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Digital Photography IV
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Volume Number: 6817
Date Published: 2 April 2008

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Front Matter: Volume 6817
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An optimum design of the LOFIC CMOS image sensor for high sensitivity, low noise, and high full well capacity
Author(s): Nana Akahane; Woonghee Lee; Shigetoshi Sugawa
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Electrical characterization of CMOS 1T charge-modulation pixel in two design configurations
Author(s): Arnaud Tournier; François Roy; Guo-Neng Lu; Benoît Deschamps
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Mitigation of pixel scaling effects in CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Christian C. Fesenmaier; Peter B. Catrysse
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Versatile method for optical performances characterization of off-axis CMOS pixels with microlens radial shift
Author(s): Jérôme Vaillant; Thomas Decroux; Emilie Huss; Frédéric Barbier; Didier Hérault; Flavien Hirigoyen; Nicolas Virollet
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Novel method of Euclidean distance calculation for bilateral filtering based on CMOS sensor noise profiles
Author(s): Radu Gheorghe; Milivoje Aleksic; Maxim Smirnov
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Noise suppression approach with the BV-L1 nonlinear image decomposition
Author(s): Takahiro Saito; Yuki Ishii; Haruya Aizawa; Takashi Komatsu
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Noise reduction versus spatial resolution
Author(s): Uwe Artmann; Dietmar Wueller
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Profile based fast noise estimation and high ISO noise reduction for digital cameras
Author(s): Youngjin Yoo; HoCheon Wey; SeongDeok Lee; Chang-Yong Kim
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Demosaicing method using the extended color total-variation regularization
Author(s): Takahiro Saito; Takashi Komatsu
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Fast and accurate auto focusing algorithm based on two defocused images using discrete cosine transform
Author(s): Byung-Kwan Park; Sung-Su Kim; Dae-Su Chung; Seong-Deok Lee; Chang-Yeong Kim
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WhitebalPR: automatic white balance by polarized reflections
Author(s): Gregor Fischer; Karin Kolbe; Matthias Sajjaa
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An approach to improve cell-phone cameras' dynamic range using a non-linear lens correction
Author(s): Sergio Goma; Milivoje Aleksic
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Characterization and measurement of color fringing
Author(s): Frédéric Cao; Frédéric Guichard; Hervé Hornung; Cédric Sibade
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Stray light and shading reduction in digital photography: a new model and algorithm
Author(s): Jianing Wei; Burak Bitlis; Alan Bernstein; Akila de Silva; Peter A. Jansson; Jan P. Allebach
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A survey on lossy compression of DSC raw data
Author(s): Gregor Fischer; Dietmar Kunz; Katja Köhler
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Digital camera workflow for high dynamic range images using a model of retinal processing
Author(s): Daniel Tamburrino; David Alleysson; Laurence Meylan; Sabine Süsstrunk
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Efficient color coding for color filter arrays
Author(s): Chulhee Lee; Jonghwa Lee
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Statistic analysis of millions of digital photos
Author(s): Dietmar Wueller; Reiner Fageth
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Mobile camera motion blur: not just a drunkard's walk
Author(s): Ted J. Cooper; Paul M. Hubel
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A database of high dynamic range visible and near-infrared multispectral images
Author(s): Manu Parmar; Francisco Imai; Sung Ho Park; Joyce Farrell
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Using MTF data to simulate lens performance
Author(s): Henrik Eliasson
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Spectral sensitivity optimization of color image sensor considering photon shot noise
Author(s): Hideyasu Kuniba; Roy S. Berns
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Does resolution really increase image quality?
Author(s): Christel-Loïc Tisse; Frédéric Guichard; Frédéric Cao
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Sensor calibration and simulation
Author(s): Joyce Farrell; Michael Okincha; Manu Parmar
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Robust local restoration of space-variant blur image
Author(s): Jaeguyn Lim; Jooyoung Kang; Hyunwook Ok
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Sensor spectral sensitivities, noise measurements, and color sensitivity
Author(s): Frédéric Cao; Frédéric Guichard; Hervé Hornung
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Exposure preferences for digital still imaging: a psychophysical study
Author(s): Jingqiang Li; Hau Hwang; Ruben Velarde; Kalin Atanassov; Xiaoyun Jiang; Ruby Hsiu
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Chromatic coordinates in HDR image coding
Author(s): Sergey Bezryadin; Pavel Burov; Igor Tryndin
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Dynamic code block size for JPEG 2000
Author(s): Ping-Sing Tsai; Yann LeCornec
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Depth map from focus for cell-phone cameras
Author(s): R. Safaee-Rad; M. Aleksic
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