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Complex Light and Optical Forces II
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Volume Number: 6905
Date Published: 3 January 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6905
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Resonance energy transfer and interface forces: quantum electrodynamical analysis
Author(s): David S. Bradshaw; Jamie M. Leeder; Justo Rodríguez; David L. Andrews
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Orbital angular momentum in twisted and rotating cavity modes
Author(s): Steven J. M. Habraken; Gerard Nienhuis
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Dynamic singular optics
Author(s): V. I. Vasil'ev; M. S. Soskin
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Vortex sheets in optical and coherence fields
Author(s): Wei Wang; Kentaro Chiba; Steen G. Hanson; Mitsuo Takeda
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High-quality generation of higher-order Laguerre-Gaussian beams using liquid crystal on silicon spatial light modulator
Author(s): Yoshiyuki Ohtake; Taro Ando; Naoya Matsumoto; Takashi Inoue; Norihiro Fukuchi; Haruyasu Itoh; Naohisa Mukohzaka; Tsutomu Hara
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Holographic optical tweezers with real-time hologram calculation using a phase-only modulating LCOS-based SLM at 1064 nm
Author(s): Andreas Hermerschmidt; Sven Krüger; Tobias Haist; Susanne Zwick; Michael Warber; Wolfgang Osten
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Light manipulation by use of inhomogeneous anisotropic subwavelength structures
Author(s): Erez Hasman; Vladimir Kleiner; Nir Dahan; Avi Niv; Yaniv Yirmiyahu; Yuri Gorodetski
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Bio-photonics workstation
Author(s): Jesper Glückstad; Ivan Perch-Nielsen; Jeppe S. Dam; Darwin Z. Palima
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From Gaussian beams to optical landscapes: phase-only apertures based on the generalized phase contrast method
Author(s): Darwin Palima; Jeppe Seidelin Dam; Ivan Perch-Nielsen; Jesper Glückstad
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The fractal shape of speckled darkness
Author(s): Mark R. Dennis; Kevin O'Holleran; Miles J. Padgett
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Composite vortex patterns formed by component light beams with non-integral topological charge
Author(s): E. J. Galvez; S. M. Baumann
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Rotating photons
Author(s): S. J. van Enk; G. Nienhuis
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Fine spectroscopy of semiconductor atoms for controlling nuclear spins
Author(s): Yasutomo Shiomi; Takeshi Yamamoto; Yuta Aoki; Hiroshi Kumagai; Ataru Kobayashi
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Optical binding: potential energy landscapes and QED
Author(s): Justo Rodríguez; Luciana C. Dávila Romero; David L. Andrews
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Optical manipulation of silicon nanowires on silicon nitride waveguides
Author(s): D. Néel; S. Gétin; J.-M. Fedeli; T. Baron; P. Gentile; P. Ferret
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Optical trapping of high-index particles suspended in high-index fluids
Author(s): Jennifer M. Harwell; Olga Blum Spahn; Grant G. Grossetete; Stephen W. Howell; Stephen J. Martin; Jeffrey B. Martin; Grover A. Swartzlander Jr.
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