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Fiber Lasers V: Technology, Systems, and Applications
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Volume Number: 6873
Date Published: 2 April 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6873
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Airclad fiber laser technology
Author(s): Kim P. Hansen; Christina B. Olausson; Jes Broeng; Kent Mattsson; Martin D. Nielsen; Thomas Nikolajsen; Peter M. W. Skovgaard; Mads Hoy Sørensen; Mark Denninger; Christian Jakobsen; Harald R Simonsen
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Measurement of bend-induced nonlinearities in large-mode-area fibers
Author(s): J. W. Nicholson; J. M. Fini; A. D. Yablon; P. S. Westbrook; K. Feder; C. Headley
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Modal sensitivity analysis for single mode operation in large mode area fiber
Author(s): Benoit Sévigny; Xiaoxing Zhang; Marc Garneau; Mathieu Faucher; Yannick Keith Lizé; Nigel Holehouse
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50W single-mode linearly polarized high peak power pulsed fiber laser with tunable ns-μs pulse durations and kHz-MHz repetition rates
Author(s): V. Khitrov; B. Samson; D. Machewirth; K. Tankala
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Q-switched fiber lasers with controlled pulse shape
Author(s): J. P. Feve; J. Morehead; S. Makki; J. Franke; M. Muendel; C. Wang; G. Zhao
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High power Yb-doped fiber laser-based LIDAR for space weather
Author(s): C. G. Carlson; P. D. Dragic; B. W. Graf; R. K. Price; J. J. Coleman; G. R. Swenson
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All-fiber 194 W single-frequency single-mode Yb-doped master-oscillator power-amplifier
Author(s): M. D. Mermelstein; K. Brar; M. J. Andrejco; A. D. Yablon; M. Fishteyn; C. Headley III; D. J. DiGiovanni
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11.2 dB SBS gain suppression in a large mode area Yb-doped optical fiber
Author(s): M. D. Mermelstein; M. J. Andrejco; J. Fini; A. Yablon; C. Headley III; D. J. DiGiovanni; A. H. McCurdy
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Suppression of stimulated Brillouin scattering in single-frequency multi-kilowatt fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Joshua E. Rothenberg; Peter A. Thielen; Michael Wickham; Charles P. Asman
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High-energy femtosecond fiber lasers
Author(s): A. Chong; W. Renninger; F. W. Wise
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Optimization of higher order mode fibers for dispersion management of femtosecond fiber lasers
Author(s): Lars Grüner-Nielsen; Siddharth Ramachandran; Kim Jespersen; Samir Ghalmi; Martin Garmund; Bera Pálsdóttir
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200 nJ pulse energy femtosecond Yb-doped dispersion compensation free fiber oscillator
Author(s): B. Ortaç; O. Schmidt; T. Schreiber; A. Hideur; J. Limpert; A. Tünnermann
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High-average power femtosecond pulse generation from a Yb-doped large-mode-area microstructure fiber laser
Author(s): C. Lecaplain; C. Chedot; A. Hideur; B. Ortaç; J. Limpert
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Widely tunable femtosecond fiber laser
Author(s): Alexei V. Andrianov; Sergei V. Muraviev; Arcady V. Kim; Vladimir F. Khopin; Alexej A. Sysoliatin
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Rate equation model of bulk optical damage of silica, and the influence of polishing on surface optical damage of silica
Author(s): Arlee Smith; Binh Do; Rod Schuster; David Collier
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Analytical solutions for nonlinear waveguide equation under Gaussian mode approximation
Author(s): Liang Dong
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Long-period gratings written in large-mode area photonic crystal fiber
Author(s): D. Nodop; L. Rindorf; S. Linke; J. Limpert; A. Tünnermann
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Recent advances in phosphate glass fiber and its application to compact high-power fiber lasers
Author(s): A. Schülzgen; L. Li; S. Suzuki; V. L. Temyanko; X. Zhu; S. Jiang; Ch. Spiegelberg; R. M. Rogojan; J. Albert; N. Peyghambarian
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A new material for high-power laser fibers
Author(s): Andreas Langner; Gerhard Schötz; Mario Such; Thomas Kayser; Volker Reichel; Stephan Grimm; Johannes Kirchhof; Volker Krause; Georg Rehmann
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Prospects for laser DEW
Author(s): David H. Titterton
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External and common-cavity high spectral density beam combining of high power fiber lasers
Author(s): Oleksiy Andrusyak; Igor Ciapurin; Vadim Smirnov; George Venus; Nikolai Vorobiev; Leonid Glebov
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Passive coherent phasing of fiber laser arrays
Author(s): Joshua E. Rothenberg
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Coherent beam combining of fiber amplifier arrays and application to laser beam propagation through turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Pierre Bourdon; Veronique Jolivet; Baya Bennai; Laurent Lombard; Guillaume Canat; Emilie Pourtal; Yves Jaouen; Olivier Vasseur
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Spectral combining of pulsed fiber lasers: scaling considerations
Author(s): O. Schmidt; S. Klingebiel; B. Ortac; F. Röser; F. Brückner; T. Clausnitzer; E.-B. Kley; J. Limpert; A. Tünnermann
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Mode profiling of optical fibers at high laser powers
Author(s): P. C. Nielsen; D. B. Pedersen; R. B. Simonsen; D. N. Erschens; M. F. Lilbaek; L. Eskildsen; K. Rottwitt; H. N. Hansen
