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Semiconductor Lasers and Applications III
Editor(s): Lianghui Chen; Hiroyuki Suzuki; Paul T. Rudy; Ninghua Zhu
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Volume Number: 6824
Date Published: 19 November 2007

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Front Matter: Volume 6824
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Advances in high-power semiconductor diode lasers
Author(s): Xiaoyu Ma; Li Zhong
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Successful diode laser material processing using application specific micro-optical beam shaping
Author(s): Frank Kubacki; Holger Weitze; Peter Bruns; Tao Lu
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A new analytic expression for TM mode spontaneous emission in a microcavity laser
Author(s): Hong-Dong Zhao; Mei Sun; Li-Ying Han; Hong-Li Tian; Ping He; Tai-Dong Guo; He Liu
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Nonlinear dynamic characteristics of pulse injected semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Yu-Shan Juan; Hsiu-Yuan Tu; Fan-Yi Lin
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Measurement and analysis of microwave frequency response of semiconductor optical amplifiers
Author(s): Jian Liu; Shang-Jian Zhang; Yong-Hong Hu; Liang Xie; Yong-Zhen Huang; Ning-Hua Zhu
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Fabrication and characterization of TO packaged high-speed laser modules
Author(s): Ji Min Wen; Yu Liu; Xin Wang; Hai Qing Yuan; Liang Xie
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A tolerant coupling scheme for pigtailing laser diode module in active alignment process
Author(s): M. Fadhali; Saktioto; J. Zainal; Y. Munajat; J. Ali; R. Rahman
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Focusing of diode laser beams: a partially coherent Lorentz model
Author(s): Jiong Yang; Tingting Chen; Guilin Ding; Xiao Yuan
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Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation of the temperature dependence of semiconductor quantum dot growth
Author(s): Chang Zhao; Man Zhao
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High-efficiency active opto-electronic devices
Author(s): G. D. Shen; Y. X. Chen; B. F. Cui; J. J. Li; J. Han; B.L. Guan; X. Guo; W. J. Jiang; W. Gao; J. Deng; C. Xu
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Study on the time delay error for 160Gbit/s multiplexer
Author(s): Xiangchun Liu; Tangjun Li; Libo Cai; Hui Bi; Shuisheng Jian
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Experimental study of target detection based on vibration and polarization characteristics
Author(s): Changqing Cao; Xiaodong Zeng; Qiang Xu; Zhejun Feng; Lei Su
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Inclination angle measurement of inertial platform based on LD-PSD
Author(s): Yin-guo Huang; Yu-chi Lin; Le Song; Xin Zhou
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Design of laser diode stable output system
Author(s): Bo Liu; Rui-ming Cao
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Wavelength tunable distributed Bragg reflector laser integrated with electro-absorption modulator by a combined method of selective area growth and quantum well intermixing
Author(s): Ling-Juan Zhao; Jing Zhang; Lu Wang; Yuan-Bing Cheng; Jiao-Qing Pan; Hong-Bo Liu; Hon-Liang Zhu; Fan Zhou; Jing Bian; Bao-Jun Wang; Ning-Hua Zhu; Wei Wang
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Investigate seawater and seawater anions' aqueous mixed solution by laser Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): Da Teng; Jun Ma; Yangyu Huang; Xining Zhang; Ronger Zheng
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Selection of parameters in laser-amplifier injection locking
Author(s): Jianmei Liu; Yunfei Xu; Zhang Zhang; Shunli Han; Xiaolong Wang; Qiang Lin
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Next-generation high-power, high-efficiency diode lasers at Spectra-Physics
Author(s): Hanxuan Li; Irving Chyr; Denny Brown; Frank Reinhardt; Oscar Romero; Chia-Hung Chen; Robert Miller; Kiran Kuppuswamy; Xu Jin; Touyen Ngugen; Terry Towe; Trevor Crum; Cameron Mitchell; Tom Truchan; Robert Bullock; Ed Wolak; Jeff Mott; James Harrison
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Demonstration and control of the fast-absorption recovery times of the InGaN/GaN quantum well saturable absorbers
Author(s): Fen Lin; Ning Xiang; Peng Chen; Soo Jin Chua; Afshan Irshad; Stefan Roither; Audrius Pugzlys; Andrius Baltuska
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Strain analysis in pseudomorphically grown GaN-based multiple epitaxial layers
Author(s): Donghyun Jang; Jongin Shim
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1080nm optically pumped vertical-external-cavity surface-emitting laser
Author(s): Peng Zhang; Yanrong Song; Xinping Zhang; Zhigang Zhang
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An atmospheric aerosol lidar and its experiment in Beijing
Author(s): Dao-wen Han; Wen-qing Liu; Yu-jun Zhang; Yi-huai Lu; Jian-guo Liu; Tong Yu
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Retrieval method for aerosol mass concentration vertical distribution based on extinction
Author(s): Dao-wen Han; Wen-Qing Liu; Yu-Jun Zhang; Jian-Guo Liu; Yi-Huai Lu; Nan-Jing Zhao
