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Novel In-Plane Semiconductor Lasers VII
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Volume Number: 6909
Date Published: 7 January 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6909
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
High-performance 1300-nm InAs/GaAs quantum-dot lasers
Author(s): H. Y. Liu; M. Hopkinson; K. Groom; R. A. Hogg; D. J. Mowbray
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High performance quantum dot distributed feedback laser diodes around 1.15 µm
Author(s): J. Koeth; M. Fischer; M. Legge; J. Seufert; R. Werner
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High performance 1.3 µm GaInNAs quantum well lasers on GaAs
Author(s): S. M. Wang; G. Adolfsson; H. Zhao; Y. Q. Wei; J. S. Gustavsson; M. Sadeghi; A. Larsson
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Reconfigurable monolithic quantum dot passively mode-locked lasers
Author(s): Y.-C. Xin; Y. Li; V. Kovanis; L. F. Lester
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Monolithic mode-locked quantum dot lasers
Author(s): R. V. Penty; M. G. Thompson; I. H. White
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Low-noise monolithic mode-locked semiconductor lasers through low-dimensional structures
Author(s): Kresten Yvind; David Larsson; Jesper Mørk; Jørn M. Hvam; Mark Thompson; Richard Penty; Ian White
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High performance laser arrays for tunable and parallel link applications
Author(s): Bardia Pezeshki; Gideon Yoffe
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Reduction of RIE induced damage of GaInAsP/InP DQW lasers fabricated by 2-step growth
Author(s): D. Plumwongrot; M. Kurokawa; T. Okumura; Y. Nishimoto; T. Maruyama; N. Nishiyama; S. Arai
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Three-guide coupled rectangular ring lasers with total internal reflection mirrors
Author(s): Doo Gun Kim; Woon Kyung Choi; In-Il Jung; Geum-Yoon Oh; Young Wan Choi; Jong Chang Yi; Nadir Dagli
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A GaN-based surface-emitting laser with 45degree-inclined mirror in horizontal cavity
Author(s): Masao Kawaguchi; Satoshi Tamura; Masaaki Yuri; Daisuke Ueda
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Characterization of AlInGaN-based 405nm distributed feedback laser diodes
Author(s): S. Masui; K. Tsukayama; T. Yanamoto; T. Kozaki; S. Nagahama; T. Mukai
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High-temperature and high-power operation of terahertz quantum-cascade lasers
Author(s): Sushil Kumar; Alan W. M. Lee; Qi Qin; Benjamin S. Williams; Qing Hu; John L. Reno
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Monolithically integrated III-Sb based laser diodes grown on miscut Si substrates
Author(s): J. Tatebayashi; A. Jallipalli; M. N. Kutty; S. H. Huang; N. Nuntawong; G. Balakrishnan; L. R. Dawson; D. L. Huffaker
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On-chip integration of InGaAs/GaAs quantum dot lasers with waveguides and modulators on silicon
Author(s): Jun Yang; Pallab Bhattacharya; Guoxuan Qin; Zhenqiang Ma
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Recess integration of micro-cleaved laser diode platelets with dielectric waveguides on silicon
Author(s): Clifton G. Fonstad Jr.; Joseph J. Rumpler; Edward R. Barkley; James M. Perkins; Shaya Famenini
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High-brightness diode lasers with very narrow vertical divergence
Author(s): Götz Erbert; Frank Bugge; Bernd Eppich; Joerg Fricke; Karl-Heinz Hasler; Katrin Paschke; Agnieszka Pietrzak; Hans Wenzel; Günther Tränkle
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Highly reliable, high-brightness 915nm laser diodes for fiber laser applications
Author(s): Zuntu Xu; Wei Gao; Lisen Cheng; Kejian Luo; Kun Shen; Andre Mastrovito
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Asymmetric Al-free active region laser structure for high-brightness tapered lasers at 975 nm
Author(s): N. Michel; M. Calligaro; M. Lecomte; O. Parillaud; M. Krakowski; J. M. G. Garcia-Tijero; H. Odriozola; I. Esquivias
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High reliability, high power arrays of 808 nm single mode diode lasers employing various quantum well structures
Author(s): B. C. Qiu; O. Kowalski; S. D. McDougall; X. F. Liu; J. H. Marsh
