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Solid State Lighting and Solar Energy Technologies
Editor(s): Jinmin Li; Ling Wu; Yubo Fan; Yong-Hang Zhang; Michael E. Coltrin; Yuwen Zhao; Nuofu Chen; Vladimir M. Andreev; Jai Singh
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Volume Number: 6841
Date Published: 6 November 2007

Table of Contents
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Limits on the maximum attainable efficiency for solid-state lighting
Author(s): Michael E. Coltrin; Jeffrey Y. Tsao; Yoshi Ohno
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High-efficiency GaN-based blue LEDs grown on nano-patterned sapphire substrates for solid-state lighting
Author(s): Fawang Yan; Haiyong Gao; Yang Zhang; Jinmin Li; Yiping Zeng; Guohong Wang; Fuhua Yang
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Accelerated life test for high-power white LED based on spectroradiometric measurement
Author(s): Haiping Shen; Jiangen Pan; Huajun Feng
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The influence of substrate nucleation on HVPE-grown GaN thick films
Author(s): Tongbo Wei; Ruifei Duan; Junxi Wang; Jinmin Li
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Phosphor coating technique with slurry method in application of white LED
Author(s): Bin Hou; Haibo Rao; Junfei Li
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Improvement of GaN-based light emitting diodes performance grown on sapphire substrates patterned by wet etching
Author(s): Haiyong Gao; Fawang Yan; Yang Zhang; Jinmin Li; Yiping Zeng; Guohong Wang; Fuhua Yang
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Optimized design on high-power GaN-based micro-LEDs
Author(s): Jingmei Fan; Liangchen Wang; Jinxia Guo; Xiaoyan Yi; Zhiqiang Liu; Guohong Wang; Jinmin Li
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Apparent brightness of LEDs under different dimming methods
Author(s): Yinxin Zhang; Zhen Zhang; Zhanhua Huang; Huaiyu Cai; Lin Xia; Jie Zhao
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Research and fabrication of high power LEDs with transparent electrodes
Author(s): Xiaoyan Yi; Libin Wang; Jingmei Fan; Xiaodong Wang; Hua Yang; Yan Li; Liangchen Wang; Guohong Wang; Fuhua Yang
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Determination of spontaneous emission quantum efficiency in InGaAs/GaAs quantum well structures
Author(s): Ding Ding; Shane R. Johnson; Jiang-Bo Wang; Shui-Qing Yu; Yong-Hang Zhang
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Design and optimization of dielectric optical coatings for GaN based high bright LEDs
Author(s): Xiaodong Wang; Yan Li; Hua Yang; Xiaoyan Yi; Liangchen Wang; Guohong Wang; Fuhua Yang; Jinmin Li
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Characterization of bulk ZnO single crystal grown by a CVT method
Author(s): Xuecheng Wei; Youwen Zhao; Zhiyuan Dong; Jinmin Li
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Color filter-less technology of LED back light for LCD-TV
Author(s): Manning Fan; Meng Liang; Debo Guo; Fuhua Yang; Liangchen Wang; Guohong Wang; Jinmin Li
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Understanding GaN nucleation layer evolution on sapphire and its impact on GaN dislocation density
Author(s): Daniel D. Koleske; Michael E. Coltrin; Stephen R. Lee; Gerald Thaler; Karen C. Cross; Michael J. Russell
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Native deep level defects in ZnO single crystal grown by CVT method
Author(s): Youwen Zhao; Fan Zhang; Rui Zhang; Zhiyuan Dong; Xuecheng Wei; Yiping Zeng; Jinmin Li
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Novel photonic crystal structure GaN-based light-emitting diodes
Author(s): HaiYang Hu; Lin Lu; Wei Du; HongWei Liu; Qiang Kan; ChunXia Wang; XingSheng Xu; HongDa Chen
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Characterization of AlGaN on GaN template grown by MOCVD
Author(s): Jianchang Yan; Junxi Wang; Naixin Liu; Zhe Liu; Jinmin Li
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Current spreading analysis in vertical electrode GaN-based blue LEDs
Author(s): Joo Sun Yun; Sung Min Hwang; Jong In Shim
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The effects of sapphire substrates processes to the LED efficiency
Author(s): Hua Yang; Yu Chen; Libin Wang; Xiaoyan Yi; Jingmei Fan; Zhiqiang Liu; Fuhua Yang; Liangchen Wang; Guohong Wang; Yiping Zeng; Jinmin Li
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Effect of indium tin oxide (ITO) current spreading layer on the current uniformity of vertical structure GaN-based light-emitting diodes
Author(s): Zhiqiang Liu; Debo Guo; Xiaoyan Yi; Yu Chen; Libin Wang; Liangchen Wang; Guohang Wang
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Investigation on optical parameter of fused and tapered all-fiber coupler
Author(s): Jiangbo Chen; Li Wang
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New approach for 1w high output LED package using 3D lead frame
Author(s): Zihua Liu
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AlGaN layers grown on AlGaN buffer layer and GaN buffer layer using strain-relief interlayers
