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Advanced Materials and Devices for Sensing and Imaging III
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Volume Number: 6829
Date Published: 5 February 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6829
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Photorefractive effect of ferroelectric liquid crystals with an applied alternating electric field
Author(s): Takeo Sasaki; Norihisa Moriya; Yukiko Iwasaki
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Research on channel character of solar blind UV communication
Author(s): Yi Tang; Guo-qiang Ni; Zhong-liang Wu; Li-jun Zhang; Yu Lin
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Sinusoidal wavelength-scanning interferometers for shape measurements
Author(s): Osami Sasaki
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Depth scanning with wavelength-stepped laser-diode interferometer
Author(s): Ribun Onodera; Yukihiro Ishii
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Phase-shifting laser diode Sagnac interferometer for surface profile measurement
Author(s): Takamasa Suzuki; Masato Shirai; Osami Sasaki
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Multi-period fringe projection interferometry using back-propagation method for shape measurement of glass plate
Author(s): Hai Huan; Osami Sasaki; Takamasa Suzuki
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Influence of angle misalignment on detection polarization coupling in white light interferometer
Author(s): Hongxia Zhang; Tianhua Xu; Wencai Jing; Dagong Jia; Tang Feng; Kun Liu; Yimo Zhang
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UV-VUV spectral irradiance responsivity calibration for remote sensing radiometer
Author(s): Huang Yu; Shurong Wang; Guanyu Lin; Longqi Wang
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Study on key techniques for synthetic aperture ladar system
Author(s): Changqing Cao; Xiaodong Zeng; Zhejun Feng; Wenrui Zhang; Lei Su
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Precision circular target location in vision coordinate measurement system
Author(s): Liwen Wang; Lei Zhang; Zhijing Yu; Fei Chen; Xiayan Si; Dongrui He
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Application of improved cubic convolution interpolation in circular target location
Author(s): Zhijing Yu; Xiayan Si; Yanbin Xu; Dongrui He; Lingli Xia; Qingji Gao
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Online measuring method for PCB film using linear CCD
Author(s): Ting Ye; Kaihua Wu; Fei Zhuang
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Research on structural properties of ZnO thin films deposited on different substrates
Author(s): Xi-ming Chen; Yu-ming Xue; Chun-hua Yu; Jun-Ping Zhang; Chang-feng Fu; Xia Chen; Hua-peng Li
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Frequency stabilization of a semiconductor laser using both Rb saturated absorption profiles and double optical feedback systems
Author(s): K. Nakano; S. Maehara; M. Yanagisawa; K. Doi; T. Sato; M. Ohkawa; T. Maruyama; S. Kawamura
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Effect of misalignment on rotating coupling efficiency of the Dove prism
Author(s): Dagong Jia; Changsong Yu; WenCcai Jing; Hongxia Zhang; Yimo Zhang
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Scanned Talbot interferometer based on fiber translation for changing written Bragg wavelength
Author(s): C. Li; Y. M. Zhang; T. G. Liu; J. F. Jiang; Z. Wan; M. J. Li; Y. Wang
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Influence of birefringence dispersion on spatial resolution of a distributed stress sensor using birefringence optical fiber
Author(s): Tianhua Xu; Wencai Jing; Hongxia Zhang; Cen Huang; Kun Liu; Dagong Jia; Yimo Zhang
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Study of the fiber's photosensitivity with Boron doped in the fiber's core
Author(s): Feng Tu; Deming Liu; Jie Luo
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A new fiber Fabry-Perot cavity sensor
Author(s): Yingjun Gao; Zhilv Zhang; Zhonghua Zhao; Yufeng Luo; Mi Zhou; Tao Ding
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Improvement of miniature grating spectrometers
Author(s): Huaidong Yang; Li Xu; Kexin Chen; Xingyue Huang; Qingsheng He; Guofan Jin
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Research of anti-blooming array CCD image sensor
Author(s): Jian Wang; Yong Gao; Yuan Yang; Hui Zeng; Tianyun Xie
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Improved measurement methods for motion picture resolution of LCD
Author(s): Fang Liu; Xi Guang Liang; Yue Jin Zhao; Li Chang Wang; Fei Yu
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A CdSe quantum dot photodetector for hyperspectral imaging in the visible region
Author(s): Tao Jiang; Amir Dindar; Joel Therrien
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Fiber-based SPR sensors with calibration function
Author(s): Z. Zhang; F. Sun; G. Xiao; Y. Wu
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Novel viewpoint for explaining thermal degradation mechanism of fiber Bragg gratings
Author(s): Wenhua Wang; Weina Wu; Junxiu Lin
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Signal processing methods in a single-photon counting system
Author(s): Yanping Chen; Min Du; Rui Li
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A method for measuring modulation transfer function of CCD device in remote camera with grating pattern
Author(s): Yuheng Chen; Xinhua Chen; Weimin Shen
