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Medical Imaging 2008: Image Perception, Observer Performance, and Technology Assessment
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Volume Number: 6917
Date Published: 3 April 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6917
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Performance changes in lung nodule detection following perceptual feedback of eye movements
Author(s): T. Donovan; D. J. Manning; T. Crawford
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How much agreement is there in the visual search strategy of experts reading mammograms?
Author(s): Claudia Mello-Thoms
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Comprehensive evaluation of an image segmentation technique for measuring tumor volume from CT images
Author(s): Xiang Deng; Haibin Huang; Lei Zhu; Guangwei Du; Xiaodong Xu; Yiyong Sun; Chenyang Xu; Marie-Pierre Jolly; Jiuhong Chen; Jie Xiao; Reto Merges; Michael Suehling; Daniel Rinck; Lan Song; Zhengyu Jin; Zhaoxia Jiang; Bin Wu; Xiaohong Wang; Shuai Zhang; Weijun Peng
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Performance study of a globally elastic locally rigid matching algorithm for follow-up chest CT
Author(s): Rafael Wiemker; Bartjan de Hoop; Sven Kabus; Hester Gietema; Roland Opfer; Ekta Dharaiya
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PET/CT detectability and classification of simulated pulmonary lesions using an SUV correction scheme
Author(s): Andrew N. Morrow; Kenneth L. Matthews II; Steven Bujenovic M.D.
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Comparing signal-based and case-based methodologies for CAD assessment in a detection task
Author(s): Sophie Paquerault; Frank W. Samuelson; Nicholas Petrick; Kyle J. Myers
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Performance evaluation of image processing algorithms in digital mammography
Author(s): Federica Zanca; Chantal Van Ongeval M.D.; Jurgen Jacobs; Herman Pauwels; Guy Marchal M.D.; Hilde Bosmans
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A novel partial area index of receiver operating characteristic (ROC) curve
Author(s): Tao Wu; Haibin Huang; Guangwei Du; Yiyong Sun
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Investigation of methods for analyzing location specific observer performance data
Author(s): D. P. Chakraborty; Hong-Jun Yoon
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Comparing agreement measures
Author(s): Wei-min Liu; Brandon D. Gallas
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Three-class ROC analysis: a sequential decision model developed for the diagnostic task rest-stress myocardial perfusion SPECT imaging
Author(s): Xin He; Eric C. Frey
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Optimality of a utility-based performance metric for ROC analysis
Author(s): Darrin C. Edwards; Charles E. Metz
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Individualised training to address variability of radiologists' performance
Author(s): Shanghua Sun; Paul Taylor; Louise Wilkinson; Lisanne Khoo
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Image perception by expert readers as a function of patient skin entrance dose levels in digital radiography
Author(s): T. Lehnert; H. Korkusuz; F. Khan; T. J. Vogl; M. G. Mack
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Toward perceptually driven image retrieval in mammography: a pilot observer study to assess visual similarity of masses
Author(s): Maciej A. Mazurowski; Brian P. Harrawood; Jacek M. Zurada; Georgia D. Tourassi
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Existence and perception of textural information predictive of atypical nevi: preliminary insights
Author(s): Paul Wighton; Tim K. Lee; David McLean M.D.; Harvey Lui M.D.; M. Stella Atkins
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Mass detection on mammograms: signal variations and performance changes for human and model observers
Author(s): C. Castella; K. Kinkel M.D.; M. P. Eckstein; C. K. Abbey; F. R. Verdun; R. S. Saunders; E. Samei; F. O. Bochud
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Weighted perceptual difference model (case-PDM) for MR image quality evaluation
Author(s): Jun Miao; Wilbur C. K. Wong; David L. Wilson
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Image splitting techniques for a dual layer high dynamic range LCD display
Author(s): Gabriele Guarnieri; Luigi Albani; Giovanni Ramponi
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Detection of low contrast test patterns on an LCD with different luminance and illuminance settings
Author(s): Patrik Sund; Magnus Båth; Lars Gunnar Månsson
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Visual adaptation: softcopy image contribution to the observer's field of view
Author(s): R. J. Toomey; K. Curran; C. D'Helft; M. B. Joyce; J. Stowe; J. T. Ryan; M. F. McEntee; D. J. Manning; P. C. Brennan
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Achieving consistent color and grayscale presentation on medial color displays
Author(s): Jiahua Fan; Hans Roehrig; William Dallas; Elizabeth A. Krupinski
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Assessment of temporal display using observers
Author(s): Hongye Liang; Aldo Badano
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Model observers to predict human performance in LROC studies of SPECT reconstruction using anatomical priors
Author(s): Andre Lehovich; Howard C. Gifford; Michael A. King
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Optimizing breast-tomosynthesis acquisition parameters with scanning model observers
Author(s): H. C. Gifford; C. S. Didier; Mini Das; S. J. Glick
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Markov-chain Monte Carlo for the performance of a channelized-ideal observer in detection tasks with non-Gaussian lumpy backgrounds
