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Multimodal Biomedical Imaging III
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Volume Number: 6850
Date Published: 14 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6850
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
NIRS evaluates the thinking process of Mushi-kuizan task
Author(s): Hideo Eda; Yasufumi Kuroda; Naoko Okamoto; Takanori Maesako
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Fluorescence lifetime estimation of multiple near-infrared dyes in mice
Author(s): Guobin Ma; Simon Fortier; Muriel Jean-Jacques; Niculae Mincu; Frederic Leblond; Zahia Ichalalene; Anader Benyamin-Seeyar; Mario Khayat
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Characterization of natural fluorescence in mice
Author(s): Salim Djeziri; Guobin Ma; Niculae Mincu; Anader Benyamin Seeyar; Mario Khayat
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Data analysis and statistical tests for near-infrared functional studies of the brain
Author(s): Angelo Sassaroli; Yunjie Tong; Christian Benes; Sergio Fantini
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Accelerated DOT reconstruction using multiple sub-volumes
Author(s): Ronny Ziegler; Tim Nielsen; Dirk Grosenick; Oliver Steinkellner; Axel Hagen; Rainer Macdonald; Herbert Rinneberg
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Discretization error analysis for fluorescence diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Laurel Reilly-Raska; Murat Guven; Birsen Yazici
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Diffuse optical-MRI fusion and applications
Author(s): F. Lesage; L. Gagnon; M. Dehaes
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Approach of trans-rectal NIR optical tomography probing for the imaging of prostate with trans-rectal ultrasound correlation
Author(s): Daqing Piao; Zhen Jiang; Guan Xu; Cameron Musgrove; Charles F. Bunting
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Multi-parameter optical image interpretations based on self-organizing mapping
Author(s): Christian D. Klose; A. K. Klose; U. Netz; A. Scheel; J. Beuthan; Andreas H. Hielscher
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System design for spectrally encoded video-rate near infrared tomography during magnetic resonance imaging of the breast
Author(s): Brian W. Pogue; Zhiqiu Li; Colin Carpenter; Ashley Laughney; Venkataramanan Krishnaswamy; Scott C. Davis; Shudong Jiang; Keith D. Paulsen
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MRI-coupled spectrally resolved fluorescence tomography for in vivo imaging
Author(s): Scott C. Davis; Summer L. Gibbs-Strauss; Stephen B. Tuttle; Shudong Jiang; Roger Springett; Hamid Dehghani; Brian W. Pogue; Keith D. Paulsen
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An analytic reflection method for time-domain fluorescence diffuse optical tomography based on a generalized pulse spectrum technique
Author(s): Huiyuan He; Limin Zhang; Feng Gao; Zheng Ma; Huijian Zhao; Jingying Jiang
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A self-normalized full time-resolved scheme for fluorescence diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Feng Gao; Limin Zhang; Huiyuan He; Huijuan Zhao; Jingying Jiang; Yukari Tanikawa; Andhi Marjono; Yukio Yamada
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Implementation of a VIS/NIR 3D hyperspectral instrument for in vivo imaging
Author(s): Hector Erives; Scott W. Teare; Nicholas B. Targhetta
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Improvement of performances in time-domain breast DOT by the aid of image segmentation
Author(s): Yiwen Ma; Shaorun Gong; Feng Gao; Fang Yang; Huijuan Zhao; Jingying Jiang
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Feasibility study of enhanced total internal reflection fluorescence imaging using dielectric films
Author(s): Kyujung Kim; Eun-Jin Cho; Yong-Min Huh; Donghyun Kim
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Remote simultaneous dual wavelength imaging photoplethysmography: a further step towards 3-D mapping of skin blood microcirculation
Author(s): Jia Zheng; Sijung Hu; Vince Azorin-Peris; Angelos Echiadis; Vasilios Chouliaras; Ron Summers
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NIRS-SPM: statistical parametric mapping for near infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Sungho Tak; Kwang Eun Jang; Jinwook Jung; Jaeduck Jang; Yong Jeong; Jong Chul Ye
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Second order inverse born approximation for diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Kiwoon Kwon; Beop-Min Kim
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Effect of discretization on the accuracy of diffuse optical imaging
Author(s): Murat Guven; Birsen Yazici
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Hyperspectral small animal fluorescence imaging: spectral selection imaging
Author(s): Silas Leavesley; Yanan Jiang; Valery Patsekin; Heidi Hall; Douglas Vizard; J. Paul Robinson
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Wavelet-MDL based detrending method for near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS)
Author(s): Kwang Eun Jang; Sungho Tak; Jaeduck Jang; Jinwook Jung; Jong Chul Ye
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Fluorescence diffuse optical tomography with structural a priori information
Author(s): Yuting Lin; Orhan Nalcioglu; Gultekin Gulsen
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Correction for source decay in bioluminescence tomography
Author(s): Mehmet Burcin Unlu; Gultekin Gulsen
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Numerical simulation of thermograpy for breast tumor detection
Author(s): Hong-qin Yang; Qing-yuan Lin; Zhen Ye; Shu-qiang Chen; Shu-sen Xie
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