; Reinhard Schulte M.D.; Brent Liu
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Web-based computer-aided-diagnosis (CAD) system for bone age assessment (BAA) of children
Author(s): Aifeng Zhang; Joshua Uyeda; Sinchai Tsao; Kevin Ma; Linda A. Vachon; Brent J. Liu; H. K. Huang
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Texture versus shape analysis for lung nodule similarity in computed tomography studies
Author(s): Marwa N. Muhammad; Daniela S. Raicu; Jacob D. Furst; Ekarin Varutbangkul
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Role of computer aided detection (CAD) integration: case study with meniscal and articular cartilage CAD applications
Author(s): Nabile Safdar; Bharath Ramakrishna; Ganesh Saiprasad; Khan Siddiqui; Eliot Siegel M.D.
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An adaptable XML based approach for scientific data management and integration
Author(s): Fusheng Wang; Florian Thiel; Daniel Furrer; Cristobal Vergara-Niedermayr; Chen Qin; Georg Hackenberg; Pierre-Emmanuel Bourgue; David Kaltschmidt; Mo Wang
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Design and implementation of GRID-based PACS in a hospital with multiple imaging departments
Author(s): Yuanyuan Yang; Jin Jin; Jianyong Sun; Jianguo Zhang
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Implementation and use of a web-based interface for confidential communication of data between the clinical and research environments
Author(s): Peyton H. Bland; Gary E. Laderach; Charles R. Meyer
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Performance benchmarking of liver CT image segmentation and volume estimation
Author(s): Wei Xiong; Jiayin Zhou; Qi Tian; Jimmy J. Liu; Yingyi Qi; Wee Kheng Leow; Thazin Han; Shih-chang Wang
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Assuring image authenticity within a data grid using lossless digital signature embedding and a HIPAA-compliant auditing system
Author(s): Jasper C. Lee; Kevin C. Ma; Brent J. Liu
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Improved display calibration algorithm for wide viewing angle DICOM GSDF compliance
Author(s): T. Kimpe; C. Marchessoux
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Display methods for adjustable grayscale and luminance depth
Author(s): An Xu; Anindita Saha; Gabriele Guarnieri; Giovanni Ramponi; Aldo Badano
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The effect of increased ambient lighting on detection accuracy in uniform and anatomical backgrounds
Author(s): Benjamin J. Pollard; Amarpreet S. Chawla; Noriyuki Hashimoto; Ehsan Samei
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Rapid prototyping of clinical software assistants
Author(s): Jan Rexilius; Heinz-Otto Peitgen
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ImTK: an open source multi-center information management toolkit
Author(s): Adil Alaoui; Mary Lou Ingeholm; Shilpa Padh; Mihai Dorobantu; Mihir Desai; Kevin Cleary; Seong K. Mun
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The workflow and procedures for automatic integration of a computer-aided diagnosis workstation with a clinical PACS with real world examples
Author(s): Anh Le; Lam Mai; Brent Liu; H. K. Huang
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Integration of implant planning workflows into the PACS infrastructure
Author(s): Michael Gessat; Gero Strauß M.D.; Oliver Burgert
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A general framework for data streaming in the digital operating room
Author(s): Rafael Mayoral; Adrián Vázquez; Oliver Burgert
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Automatic real-time capture and segmentation of endoscopy video
Author(s): Sean R. Stanek; Wallapak Tavanapong; Johnny S. Wong; JungHwan Oh; Piet C. de Groen M.D.
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Workflow in interventional radiology: uterine fibroid embolization (UFE)
Author(s): David Lindisch; Thomas Neumuth; Oliver Burgert; James Spies; Kevin Cleary
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Integration of a real-time video grabber component with the open source image-guided surgery toolkit IGSTK
Author(s): Ole Vegard Solberg; Geir-Arne Tangen; Frank Lindseth; Torleif Sandnes; Andinet A. Enquobahrie; Luis Ibáñez; Patrick Cheng; David Gobbi; Kevin Cleary
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Content based image retrieval applied to contrast enhancing brain tumors
Author(s): Hussain Z. Tameem; Shishir Dube; Usha Sinha
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A novel multidimensional medical image display framework based on visualization toolkit
Author(s): Jie Shuai; Jianyong Sun; Jianguo Zhang
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A novel strategy to access high resolution DICOM medical images based on JPEG2000 interactive protocol
Author(s): Yuan Tian; Weihua Cai; Jianyong Sun; Jianguo Zhang
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Database construction for small lung nodule using high-resolution three-dimension CT image
Author(s): Y. Kozaki; Y. Kawata; N. Niki; H. Ohmatsu; M. Kusumoto; R. Kakinuma; K. Eguchi; M. Kaneko; N. Moriyama
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Integration of a research CBIR system with RIS and PACS for radiological routine
Author(s): Benedikt Fischer; Thomas M. Deserno; Bastian Ott; Rolf W. Günther
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Development of a mobile HIS/PACS workstation to assist critical cardiac patients in an intensive care unit
Author(s): Marco A. Gutierrez; Idagene A. Cestari; Gina Hamamoto; Simão Bacht; Marina S. Rebelo; João E. M. M. Silva; Silvia G. Lage
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Computer-aided diagnosis workstation and network system for chest diagnosis based on multislice CT images
Author(s): Hitoshi Satoh; Noboru Niki; Kenji Eguchi M.D.; Noriyuki Moriyama; Hironobu Ohmatsu M.D.; Hideo Masuda; Suguru Machida
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Using eclipse RCP for the contextual image viewer
Author(s): Ramon A. Moreno; Sérgio Shiguemi Furuie
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Bone age assessment in Hispanic children: digital hand atlas compared with the Greulich and Pyle (G&P) atlas
Author(s): James Reza Fernandez; Aifeng Zhang; Linda Vachon; Sinchai Tsao
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