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Light-Emitting Diodes: Research, Manufacturing, and Applications XII
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Volume Number: 6910
Date Published: 7 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6910
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-power InGaN LEDs: present status and future prospects
Author(s): B. Hahn; A. Weimar; M. Peter; J. Baur
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Recent developments in high brightness LEDs
Author(s): T. P. Chen; C. L. Yao; C. Y. Wu; J. H. Yeh; C. W. Wang; M. H. Hsieh
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Intrinsic OLED emitter properties and their effect on device performance
Author(s): Christoph A. Wächter; Norbert Danz; Dirk Michaelis; Michael Flämmich; Sergey Kudaev; Andreas H. Bräuer; Malte C. Gather; Klaus Meerholz
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Optical analysis of down-conversion OLEDs
Author(s): Benjamin Krummacher; Markus Klein; Norwin von Malm; Albrecht Winnacker
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New conjugated polymers with stabilized blue emission
Author(s): Hongsuk Suh; Jinwoo Kim; Youngeup Jin; Suhee Song; Yunna Kim; Sun Hee Kim; Sung Heum Park; Kwanghee Lee
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Novel approach for LED luminous intensity measurement
Author(s): Ron Rykowski; Hubert Kostal
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Secrets of GaN substrates properties for high luminousity of InGaN quantum wells
Author(s): M. Leszczynski; I. Grzegory; M. Boćkowski; B. Łucznik; T. Suski; P. Perlin; R. Czernecki; G. Targowski; M. Sarzyński; M. Kryśko; P. Prystawko; G. Kamler; G. Nowak; S. Porowski
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GaN substrates by HVPE
Author(s): Markus Weyers; Eberhard Richter; Ch. Hennig; S. Hagedorn; T. Wernicke; G. Tränkle
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Comparison of numerical modeling and experiments of InGaN quantum wells light-emitting diodes with SiO2 / polystyrene microlens arrays
Author(s): Yik-Khoon Ee; Pisist Kumnorkaew; Hua Tong; Ronald A. Arif; James F. Gilchrist; Nelson Tansu
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Improvement of light extraction from micro-pattern encapsulated GaN-based LED by imprinting
Author(s): Kui Bao; Bei Zhang; XiangNing Kang; Tao Dai; Chang Xiong; GuoYi Zhang; Yong Chen
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Hybrid colloidal nanocrystal-organics based LEDs
Author(s): Aurora Rizzo; Yanqin Li; Marco Mazzeo; Giuseppe Gigli
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GaN-based light emitting diodes with large area surface nano-structures patterned by anodic aluminum oxide templates
Author(s): Tao Dai; Bei Zhang; Xiangning Kang; Kui Bao; Wenzhu Zhao; Dongshen Xu; Zizhao Gan
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Submicron-thick microcavity InGaN light emitting diodes
Author(s): Yong-Seok Choi; Michael Iza; Elison Matioli; Gregor Koblmüller; James S. Speck; Claude Weisbuch; Evelyn L. Hu
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Surgical retractor with RGB-WHITE LEDs
Author(s): Jun-ichi Shimada M.D.; Daishiro Kato; Kunihiko Terauchi; Kazuhiro Itoh; Masashi Yanada; Masanori Shimomura; Hiroaki Tsuneduka; Yoichi Kawakami
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Smart LED light source driver for machine vision system
Author(s): Miran Bürmen; Franjo Pernuš; Boštjan Likar
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High-power LED illumination system for photosynthetic research on potted plant canopies
Author(s): Birgitte Thestrup; Carsten Dam-Hansen; Janni Bjerregaard Lund; Eva Rosenqvist
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Author(s): Dhananjay V. Gadre; Vasudev Lal; Sulochana Dhar; Anshul Kumar
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(AlGaIn)N UV LEDs for integrated metal-oxide based ozone sensors
Author(s): J. Wagner; Ch. Y. Wang; C.-C. Röhlig; M. Maier; M. Kunzer; T. Passow; W. Schirmacher; W. Pletschen; V. Cimalla; K. Köhler; O. Ambacher
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Phosphors for solid state lighting
Author(s): M. Zachau; D. Becker; D. Berben; T. Fiedler; F. Jermann; F. Zwaschka
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Decay mechanisms of lumen and chromaticity for high-power phosphor-based white-light-emitting diodes in thermal aging
Author(s): Chun-Chin Tsai; Ming-Hung Chen; Chao-Wei Lee; Yuan-Tsun Lo; Yi-Cheng Hsu; Wood-Hi Cheng
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Radiative efficiency and spontaneous recombination rate of staggered InGaN quantum well LED at 420-510 nm
Author(s): Ronald A. Arif; Hongping Zhao; Yik-Khoon Ee; Nelson Tansu
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Investigation of process parameters towards high efficiency silicon light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Grant Z. Pan; Dae H. Pak; Jaime Peretzman; Li P. Ren
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High performance encapsulants for ultra high-brightness LEDs
Author(s): David W. Mosley; Kathy Auld; David Conner; Jay Gregory; Xian-Qian Liu; Angelo Pedicini; David Thorsen; Morris Wills; Garo Khanarian; Ethan S. Simon
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Advances in LED packaging and thermal management materials
Author(s): Carl Zweben
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Novel chip coating approaches to improve white LED technology
Author(s): Paul Hartmann; Marko Schweighart; Christian Sommer; Franz-P. Wenzl; Ernst Zinterl; Hans Hoschopf; Peter Pachler; Stefan Tasch
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Stability of electroluminescent conjugated with fluoro groups in vinylene units
Author(s): Jaeyeon Jung; Youngeup Jin; Jinwoo Kim; Suhee Song; Jaehong Kim; Sun Hee Kim; Youna Choi; Kwanghee Lee; Hongsuk Suh
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The color tuning of PPV derivative by substituted tetrakis-ethylhexyloxy groups
Author(s): Youngran Goo; Youngeup Jin; Suhee Song; Jin Young Kim; Kwanghee Lee; Hongsuk Suh
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