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MOEMS and Miniaturized Systems VII
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Volume Number: 6887
Date Published: 7 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6887
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A novel diffractive micro-optical modulator for mobile display applications
Author(s): Sang Kyeong Yun; JongHyeong Song; SeungDo An; InJae Yeo; YoonJoon Choi; YeongGyu Lee; HeungWoo Park; KyuBum Han; HaengSeok Yang; Victor Yurlov; Ihar Shyshkin; Anatoliy Lapchuk; HeeYeoun Kim; JaeWook Jang; JeHong Kyoung; JeongSuong Yang; SangKee Yoon; ChangSu Park; JongPil Cheong; YoungNam Hwang; KiSuk Woo; SeungWon Ryu; SeungWoo Lee; ChongMann Koh; YoungKi Baek; DaeHo Bae; HyunKee Lee; JaeHoon Lee; YungHo Ryu; HaeYeon Hwang; ChungMo Yang; OhkKun Lim; DongHyun Park; SeHwan An; JunHee Bae; SungMin Cho; BackSoon Go; SeokKee Hong; HoPhil Jung; SangJin Kim; KiUn Lee; JiHyun Park; JuHwan Yang; GiYoung Byun; SungHo Byun; YoungJin Cho; ChunGi Kim; JooHong Kim; SunKi Kim; SungIl Lee; WhaHyung Lee; KwanYoung Oh; SungKyung Oh; WooChul Shin; ByungKi Song; ElMostafa Bourim
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Two dimensional microscanners with large horizontal-vertical scanning frequency ratio for high-resolution laser projectors
Author(s): Shu-Ting Hsu; Thomas Klose; Christian Drabe; Harald Schenk
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Slow scanning electromagnetic MEMS scanner for laser display
Author(s): Hee-Moon Jeong; Yong-Hwa Park; Hyun-Ku Jeong; Yong-Chul Cho; Seok-Mo Chang; Jun-O Kim; Seok-Jin Kang; Jun-Sik Hwang; Jin-Ho Lee
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Flat electrowetting optics and displays
Author(s): Jason C. Heikenfeld; Neil R. Smith; Bo Sun; Kaichang Zhou; Linlin Hou; Yanrong Lao; Balaji Raj
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Wafer-level vacuum packaged resonant micro-scanning mirrors for compact laser projection displays
Author(s): Ulrich Hofmann; Marten Oldsen; Hans-Joachim Quenzer; Joachim Janes; Martin Heller; Manfred Weiss; Georgios Fakas; Lars Ratzmann; Eleonora Marchetti; Francesco D'Ascoli; Massimiliano Melani; Luca Bacciarelli; Emilio Volpi; Francesco Battini; Luca Mostardini; Francesco Sechi; Marco De Marinis; Bernd Wagner
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Development of wafer level packaged scanning micromirrors
Author(s): Aibin Yu; Chengkuo Lee; Li Ling Yan; Qing Xin Zhang; Seung Uk Yoon; John H. Lau
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A biocompatible miniaturized package housing for a 3D micromirror-based optical bioprobe for OCT imaging application
Author(s): C. S. Premachandran; Ahmad Khairyanto; Kelvin Chen; Janak Singh
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Advanced artificial compound-eye imaging systems
Author(s): Andreas Brückner; Jacques Duparré; Andreas Bräuer
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MEMS-based optoelectronic system for distance measurement applicable for panorama cameras
Author(s): M. Schaulin; J. Knobbe; H. Neumann; K. Seidl; L. Kleinmann; U. Schelinski; M. Scholles; H.-J. Schönherr; H. Lakner
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Micromirrors for multiobject spectroscopy: optical and cryogenic characterization
Author(s): Severin Waldis; Frederic Zamkotsian; Patrick Lanzoni; Wilfried Noell; Nico de Rooij
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A porous silicon thermally tunable optical filter
Author(s): Da Song; Natalya Tokranova; Alison Gracias; James Castracane
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Dual-detector optical MEMS spectrum analyzer: advances, applications, and prospects
Author(s): Thomas Otto; Ray Saupe; Alexander Weiss; Volker Stock; Kerstin Wiesner; Uwe Lampe; Maximilian Fleischer; Thomas Gessner
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Pushbroom NIR hyperspectral imager using MOEMS scanning grating chips
Author(s): Heinrich Grüger; Thomas Egloff; Michael Scholles; Fabian Zimmer; Michael Müller; Harald Schenk
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3D MOEMS-based optical micro-bench platform for the miniaturization of sensing devices
Author(s): Sonia Garcia-Blanco; Jean-Sol Caron; Sébastien Leclair; Patrice A. Topart; Hubert Jerominek
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Novel optical viscosity sensor using laser-induced capillary wave
Author(s): A. Ebisui; Y. Taguchi; Y. Nagasaka
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Radiation-pressure effects upon a micromirror in a high-finesse optical cavity
Author(s): A. Heidmann; O. Arcizet; C. Molinelli; T. Briant; P.-F. Cohadon
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One-axis metallic electrostatic micromirror array
Author(s): K. Tondapu; Q. Cheng; M. Almasri
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Mobile flat mirrors for micro-optical scanners
Author(s): G. Molar-Velázquez; F. J. Renero-Carrillo; W. Calleja-Arriaga
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New approach for MEMS scanning mirror for laser projection systems
Author(s): Heinrich Grüger; Jens Knobbe; Michael Scholles; Harald Schenk; Hubert Lakner
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