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Study on microstructure of amorphous GaAs and hydrogen doped amorphous GaAs thin films
Author(s): Yanping Yao; Chunling Liu; Baoxue Bo
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Experimental research on dimensional measurement of hot parts based on CCD
Author(s): Juan Wang; Zuron Qiu; Jin Li
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A new camera calibration method for phase measuring profilometry
Author(s): Di Wu; Naiguang Lu
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Investigations of fluorescence resonance energy transfer between CdTe quantum dot donors and gold nanoparticle quenchers in DNA sensing
Author(s): Shichao Xu; Jimei Zhang; Quanxi Dong; Bo Sun
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Design of quantum efficiency measurement system for variable doping GaAs photocathode
Author(s): Liang Chen; Kai Yang; HongLin Liu; Benkang Chang
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Analytical discussion of semiconductor lasers for gravitational-wave detection
Author(s): T. Uehara; A. Sato; T. Sato; M. Ohkawa; T. Maruyama; S. Kawamura
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Camera calibration method used in computer vision coordinate measurement systems
Author(s): Zhijing Yu; Xinxin Li; Wei Tian; Miao Gong; Dongrui He; Lingli Xia
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Study on a novel optical readout ferroelectric device based on MIS for uncooled infrared imaging
Author(s): J. H. Qin; J. H. Ma; Z. M. Huang; J. H. Chu
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3D space positioning and image feature extraction for workpiece
Author(s): Bing Ye; Yi Hu
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Dynamic displacement measurement of Low-E membrane reactor by PSD based on laser-triangulation method
Author(s): Baoqiang Li; Tiegen Liu; Yao Zhang
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Output characteristics of Q-switched fiber laser based on electro-optic ceramics
Author(s): Wengang Guo; Enbang Li; Chenghou Tu; Yongnan Li; Shuanggen Zhang; Fuyun Lu
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Target recognition in a turbid medium with backscattered polarization patterns
Author(s): Lanqing Xu; Xinmiao Xu; Yongping Zheng; Wanjun Su; Jinpai Lin
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A wavelength calibration process for micro-spectrometers with multichannel detectors
Author(s): Xingyue Huang; Huaidong Yang; Qingsheng He; Guofan Jin
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Hydrogen sensors based on Pt-AlGaN/AIN/GaN Schottky diode
Author(s): Xinhua Wang; Xiaoliang Wang; Hongling Xiao; Chun Feng; Baozhu Wang; Cuibai Yang; Junxi Wang; Cuimei Wang; Jungxue Ran; Guoxin Hu; Jinmin Li
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Effect of pixel active area shape on imaging quality of CMOS active pixel sensor
Author(s): Hong Fan; Wujun Xu; Chengliang Wang
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The design of a laser-based digital displacement/deflection measurement system of a remote object and its calibration
Author(s): Chunxiao Tang; Enbang Li
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Design and signal processing of a sector SSPA for PM2.5 monitoring
Author(s): Kaihua Wu; Li Ma; Miao Guo; Peng Jiang
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Signal processing method of the diameter measurement system based on CCD parallel light projection method
Author(s): Qing Song; Sijia Zhu; Han Yan; Wenqian Wu
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Study on the operating range in solar blind ultraviolet detecting system
Author(s): Cheng Yang; Qinyong Zeng; Dayang Zhu; Chunquan Gan
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Novel liquid photoacoustic cells with inner multi-beam photoacoustic source
Author(s): Jian Yang; Yong Zhao; Shi-Yuan Yang
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A fiber grating dual-parameter sensor of ditrigon cantilever beam for measurement of strain and temperature
Author(s): Jinlong Zhang; Chongxiu Yu; Kuiru Wang; Cheng Li; Junying Zeng
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Development of new optical fiber toluene sensor
Author(s): Yasunari Fujii; Satoshi Honma; Masayuki Morisawa; Shinzo Muto
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Development of polymer optical waveguide-type alcohol sensor
Author(s): Junichi Nagata; Satoshi Honma; Masayuki Morisawa; Shinzo Muto
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Plastic optical fiber sensor system for detecting multi-point gas leakages
Author(s): Hirofumi Suzumori; Satoshi Honma; Masayuki Morisawa; Shinzo Muto
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Improvement of plastic optical fiber microphone based on moisture pattern sensing in devoiced breath
Author(s): Tomohito Taki; Satoshi Honma; Masayuki Morisawa; Shinzo Muto
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Ultra-accuracy parallel electronic datum optical metrology system of systems (Notice of Removal)
Author(s): Xiang-Wen Xiong; Wynn L. Bear
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Interferometric sensing for measuring the complex amplitudes of a 3-D object by R, G and B tunable lasers
Author(s): Jun Sato; Yukihiro Ishii
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Multiple phase-shifting white-light interferometry for quantitative detection
Author(s): Tomotake Terasawa; Atsushi Wada; Yukihiro Ishii
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