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Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies III
Editor(s): Liang-Chy Chien
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Volume Number: 6911
Date Published: 7 January 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6911
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
In-plane switching of a twisted-nematic liquid crystal cell for single-cellgap transflective display
Author(s): Tae-Hoon Yoon; Gak Seok Lee; Jeong Hyun Lee; Dong Han Song; Jae Chang Kim; Dae Lim Park; Seong Soo Hwang; Dae Hyun Kim; Sung Il Park
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Liquid crystal surface alignments by using films composed of magnetic nanoparticles
Author(s): Ru-Pin Pan; Hsin-Ying Wu; Cho-Fan Hsieh
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Extraordinary properties of nematic phases of bent-core liquid crystals
Author(s): A. Jákli; M. Chambers; J. Harden; M. Madhabi; R. Teeling; J. Kim; Q. Li; G. G. Nair; N. Éber; K. Fodor-Csorba; J. T. Gleeson; S. Sprunt
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Effects of functionalized metal and semiconductor nanoparticles in nematic liquid crystal phases
Author(s): Hao Qi; Brandy Kinkead; Torsten Hegmann
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Designing chromonic mesogens for the fabrication of anisotropic optical materials
Author(s): Suk-Wah Tam-Chang; Liming Huang; Aryal Gyan; Wonewoo Seo; Delfin Mahinay; Isaac K. Iverson
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Flexible and reflective polarizer-free liquid crystal displays using dye-doped liquid crystal gels
Author(s): Yi-Hsin Lin; Jhih-Ming Yang; Shie-Chang Jeng; Yan-Rung Lin; Chi-Chang Liao
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3D-structured liquid crystal networks formed by dichroic photoinitiator initiated photopolymerization
Author(s): B. Serrano-Ramón; Ch. Kjellander; S. Zakerhamidi; C. W. M. Bastiaansen; D. J. Broer
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Modeling liquid crystal elastomers: actuators, pumps, and robots
Author(s): Robin L. B. Selinger; Badel L. Mbanga; Jonathan V. Selinger
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A photochromic main-chain liquid crystalline polymer and its photo-stimulated actuating properties
Author(s): Myong-Hoon Lee; Hyong J. Choi; Kwang-Un Jeong; Liang-Chy Chien
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Nematic colloidal assemblies: towards photonic crystals and metamaterials
Author(s): Slobodan Žumer; Igor Muševic; Miha Ravnik; Miha Škarabot; Igor Poberaj; Dušan Babič; Uroš Tkalec
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Photonics and flexible display applications of phase-separated liquid crystals
Author(s): Kwang-Soo Bae; Yoonseuk Choi; Min Young Jin; Jong-Wook Jung; Jae-Hoon Kim
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Fresnel lenses based on dye-doped liquid crystals
Author(s): Liang-Chen Lin; Ko-Ting Cheng; Cheng-Kai Liu; Chi-Lun Ting; Hung-Chang Jau; Tsung-Hsien Lin; Andy Y.-G. Fuh
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Tunable optical properties of photonic crystals and semiconductor microdisks using liquid crystals
Author(s): Karoline A. Piegdon; Heinrich Matthias; Cedrik Meier; Heinz-S. Kitzerow
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Dynamics of phase separation and morphology of polymer stabilized liquid crystals
Author(s): Lanfang Li; Carmen Otilia Catanescu; Liang-Chy Chien
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Electrically switchable optical vortex generated by a computer-generated hologram recorded in polymer-dispersed liquid crystals
Author(s): Y. J. Liu; X. W. Sun
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Novel columnar LCs for a new generation of organic solar cells
Author(s): Harald Bock; Noémie Buffet; Eric Grelet; Isabelle Seguy; José Navarro; Pierre Destruel
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Excimer laser projection photoablation and lift-off process for patterning of indium-tin-oxide for cost-effective fabrication of flat-panel displays
Author(s): Junghun Chae; Sreeram Appasami; Kanti Jain
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Establish a six-primary color display without pixel-distortion and brightness loss
Author(s): Yao-Fang Hsieh; Ming-Chuen Chuang; Mang Ou-Yang; Shih-Wei Huang; Jia-hao Li; Yi-Ting Kuo
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Increased collection efficiency of LIFI high intensity electrodeless light source
Author(s): Abdeslam Hafidi; Marc DeVincentis; Markus Duelli; Richard Gilliard
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Effective speckle reduction in laser projection displays
Author(s): Akio Furukawa; Norihiro Ohse; Yoshifumi Sato; Daisuke Imanishi; Kazuya Wakabayashi; Satoshi Ito; Koshi Tamamura; Shoji Hirata
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Recent advancements in system design for miniaturized MEMS-based laser projectors
Author(s): M. Scholles; K. Frommhagen; Ch. Gerwig; J. Knobbe; H. Lakner; D. Schlebusch; M. Schwarzenberg; U. Vogel
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Full-color interactive holographic projection system for large 3D scene reconstruction
Author(s): Norbert Leister; Armin Schwerdtner; Gerald Fütterer; Steffen Buschbeck; Jean-Christophe Olaya; Stanislas Flon
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New markets and new light-sources for projection
Author(s): Holger Moench
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LED light source for projection displays
Author(s): George Ouyang; Kenneth Li
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