Author(s): Subok Park; Eric Clarkson
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Singular vectors of a linear imaging system as efficient channels for the ideal observer in detection tasks involving non-Gaussian distributed lumpy images
Author(s): Joel M. Witten; Subok Park; Kyle J. Myers
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Comparison of variable and fixed focal length cone beam CT in diagnostic imaging
Author(s): Samuel J. LaRoque; Junguo Bian; Emil Y. Sidky; Xiaochuan Pan
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Accurate computation of the Hotelling template for SKE/BKE detection tasks
Author(s): Emil Y. Sidky; Samuel J. LaRoque; Xiaochuan Pan
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VGC analysis: application of the ROC methodology to visual grading tasks
Author(s): Magnus Båth; Sara Zachrisson; Lars Gunnar Månsson
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A method of ROC analysis by applying item response theory (IRT) to results of 1/0 judgments on the presence or absence of abnormal findings in CT image readings
Author(s): Toru Matsumoto; Akira Furukawa; Kanae Nisizawa; Kohei Murao; Kozo Hanai; Shinji Yamamoto; Shinichi Wada; Shusuke Sone
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Relations between physical properties of local and global image-based elements and the performance of human observers in lung nodule detection
Author(s): Mariusz W. Pietrzyk; David J. Manning; Alan Dix; Tim Donovan
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Reconstruction filters and contrast detail curves in CT
Author(s): W. Huda; K. M. Ogden; E. Samei; E. M. Scalzetti; R. L. Lavallee; M. L. Roskopf; G. E. Groat
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Inter-reader variability in alternate forced choice studies
Author(s): W. Huda; K. M. Ogden; E. Samei; E. M. Scalzetti; R. L. Lavallee; M. L. Roskopf
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Mammographic interpretation training: how useful is handheld technology?
Author(s): Yan Chen; Alastair G. Gale; Hazel Scott
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How are false negative cases perceived by mammographers? Which abnormalities are misinterpreted and which go undetected?
Author(s): Hazel J. Scott; Alastair G. Gale; Sue Hill
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Measurement of visual strain in radiologists
Author(s): Elizabeth A. Krupinski; Adam Johns; Kevin S. Berbaum
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Learning from others: effects of viewing another person's eye movements while searching for chest nodules
Author(s): Damien Litchfield; Linden J. Ball; Tim Donovan; David J. Manning; Trevor Crawford
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Assembling a prototype resonance electrical impedance spectroscopy system for breast tissue signal detection: preliminary assessment
Author(s): Jules Sumkin; Bin Zheng; Michelle Gruss; John Drescher; Joseph Leader; Walter Good; Amy Lu; Cathy Cohen; Ratan Shah; Margarita Zuley; David Gur
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Perceptual assessment of multiple stent deployment
Author(s): Craig K. Abbey; Arian Teymoorian; Wade Schoonveld; Xiaolin Da; Sheng Zhang; James S. Whiting; Miguel P. Eckstein
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An automated system for the analysis of peri-prosthetic osteolysis progression
Author(s): Jose Tamez-Pena; Monica Barbu-McInnis; S. Kubilay Pakin; Benjamin Castaneda; Saara Totterman; R. John Looney
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Performance assessment of multi-frequency processing of ICU chest images for enhanced visualization of tubes and catheters
Author(s): Xiaohui Wang; Mary E. Couwenhoven; David H. Foos; James Doran; David F Yankelevitz M.D.; Claudia I Henschke M.D.
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Steady-state sweep visual evoked potential processing denoised by wavelet transform
Author(s): Heinar A. Weiderpass; Jorge F. Yamamoto; Solange R. Salomão; Adriana Berezovsky; Josenilson M. Pereira; Paula Y. Sacai; José Pedro de Oliveira; Marcio A. Costa; Marcelo N. Burattini
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A strategy to optimize CT pediatric dose with a visual discrimination model
Author(s): Daniel Gutierrez; François Gudinchet; Leonor T. Alamo-Maestre; François O. Bochud; Francis R. Verdun
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Assessment of scanning model observers with hybrid SPECT images
Author(s): H. C. Gifford; P. H. Pretorius; M. A. King
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SPECT image system optimization using ideal observer for detection and localization
Author(s): Lili Zhou; Gene Gindi
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Noise reduction effect in super-high resolution LCDs using independent sub-pixel driving technology
Author(s): Katsuhiro Ichikawa; Yoshikazu Nishi; Shigeo Hayashi; Mikio Hasegawa; Yoshie Kodera
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Mammography workstation design: effect on mammographer behaviour and the risk of musculoskeletal disorders
Author(s): S. Taylor-Phillips; M. G Wallis; A. G. Gale
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Influence of monitor characteristics on the signals detection present in the mammographic phantom image
Author(s): Silvio Ricardo Pires; Regina Bitelli Medeiros
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Radiological image presentation requires consideration of human adaptation characteristics
Author(s): N. M O'Connell; R. J. Toomey; M. McEntee; J. Ryan; J. Stowe; A. Adams; P. C. Brennan
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Searching in axial and 3D CT visualisations
Author(s): Peter Phillips; David Manning; Trevor Crawford; David Burling; Chi-Leung Tam; Alasdair Taylor
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