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Nonlinear Frequency Generation and Conversion: Materials, Devices, and Applications VII
Editor(s): Peter E. Powers
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Volume Number: 6875
Date Published: 14 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6875
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Measuring and predicting the amplitude and phase for three-wave interactions
Author(s): Anup R. Pandey; Joseph W. Haus; Peter E. Powers
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Room temperature high power frequency conversion in periodically poled quasi-phase-matched crystals
Author(s): M. Katz; P. Blau; B. Shulga
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Tunable second harmonic generation devices with an integrated micro-heater
Author(s): Yi Gan; Wanguo Liang; Chang-Qing Xu
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High-power, high-energy ZGP OPA pumped by a 2.05-um Ho:YLF MOPA system
Author(s): Alexey Dergachev; Darrell Armstrong; Arlee Smith; Thomas Drake; Marc Dubois
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Mirrorless OPO: first steps towards unlocking the potential of counter-propagating three-wave interactions
Author(s): V. Pasiskevicius; C. Canalias; G. Strömqvist; F. Laurell
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Quaternary nonlinear crystals of AgxGaxGe1-xSe2 with orthorhombic symmetry for the mid-infrared spectral range
Author(s): Vladimir Panyutin; Valeriy Badikov; Galina Shevyrdyaeva; Konstantin Mitin; Alexander Seryogin; Valentin Petrov; Frank Noack
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Near-degenerate doubly resonant synchronously pumped OPO for intracavity THz generation
Author(s): Joseph E. Schaar; Jason S. Pelc; Konstantin L. Vodopyanov; Martin M. Fejer
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Coherent tunable monochromatic Terahertz-wave generation using N-Benzyl-2-methyl-4-nitroaniline (BNA) crystal
Author(s): Katsuhiko Miyamoto; Hiroaki Minamide; Masazumi Fujiwara; Hideki Hashimoto; Hiromasa Ito
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Progress in orientation-patterned GaAs for next-generation nonlinear optical devices
Author(s): Rita D. Peterson; David Bliss; Candace Lynch; David H. Tomich
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Polarization-insensitive nonlinear-optical devices
Author(s): K. L. Vodopyanov
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Periodically oriented GaAs templates and waveguide structures for frequency conversion
Author(s): M. B. Oron; S. Shusterman; P. Blau
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High efficiency mid-infrared OPO based on low-loss orientation-patterned GaAs samples (OP-GaAs)
Author(s): David Faye; Eric Lallier; Arnaud Grisard; Bruno Gérard; Christelle Kieleck; Antoine Hirth
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Wafer-fused orientation-patterned GaAs
Author(s): Jin Li; David B. Fenner; Krongtip Termkoa; Mark G. Allen; Peter F. Moulton; Candace Lynch; David F. Bliss; William D. Goodhue
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Optical probes of orientation-patterned ZnSe quasi-phase-matched devices
Author(s): G. S. Kanner; M. L. Marable; N. B. Singh; A. Berghmans; D. Kahler; B. Wagner; A. Lin; M. M. Fejer; J. S. Harris; K. L. Schepler
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Mid-infrared QPM laser sources for high-precision atmospheric trace gas measurements
Author(s): Dirk Richter; Petter Weibring; Alan Fried; James G. Walega; Osamu Tadanaga; Masaki Asobe; Hiroyuki Suzuki
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Compact, narrow-linewidth, tunable ultraviolet laser source for detecting Hg emissions
Author(s): Alexandra A. Hoops; Roger L. Farrow; Paul Schulz; Thomas A. Reichardt; Ray P. Bambha; Randal L. Schmitt; Dahv A. V. Kliner
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A new compact continuous-wave green laser with line beam
Author(s): Michio Oka; Kaoru Kimura; Yuki Maeda; Koji Takahashi; Nobutake Iwase; Hitoshi Tamada
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A red-green-blue coherent laser source based on quasi-phase-matched cascaded wavelength conversion in periodically poled MgSLT
Author(s): Shih-Yu Tu; A. H. Kung
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Cladding mode assisted supercontinuum generation in solid core photonic crystal fiber for biosensor application
Author(s): Yury Logvin; Altaf Khetani; Shawky El-Mougy; Hanan Anis
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Optical control and switching of excitation transfer in nano-arrays
Author(s): David S. Bradshaw; David L. Andrews
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Collinear acousto-optical three-wave solitary states in a two-mode medium with a square-law nonlinearity and losses
Author(s): Alexandre S. Shcherbakov; Jewgenij Maximov; Sandra Eloisa Balderas Mata
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Infrared-to-visible upconversion fluorescence spectroscopy in trivalent rare-earth-doped lead-magnesium-fluorophosphate glass
Author(s): Luciano A. Bueno; Artur da S. Gouveia-Neto; Raphael Fonseca do Nascimento; Elias Arcanjo da Silva; Valberes B. do Nascimento; Ernande Barbosa da Costa
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Measurement of the nonlinear optical properties of semiconductors using the irradiance scan technique
Author(s): Leonel P. Gonzalez; Joel M. Murray; Vincent M. Cowan; Shekhar Guha
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CW- and pulse-pumped fiber super-continuum generators
Author(s): Sergey Kobtsev; Sergey Smirnov
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The application of the monoclinic BiB3O6 nonlinear crystal in ultrafast laser technology
Author(s): Valentin Petrov; Alexander Gaydardzhiev; Ivailo Nikolov; Ivan Buchvarov; Pancho Tzankov; Frank Noack
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Observation of the photoscattering effect from supercontinuum-generating germanosilicate fiber
Author(s): Haohua Tu; Daniel L. Marks; Stephen A. Boppart M.D.
