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Quantum Sensing and Nanophotonic Devices V
Editor(s): Rengarajan Sudharsanan; Christopher Jelen
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Volume Number: 6900
Date Published: 29 January 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6900
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Robust single-mode emission from mid-IR photonic crystal interband cascade lasers
Author(s): C. S. Kim; M. Kim; C. L. Canedy; W. W. Bewley; D. C. Larrabee; J. A. Nolde; J. R. Lindle; I. Vurgaftman; J. R. Meyer
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Interband GaSb-based laser diodes for spectral regions of 2.3-2.4 µm and 3-3.1 µm with improved room-temperature performance
Author(s): Gregory Belenky; Dimitri Donetski; Leon Shterengas; Takashi Hosoda; Jianfeng Chen; Gela Kipshidze; Michail Kisin; David Westerfeld
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Type-II superlattices and quantum cascade lasers for MWIR and LWIR free-space communications
Author(s): Andrew Hood; Allan Evans; Manijeh Razeghi
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Recent advances in long wavelength quantum dot based lasers
Author(s): A. Ramdane; A. Martinez; S. Azouigui; D.-Y. Cong; K. Merghem; A. Akrout; C. Gosset; G. Moreau; F. Lelarge; B. Dagens; J.-G. Provost; A. Accard; O. Le Gouezigou; I. Krestnikov; A. Kovsh; M. Fischer
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Controlled emission of polarized infrared light by a nanocavity equipped optical source
Author(s): K. Ikeda; H. T. Miyazaki; T. Kasaya; K. Yamamoto; Y. Inoue; K. Fujimura; T. Kanakugi; M. Okada; K. Hatade
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Electrically pumped photonic crystal distributed feedback quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Y. Bai; P. Sung; S. R. Darvish; W. Zhang; A. Evans; S. Slivken; M. Razeghi
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Overview of quantum cascade laser research at the Center for Quantum Devices
Author(s): S. Slivken; A. Evans; J. Nguyen; Y. Bai; P. Sung; S. R. Darvish; W. Zhang; M. Razeghi
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Toward regulated photon generations from semiconductor quantum dots and their applications
Author(s): I. Suemune; H. Kumano; Y. Hayashi; K. Tanaka; T. Akazaki; M. Jo; Y. Idutsu
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Mid-infrared vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers based on lead salt/BaF2 Bragg mirrors
Author(s): Martin Eibelhuber; Thomas Schwarzl; Andreas Winter; Harald Pascher; Wolfgang Heiss; Gunther Springholz
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Type II strained layer superlattice: a potential infrared sensor material for space
Author(s): L. Zheng; M. Z. Tidrow; A. Novello; H. Weichel; S. Vohra
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Novel routes in heteroepitaxy and selective area growth for nanophotonics
Author(s): Sebastian Lourdudoss; Fredrik Olsson; Yanting Sun
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Type II InSb/InAs quantum dot structures grown by molecular beam epitaxy using Sb2 and As2 fluxes
Author(s): P. J. Carrington; V. A. Solov'ev; Q. Zhuang; S. V. Ivanov; A. Krier
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Advantages of quantum cascade detectors
Author(s): A. Gomez; M. Carras; A. Nedelcu; E. Costard; X. Marcadet; V. Berger
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Proposal for (110) InAs/GaSb superlattices for infrared detection
Author(s): F. Szmulowicz; H. J. Haugan; G. J. Brown
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High-performance focal plane array based on type-II InAs/GaSb superlattice heterostructures
Author(s): Pierre-Yves Delaunay; Manijeh Razeghi
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III-nitride photon counting avalanche photodiodes
Author(s): Ryan McClintock; Jose Luis Pau; Kathryn Minder; Can Bayram; Manijeh Razeghi
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Broadband photoresponse from InAs quantum dots embedded in a graded well for visible to mid-infrared detection
Author(s): Brandon S. Passmore; Jiang Wu; Eric A. DeCuir Jr.; Omar Manasreh; P. M. Lytvyn; Euclydes Marega Jr.; Vasyl P. Kunets; Gregory J. Salamo
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Interface roughness estimate from carrier transport in InAs/GaSb superlattices
Author(s): F. Szmulowicz; S. Elhamri; H. J. Haugan; G. J. Brown; W. C. Mitchel
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Progress in MOVPE-growth of InGaN and InN
Author(s): Takashi Matsuoka
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Design approaches for digitally dominated active pixel sensors: leveraging Moore's Law scaling in focal plane readout design
Author(s): Brian Tyrrell; Robert Berger; Curtis Colonero; Joseph Costa; Michael Kelly; Eric Ringdahl; Kenneth Schultz; James Wey
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Recent advances and applications of mid-infrared based trace gas sensor technology
Author(s): F. K. Tittel; Y. Bakhirkin; A. Kosterev; R. Lewicki; S. So; G. Wysocki; R. F. Curl
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Design and modeling of nanophotonic beam structures as optical NEMS sensors
Author(s): Chengkuo Lee; Jayaraj Thillaigovindan; Aibin Yu; Rohit Radhakrishnan; Chii-Chang Chen; Ya-Ting Chao; John H. Lau
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A quantum cascade laser based room temperature spectrometer for sensitive detection of ammonia and ethylene
Author(s): J. Manne; W. Jäger; J. Tulip
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Sub-diffraction optical imaging by high-spatial-resolution photodetectors and Fourier signal processing
Author(s): Milad Hashemi; Michael Hegg; Babak A. Parviz; Lih Y. Lin
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Multiplexed photon-counting detectors
Author(s): Sergey V. Polyakov; V. Schettini; I. P. Degiovanni; G. Brida; Alan Migdall
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High efficiency 1.55 µm Geiger-mode single photon counting avalanche photodiodes operating near 0oC
Author(s): Ping Yuan; Joseph Boisvert; Rengarajan Sudharsanan; Takahiro Isshiki; Paul McDonald; Michael Salisbury; Mingguo Liu; Joe C. Campbell
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Time-of-flight sensing using time-correlated single-photon counting
Author(s): Gerald S. Buller; Aongus McCarthy; Robert J. Collins; Philip A. Hiskett; Veronica Fernandez; Sergio Hernandez-Marin; Andrew M. Wallace
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Large-area low-jitter silicon single photon avalanche diodes
Author(s): Massimo Ghioni; Angelo Gulinatti; Ivan Rech; Piera Maccagnani; Sergio Cova
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Single photon avalanche photodiodes for near-infrared photon counting
Author(s): Mark A. Itzler; Xudong Jiang; Rafael Ben-Michael; Bruce Nyman; Krystyna Slomkowski
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A novel quenching circuit to reduce afterpulsing of single photon avalanche diodes
Author(s): Mingguo Liu; Chong Hu; Joe C. Campbell; Zhong Pan; Mark M. Tashima
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