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Influence of the light injection on the chaotic carrier fundamental frequency of the VCSELs with optical feedback
Author(s): Shengfang Liu; Guangqiong Xia; Xi Tang; Yan Fan; Zhaoyun Li; Zhengmao Wu
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Numerical investigations on the message encoding and decoding techniques of the incoherent optical feedback chaotic system
Author(s): Li Xu; Guangqiong Xia; Li Fan; Xiaojuan Yan; Xiaofa Wang; Zhengmao Wu
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Polarization dependence of the effect of external optical feedback on semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Q. Zou; S. Azouigui; A. Ramdane; B.-E. Benkelfat
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Beam shaping of stack pulse laser diodes
Author(s): Desheng Xin; Jianjia Zhang; Ling Wang; Mengmeng Zhang; Xiguang Ma
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Compact circuit modeling of semiconductor lasers for analog optical link simulations
Author(s): Shangjian Zhang; Ninghua Zhu; Yong Liu
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Broad area semiconductor lasers with Gaussian-like current distribution
Author(s): Zhongliang Qiao; Yanping Yao; Huang Bo; Baoxue Bo
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Applied research of semiconductor laser on laser encoding and emitting system
Author(s): Yixian Qian; Xiaowei Cheng
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Study on detection techniques for laser fuze using pseudorandom code
Author(s): Xiaopeng Yan; Ping Li; Ruili Jia; Huimin Chen
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Investigation of semi-insulating GaAs photoconductive switches triggered by semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Wei Shi; Xue Liao; Zheng Liu; Deming Ma
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Calculation and comparison of thermal effect in laser diode pumped slab lasers with different pumping structures
Author(s): Feng Huang D.D.S.; Nan Jiang; Yuefeng Wang; Wei Dong; Yanxiong Niu
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Temperature characteristics of high power vertical cavity surface emitting lasers
Author(s): Changling Yan; Guoguang Lu; Li Qin
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The design of a new concavity heat sink for the high power semiconductor laser array
Author(s): Hong-Dong Zhao; Mei Sun; Hong-Li Tian; Jin-Qin Wang
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Preparation and property study of gold-tin alloys for packaging of high-power semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Bo Huang; Jinqiang Chen; Zhongliang Qiao; Chunling Liu; YanPing Yao; Xin Gao; Baoxue Bo
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Analysis of spectrum narrowing of diode laser bar
Author(s): Xinli Deng; Yun Liu; Honghe Yin; Guangzhi Feng; Yuanyuan Gu; Lijun Wang
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High-efficiency AlGaAs/GaAs quantum well semiconductor laser
Author(s): Lin Li; Chunming Wan; Zhanguo Li; Mei Li; Guojun Liu
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Study of the model of laser diode emitted beam based on multimode Gaussian distribution
Author(s): Ping Li; Jianqiang Sun; Huimin Chen; Weirong Guo; Kun Li
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A novel high-resolution chaotic lidar with optical injection to chaotic laser diode
Author(s): Yun-cai Wang; An-bang Wang
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Analysis of circuit model for vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers
Author(s): Wenguang Wu
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Multi-target ranging using chaotic laser generated by semiconductor laser with optical feedback
Author(s): Yun-cai Wang; Bing-jie Wang; An-Bang Wang; Tian-An Gong
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The effects of dispersion on optical fiber chaotic secure communication
Author(s): Yun-cai Wang; Jian-zhong Zhang; An-bang Wang; Yan-li Li; Geng-wei Zhang
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Mode matching of all optical wavelength conversion using an injection-locked Fabry-Perot laser diode
Author(s): Yi An; Yun-Cai Wang; Ming-Jiang Zhang; Hu-Cheng He; Sheng-Xiao Niu
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Comparison of message filtering characteristics between closed-loop and open-loop feedback schemes
Author(s): Yun-Cai Wang; Yan-Li Li; An-Bang Wang
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Evolution from low-frequency fluctuations to high-dimension chaos in semiconductor laser with optical feedback
Author(s): Yun-Cai Wang; Ling-Qin Kong; An-Bang Wang; Hai-Hong Wang
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Application of DDS in laser modulation
Author(s): Zhang Zhang; Jinhong Lu; Yunfei Xu; Zhaoying Wang; Qiang Lin
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Simultaneous all-optical clock division and wavelength conversion using a Fabry-Perot laser diode
Author(s): Ming-Jiang Zhang; Yun-cai Wang; Yi An; Sheng-Xiao Niu; Hu-Cheng He
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The optimization of the beam of laser
Author(s): Xiufeng Sun; Xiaoxuan Xu; Wei Fan
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Near infrared Raman spectra of Rhizoma dioscoreae
Author(s): Wenshuo Lin; Rong Chen; Guannan Chen; Sangyuan Feng
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