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Colloidal Quantum Dots for Biomedical Applications III
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Volume Number: 6866
Date Published: 22 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6866
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Synthesis and applications of quantum dots and magnetic quantum dots
Author(s): Jackie Y. Ying; Yuangang Zheng; S. Tamil Selvan
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Synthesis and functionalization of non-toxic visible-emitting nanocrystals
Author(s): Yingchuan Chen; Leah Page; Rahul Thakar; Preston T. Snee
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Synthesis and characterization of scintillating lead-iodide-based nanocrystals
Author(s): Krishnaprasad Sankar; Brian A. Akins; Tosifa A. Memon; Nathan J Withers; Gennady A. Smolyakov; Marek Osiński
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New ligand design to promote water compatibility of luminescent quantum dots and gold nanoparticles
Author(s): Bing C. Mei; Kimihiro Susumu; Igor L. Medintz; James B. Delehanty; Hedi Mattoussi
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Development and characterization of silk fibroin coated quantum dots
Author(s): B. B. Nathwani; C. Needham; A. B. Mathur; K E. Meissner
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Assembly and intracellular delivery of quantum dot-fluorescent protein bioconjugates
Author(s): Igor L. Medintz; Thomas Pons; James B Delehanty; Kimihiro Susumu; Philip E. Dawson; Hedi Mattoussi
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Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) between a fluorescent protein and commercially available quantum dots: a comparison
Author(s): Allison M. Dennis; Gang Bao
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Quantum dots-based probes conjugated to Annexin V for photostable apoptosis detection and imaging
Author(s): Séverine Le Gac; Istvan Vermes; Albert van den Berg
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The relationship of QD composition and conjugate to cellular uptake and toxicity
Author(s): Jay L. Nadeau; Samuel J. Clarke; Anil Kumar Suresh; Rafael A. Khatchadourian; Eve-Marie Dumas
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Specific cellular delivery and intracellular fate of quantum dot-peptide and quantum dot-polymer nanoassemblies
Author(s): James B. Delehanty; Christopher E. Bradburne; Igor L. Medintz; Dorothy Farrell; Thomas Pons; Florence M. Brunel; Philip E. Dawson; Hedi Mattoussi
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Bioactivation of water-soluble peptidic quantum dot through biotin-streptavidin binding
Author(s): A. Dif; S. Touchet; S. Nagarajan; M. Baudy-Floc'h; M. Dahan; J. Piehler; V. Marchi-Artzner
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Dynamics of quantum dots in angiogenic blood vessels: a fluorescence correlation spectroscopy study
Author(s): Aisling A. Clancy; David T. Cramb
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EGF-conjugated near-infrared quantum dots as nanoprobes for in-vivo imaging of EGFR expression
Author(s): Parmeswaran Diagaradjane; Jacobo M. Orenstein-Cardona; Norman E Colón-Casasnovas; Amit Deorukhkar; Shujun Shentu; Norihito Kuno; David L. Schwartz; Juri G. Gelovani; Sunil Krishnan
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Peptide targeting of quantum dots to human breast cancer cells
Author(s): Emily M. Haglund; Mary-Margaret Seale-Goldsmith; Deepika Dhawan; Jane Stewart; Jose Ramos-Vara; Christy L. Cooper; Lisa M. Reece; Timothy Husk; Donald Bergstrom; Deborah Knapp; James F. Leary
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Use of quantum dot-conjugated antibodies to study intracellular cancer biomarkers in living and fixed cells
Author(s): Jian Ling
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Optimizing protocols for imaging neural cells and tissues using functionalized quantum dots
Author(s): Smita Pathak; Gabriel A. Silva
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Targeting the human serotonin transporter (hSERT) with quantum dots
Author(s): I. D. Tomlinson; Jerry Chang; Hideki Iwamoto; Louis J. De Felice; Randy D. Blakely; Sandra J. Rosenthal
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Two-photon properties of CdSe core ZnS/CdS multishell quantum dots for bioimaging applications
Author(s): Y. Liu; P. Chen; L. Lin; G. Q. Tang; G. G. Mu
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Development of surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrates using nanoparticle-based printing inks
Author(s): Manuel A. Figueroa; Sam Park; Kambiz Pourrezaei; Somdev Tyagi
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Evidence-based toxicity of probes
Author(s): Kouki Fujioka; Masaki Hiruoka; Keisuke Sato; Noriyoshi Manabe; Akiyoshi Hoshino; Kenji Hirakuri; Kenji Yamamoto
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