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Third harmonic generation by volume Bragg grating in photo-thermo-refractive glass irradiated by IR femtosecond pulses
Author(s): Leo Siiman; Julien Lumeau; Lionel Canioni; Leonid B. Glebov
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Passively Q-switched diode pumped Nd:YAG, Nd:YVO4 and Nd:GdVO4 using (Cr4+,Ca2+):YAG and (Cr4+,Mg2+):YAG saturable absorbers
Author(s): Yehoshua Kalisky; O. Kalisky; Milan R. Kokta
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300 mW of coherent light at 488 nm using a generic approach
Author(s): Emir Karamehmedović; Christian Pedersen; Martin T. Andersen; Peter Tidemand-Lichtenberg
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Efficient UV-visible upconversion luminescence and thermal effects in terbium-ytterbium codoped fluorogermanate vitroceramic
Author(s): Artur da S. Gouveia-Neto; Luciano A. Bueno; Raphael F. do Nascimento; Elias A. da Silva; Valberes B. do Nascimento; Ernande B. Costa; Sidney J. L. Ribeiro; Younes Messaddeq
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Solid-state 488-nm laser based on external-cavity frequency doubling of a multi-longitudinal mode semiconductor laser
Author(s): Vincent Issier; Boris Kharlamov; Thomas Kraft; Andy Miller; David Simons; James Wong; Simon Wong; Andre Wong; Kuochou Tai; Nicolas Guerin; Daniel Zou; Victor Rossin; Marc von Gunten; William Minford; Andy Hulse; Colette Paillet-Allison; Krishnan Parameswaran; Evgeny Churin; Rob Waarts
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Characterization of GRIIRA properties in LiNbO3 and LiTaO3 with different compositions and doping
Author(s): J. Hirohashi; T. Tago; O. Nakamura; A. Miyamoto; Y. Furukawa
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Temperature tuned 90° phase-matched CO2 laser doubling in AgGa1-xInxS2 crystal
Author(s): Saumyabrata Banerjee; Kentaro Miyata; Kiyoshi Kato
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Direct third-harmonic generation in BiB3O6
Author(s): K. Miyata; T. Mikami; N. Umemura; K. Kato
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Frequency conversion of near IR lasers in AgxGaxGe1-xS2 and AgxGaxGe1-xSe2
Author(s): K. Miyata; S. Banerjee; V. Petrov; K. Kato
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Intracavity infrared OPO using periodically poled Mg-doped stoichiometric LiTaO3 for generating high average power
Author(s): Ki-Ho Cho; Bum Ku Rhee
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Single-frequency 389-nm CW coherent light source for optical pumping of metastable 3He atoms
Author(s): Shingo Maeda; Yutaka Tabata; Hiroshi Kumagai; Ataru Kobayashi
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Rayleigh length dependent SHG conversion at 488nm using a monolithic DBR tapered diode laser
Author(s): G. Blume; M. Uebernickel; C. Fiebig; K. Paschke; A. Ginolas; B. Eppich; R. Güther; G. Erbert
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Nonlinear optical properties of alkyl phthalocyanines in the femtosecond, nanosecond, and cw excitation regimes
Author(s): R. Sai Santosh Kumar; S. Venugopal Rao; L. Giribabu; D. Narayana Rao
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Pulsed self-Raman laser operation in Nd:SrMoO4 at 1.57 um
Author(s): Jan Šulc D.D.S.; Helena Jelínková; Karel Nejezchleb; Václav Škoda; Tasoltan T. Basiev; Maxim E. Doroshenko; Ludmila I. Ivleva; Vyacheslav V. Osiko; Peter G. Zverev
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All-fibre autocorrelator for optical pulse width measurement
Author(s): Pradeep Kumar; Anil Prabhakar
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A CrTmHo:YAG laser pumped ZnGeP2 optical parametric oscillator for mid-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Ab F. Nieuwenhuis; Chris J. Lee II; Peter J.M. van der Slot; Ian D. Lindsay; Petra Groß; K.-J. Boller
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Efficient diode-pumped intracavity frequency-doubled CW ND:YLF laser emitting at 656 nm for a silver atom optical clock
Author(s): J.-P. Loisel; S. Topcu; L. Chassagne; Y. Alayli; P. R. Dahoo; T. Badr; P. Juncar
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Type II sum frequency generation in KTP waveguides: a technique for pre and post screening
Author(s): Christopher M. Kaleva; Mark Munro; Tony D. Roberts; Tiejun Chang; Philip Battle
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Femtosecond laser damage threshold and nonlinear characterization in bulk transparent SiC materials
Author(s): G. Logan DesAutels; Chris Brewer; Mark Walker; Shane Juhl; Marc Finet; Scott Ristich; Matt Whitaker; Peter Powers
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