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Optimization of the heat transfer in multi-kW-fiber-lasers
Author(s): B. Zintzen; T. Langer; J. Geiger; D. Hoffmann; P. Loosen
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High power 29 W CW supercontinuum source
Author(s): B. A. Cumberland; J. C. Travers; S. V. Popov; J. R. Taylor
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Highly nonlinear fibers for very wideband supercontinuum generation
Author(s): Lars Grüner-Nielsen; Bera Pálsdóttir
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Photo darkening in ytterbium co-doped silica material
Author(s): Kent Erik Mattsson; Stig Nissen Knudsen; Benoit Cadier; Thierry Robin
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Measurement of high-photodarkening resistance in phosphate fiber doped with 12% Yb2O3
Author(s): Y. W. Lee; S. Sinha; M. J. F. Digonnet; R. L. Byer; S. Jiang
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Reduction of photodarkening in Yb/Al-doped fiber lasers
Author(s): Magnus Engholm; Lars Norin
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Radiation damage effects in doped fiber materials
Author(s): B. P. Fox; K. Simmons-Potter; J. H. Simmons; W. J. Thomes Jr.; R. P. Bambha; D. A. V. Kliner
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Photodarkening in Yb-doped silica fibers: influence of the atmosphere during preform collapsing
Author(s): S. Jetschke; S. Unger; A. Schwuchow; M. Leich; V. Reichel; J. Kirchhof
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Large-mode-area Er-doped fiber chirped-pulse amplification system for high-energy sub-picosecond pulses at 1.55 µm
Author(s): Tolga Yilmaz; Laurent Vaissie; Mehmetcan Akbulut; David M. Gaudiosi; Lowell Collura; Timothy J. Booth; Jayesh C. Jasapara; Matthew J. Andrejco; Andrew D. Yablon; Clifford Headley III; David J. DiGiovanni
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Sub 30 fs pulses from 2 MHz repetition rate fiber amplifier pumped optical parametric amplifier
Author(s): J. Rothhardt; S. Hädrich; F. Röser; B. Ortac; J. Limpert; A. Tünnermann
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Environmentally-stable wave-breaking-free mode-locked Yb-doped all-fiber laser
Author(s): B. Ortaç; M. Plötner; T. Schreiber; J. Limpert; A. Tünnermann
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High-repetition rate mode-locked ytterbium fiber laser using dichroic fiber mirrors and photonic bandgap fiber technology
Author(s): Lasse Orsila; Robert Herda; Oleg G. Okhotnikov
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Square-root law of turbulence-induced spectral broadening in Raman fiber lasers
Author(s): S. A. Babin; D. V. Churkin; A. E. Ismagulov; S. I. Kablukov; E. V. Podivilov
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Characterization of ultra-long Raman fibre lasers
Author(s): S. A. Babin; V. Karalekas; E. V. Podivilov; V. K. Mezentsev; P. Harper; J. D. Ania-Castañón; S. K. Turitsyn
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New mechanism of the mode coupling in multi-core fiber lasers
Author(s): A. S. Kurkov; S. A. Babin; I. A. Lobach; S. I. Kablukov
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SBS mitigation with 'two-tone' amplification: a theoretical model
Author(s): T. J. Bronder; T. M. Shay; I. Dajani; A. Gavrielides; C. A. Robin; C. A. Lu
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Novel multiple-frequency Q-switched fiber laser by using chirped fiber Bragg grating Fabry-Perot etalon
Author(s): X. P. Cheng; P. Shum; C. H. Tse; R. F. Wu; W. C. Tan
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High power monolithically integrated all-fiber laser design using single-chip multimode pumps for high reliability operation
Author(s): Mathieu Faucher; Eric Villeneuve; Benoit Sevigny; Alexandre Wetter; Roger Perreault; Yannick Keith Lizé; Nigel Holehouse
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Speckle reduction in multimode fiber with a piezoelectric transducer in radial vibration for fiber laser marking and display applications
Author(s): W. Ha; S. Lee; Y. Jung; J. Kim; K. Oh
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Green and UV frequency conversion of a variable pulse repetition frequency photonic crystal fiber system
Author(s): Eric C. Honea; Matthias Savage-Leuchs; Pat Jones; Christian Dilley
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Analytical model for the design of external-cavity passively Q-switched fiber lasers
Author(s): J. Y. Huang; H. C. Liang; K. W. Su; Y. F. Chen
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Application of optical phase lock loops in coherent beam combining
Author(s): Wei Liang; Naresh Satyan; Firooz Aflatouni; Amnon Yariv; Anthony Kewitsch; George Rakuljic; Hossein Hashemi
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Performance and reliability of pulsed 1060 nm laser modules
Author(s): S. Mohrdiek; J. Troger; T. Pliska; H.-U. Pfeiffer; D. Jaeggi; N. Lichtenstein
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High-power femtosecond Yb-doped single-polarization photonic crystal fiber laser
Author(s): B. Ortaç; C. Lecaplain; A. Hideur; J. Limpert; A. Tünnermann
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An actively mode-locked fiber laser for sampling in a wide-bandwidth opto-electronic analog-to-digital converter
Author(s): John P. Powers; Phillip E. Pace
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Comparison of photodarkening in Ytterbium-doped fibers
Author(s): Mikko Söderlund; Joan Montiel; Simo Tammela; Sanna Yliniemi; Seppo Honkanen
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High power cladding light strippers
Author(s): Alexandre Wetter; Mathieu Faucher; Benoit Sévigny
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