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Grazing-incidence-slab semiconductor laser (GRISSL)
Author(s): Anish K. Goyal; Robin K. Huang; Leo Missaggia
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InAs-based quantum-cascade lasers
Author(s): J. Devenson; R. Teissier; O. Cathabard; A. N. Baranov
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Short-wavelength quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Dmitry G. Revin; Shiyong Zhang; Matthew J. Steer; Robert J. Airey; Andrey B. Krysa; Mark Hopkinson; Luke R. Wilson; Stefan Menzel; John W. Cockburn
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Interband cascade laser progress
Author(s): W. W. Bewley; C. L. Canedy; M. Kim; C. S. Kim; J. A. Nolde; D. C. Larrabee; J. R. Lindle; I. Vurgaftman; J. R. Meyer
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Bloch gain in quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): R. Terazzi; T. Gresch; M. Giovannini; N. Sekine; J. Faist
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Intracavity amplitude modulation of quantum-cascade lasers using intersubband absorption in the active region under reverse bias
Author(s): Arkadiy Lyakh; Richard Maulini; Alexei Tsekoun; Rowel Go; C. Kumar N. Patel
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On the coherence/incoherence of electron transport in semiconductor heterostructure optoelectronic devices
Author(s): P. Harrison; D. Indjin; I. Savić; Z. Ikonić; C. A. Evans; N. Vukmirović; R. W. Kelsall; J. McTavish; V. D Jovanović; V. Milanović
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Multimode regimes and instabilities in quantum-cascade lasers
Author(s): Franz X. Kärtner; Ariel Gordon
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Coherent coupling of mid-infrared quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): L. K. Hoffmann; C. A. Hurni; S. Schartner; M. Austerer; E. Mujagić; M. Nobile; W. Schrenk; A. M. Andrews; P. Klang; M. P. Semtsiv; W. T. Masselink; G. Strasser
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High brightness quantum well and quantum dot tapered lasers
Author(s): N. Michel; M. Krakowski; I. Hassiaoui; M. Calligaro; M. Lecomte; O. Parillaud; P. Weinmann; C. Zimmermann; W. Kaiser; M. Kamp; A. Forchel; E.-M. Pavelescu; J.-P. Reithmaier; B. Sumpf; G. Erbert; M. Kelemen; R. Ostendorf; J-M. García-Tijero; H. Odriozola; I. Esquivias
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Master oscillator power amplifier 3D assemblies based on grating coupled laser diodes
Author(s): Oleg V. Smolski; Jason K. O'Daniel; Eric G. Johnson; Paul Leisher; Paul Crump
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External cavity phase-locked semiconductor tapered lasers
Author(s): I. Hassiaoui; N. Michel; M. Lecomte; O. Parillaud; M. Calligaro; M. Krakowski; R. McBride; G. Bourdet; J.-P. Huignard
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High-power laser arrays with 100% fill factor emission facet
Author(s): Dan A. Yanson; Stewart D McDougall; Bocang Qiu; Valentin Loyo-Maldonado; Gianluca Bacchin; Stephen Robertson; Sébastien Bon; John H. Marsh
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700-730 nm InGaAsP quantum well ridge-waveguide lasers
Author(s): E. Nomoto; T. Taniguchi; T. Ohtoshi; S. Sasaki; K. Saito; H. Hamada; H. Hara
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Chirped comb generation in frequency shifted feedback DFB lasers
Author(s): Jon Paul; Yanhua Hong; Paul S. Spencer; K. Alan Shore
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High power DFB lasers for D1 and D2 caesium absorption spectroscopy and atomic clocks
Author(s): A. Klehr; H. Wenzel; O. Brox; F. Bugge; G. Erbert; T.-P. Nguyen; G. Tränkle
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Narrow linewidth and demonstration of saturation spectra of the Cesium at 852 nm with high power Al-free DFB laser diodes
Author(s): V. Ligeret; S. Bansropun; M. Lecomte; M. Calligaro; O. Parillaud; D. Holleville; N. Dimarcq; N. Michel; M. Krakowski
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Integrated 1060nm MOPA pump source for high-power green light emitters in display technology
Author(s): O. Brox; J. Wiedmann; F. Scholz; F. Bugge; J. Fricke; A. Klehr; T. Laurent; P. Ressel; H. Wenzel; G. Erbert; G. Tränkle
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