Author(s): N. X. Liu; J. C. Yan; Z. Liu; P. Ma; J. X. Wang; J. M. Li
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High-brightness GaN-based blue LEDs grown on a wet-patterned sapphire substrate
Author(s): Yang Zhang; Fawang Yan; Haiyong Gao; Jinmin Li; Yiping Zeng; Guohong Wang; Fuhua Yang
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The design of microscope field illumination system based on LED
Author(s): Jian Xu; Zexin Xiao; Tiancheng Lin
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Plasma-induced damage in GaN-based light emitting diodes
Author(s): Yan Li; Xiaoyan Yi; Xiaodong Wang; Jinxia Guo; Liangchen Wang; Guohong Wang; Fuhua Yang; Yiping Zeng; Jinmin Li
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Research on color matching of LED backlight for large-color-gamut LCD application
Author(s): Meng Liang; Manning Fan; Debo Guo; Guangyi Liu; Guohong Wang; Fuhua Yang; Liangchen Wang; Yiping Zeng; Jinmin Li
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Thermal analysis of high power GaN-based light emitting diode
Author(s): Debo Guo; Libin Wang; Zhiqiang Liu; Meng Liang; Manning Fan; Guohong Wang; Liangchen Wang; Jinmin Li
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Study of the influence of photon recycling on extraction efficiency in a slab light-emitting diode
Author(s): YiChen Shuai; GuangHan Fan; TianMing Zhou; ShuWen Zheng
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New education opportunities and research activities at UNSW
Author(s): R. Corkish; A. G Aberle; G. J Conibeer; M. A Green; A. Ho-Baillie; T. Trupke; S. R Wenham
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One-power IC with MPPT design
Author(s): Shengzhi Xu; Ian Chu; Gengshen Zhao; Qingzhang Wang
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Thermal test and analysis of concentrator solar cells
Author(s): Min Cui; Nuofu Chen; Jinliang Wu; Lei Liu; Peng Wang; Yanshuo Wang; Yiming Bai
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Optimization procedure for design of heliostat field layout of a 1MWe solar tower thermal power plant
Author(s): Xiudong Wei; Zhenwu Lu; Zi Lin; Hongxin Zhang; Zhengguo Ni
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The key factors on silicon-based tandem thin film solar cells
Author(s): Ying Zhao; Peizhuan Chen; Xin Jin; Xiaodan Zhang; Shaozhen Xiong
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Design and implementation for solar light-collecting controller
Author(s): Mei-hua Xu; Qing Zhang; Lian-zhou Wang; Feng Ran
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Study of stability for a-Si:H thin-film solar cells on polyimide substrates
Author(s): Liying Han; Dexian Zhang; Ke Tao; Qiang Xi; Hongkun Cai; Cunshan Zhang; Hongdong Zhao
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Growth of GaSb and GaInAsSb layers for thermophotovoltaic cells by liquid phase epitaxy
Author(s): Lei Liu; Nuofu Chen; Fubao Gao; Zhigang Yin; Min Cui; Yiming Bai; Xingwang Zhang
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Improvement of power efficiency of polymer solar cell based on P3HT: PCBM blends
Author(s): Weimin Li; Jinchuan Guo; Xiuquan Sun; Bin Zhou
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The effect of electrical properties for InGaN and InN by high-energy particle irradiation (Notice of Removal)
Author(s): Shao-guang Dong; Guang-han Fan
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Organic photovoltaic devices from discotic materials
Author(s): Junjie Wang; Zhiqun He; Chunxiu Zhang; Jianyuan Sun; Guanbao Hui
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Investigation on time-resolved photoluminescence of InGaN single quantum well structure grown by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Jinshe Yuan; Mingyue Wang; Guohao Yu
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Structure design of nano-TiO2 electrode in dye-sensitized solar cells
Author(s): Ning Cai; Ying Zhao; Changchun Wei; Jian Sun; Shaozhen Xiong
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Development of single and micromorph tandem solar cells in n-i-p configuration with high-pressure RF-PECVD deposited doped and active layers
Author(s): Guofu Hou; Junming Xue; Yujie Yuan; Xingyun Yang; Yunzhou Liu; Ying Zhao; Xinhua Geng
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Reduction of sunlight reflection on surfaces of solar cells by fabricating hexagonal lattices in multicrystalline silicon
Author(s): Xiaoyun Chen; Xiangsu Zhang; Shou Liu; Xuechang Ren
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Study of photovoltaic characteristics of diffuse-processed porous silicon and ion-implanted porous silicon
Author(s): Mei Xiang; Zhenhong Jia
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Defect states of hydrogenated nanocrystalline silicon studied by surface photovoltage spectroscopy
Author(s): Chunsheng Wang; Jinchuan Zhang; Wei Yu; Liping Wu; Wenge Ding; Guangsheng Fu
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